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After coming off a conference where multiple people discussed social anxiety around networking, I thought I'd create an episode with a discussion of philosophies and tips around networking at conferences.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestions for helping those with #socialanxiety in their networking, please do share in the comments.


This week on The Philanthropy Podcast we discuss how to make the most of a professional development conference through networking and marketing yourself. This episode idea came up while I attended a conference last week and heard numerous attendees discuss the challenges that social anxiety

Many, if not most, nonprofits today are seeing decreasing donor counts and yet many haven't stepped into the world of online advertising. This week on The Philanthropy Podcast, Jeff Cosgrove, Director of Politics, Advocacy, and Nonprofits at Conversant helps us examine how to use online advertising to convert new prospects into donors and how they can come to own your mission and a part in your community as well.

Full episode at www.thephilanthropypodcast.com/episodes/23

The Philanthropy Podcast EP 14 - What inspires work in philant...
The importance of engaging diverse donors - The Philanthropy P...
The Philanthropy Podcast EP14 - Implicit Bias -

I enjoyed creating this new episode highlighting the need to stay fresh with new ideas, some conferences I'll be attending in the next few weeks, a few insights on social ventures and the benefits they offer entrepreneurs and nonprofits, and a couple show updates.


This week on The Philanthropy Podcast we discuss new and successful ideas in philanthropy, an upcoming conference with the Data and Marketing Association's Nonprofit Federation that I'll be attending, social ventures that I plan to have on the show in the near future, and an update on the st

This week's episode is a more introspective look at how we can make sure we're taking time for the things that energize and invigorate us and our work.


This week's episode is a solo episode where I take a look at a recent experience that reminded me of the importance of finding what it is that not only motivates us in our work, but what provides us with the energy to do so enthusiastically.

Yesterday I spoke w/ a donor frustrated by an organization he and his wife support because they consistently defaulted to giving him credit, not his wife. Even when the gifts they were making were clearly angled toward interests his wife would support more than him. It definitely wasn't a small issue in this mind, a reminder that this matters! #bias #fundraising


In my conversation with Cody Switzer, Cody touched on how demographics will make engaging a diverse set of donors more and more important in the years to come. Also, if you enjoy what you hear about #PhilanthropyNEXT then know today's the last day to save $130 off registration ($80 for early bird registration plus 10% off from code in The Philanthropy Podcast episode #14.)


Every nonprofit professional who wants to use data to support their mission will eventually face this moment. Prepare yourself now and develop the tools and confidence to proceed in new and innovative ways and you'll be better off for it.


New Episode! One of my favorite interviews so far, I recommend for anyone working in, or supporting, nonprofits! The Philanthropy Podcast features Sean MacCready interviewing Andrew Means of Data Analysts for Social Good & Beyond Uptake about how nonprofits can use data to become more evidence based, improve our services, and be more transparent and accountable. There's something of value for everyone from a one-person nonprofit to a large entity with an entire data team. Plus, check out the shownotes for more information about Beyond Uptake's free Data Fellowship Program.


Our guest on The Philanthropy Podcast is Andrew Means, Head of the Uptake Foundation and Beyond Uptake as well as founder of Data Analysts for Social Good. Andrew provides an incredible interview on data use in nonprofits, how we can move beyond using data only for final evaluations, and how t

This brings up some of the exact issues that PhilanthropyNEXT is trying to address. Hope you enjoy listening to the latest episode to hear how one conference is tackling the issue head-on.

A new study of more than 4,000 people shows that efforts to train more leaders won’t work until nonprofits tackle head-on the prejudices that shut minorities out of top jobs.

New Episode! The Philanthropy Podcast features Sean MacCready interviewing Cody Switzer, of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, about why it's important to engage a diverse constituency of benefactors, the importance of the perspective a diverse staff brings, and why we should take time to examine if implicit bias is hindering our efforts to engage women philanthropists in our discussion about #PhilanthropyNEXT 2017.

Plus, listen or visit The Philanthropy Podcast website for a promo code for 10% off your PhilanthropyNEXT registration exclusively for The Philanthropy Podcast listeners.


Our guest on The Philanthropy Podcast is Cody Switzer, Assistant Managing Editor and Director of Digital Products for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Cody explores with us the upcoming PhilanthropyNEXT Conference and why it is increasingly important to engage diverse donors in support of our

Happy Independence Day weekend to everyone!

Episode 11 of The Philanthropy Podcast is up with 70 high impact questions to guide your conversations with benefactors and prospects in order to have more meaningful conversations and be prepared to suggest more impactful gifts for benefactors and your organization!

Plus, a way to receive these questions in an easy to listen mp3 format to use on your way to visits.



A little late this week, but with episode 10 of The Philanthropy Podcast I get to talk about one of my favorite parts of my job, high impact questions!

When people say "I could never ask for money" I think what they don't realize is that leading up to an ask, I've (usually) had multiple conversations filled with these questions and I've created an ask that lines up with what I've heard from the donor. That's why most asks are something that both the donor and I are excited ab...out by that point.

This concept is useful beyond just fundraising to any job where you interact with people in a meaningful way. I cover knowing what high impact questions are, how to use them, but most importantly, why they're so important and how using them well can be a huge part of how we bring value to the benefactors with whom we work.

I list a few high impact questions that I find useful and on Monday I'll be back with an episode that lists far more and goes into depth of when and how I like to use them.


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Question from episode 9: What's a creative or effective way you've seen to thank volunteers? Feel welcome to give a shout out to the organization that put it into practice!

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New episode!

A new episode of The Philanthropy Podcast today and a big thank you as we've gone over 1,000 downloads!
If you know of a nonprofit with a small fundraising staff or no fundraising staff, then this episode will definitely have great information for them and might be a good one to share with that staff. Aly Hall discusses peer to peer fundraising and how to utilize board members and volunteers to help in your fundraising efforts.
If you know of a school, church, o...r other small nonprofit who could use extra funds, then encourage them to explore peer to peer fundraising as a way to jumpstart their efforts and improve their financial resources and security.

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Today, our guest on The Philanthropy Podcast is Aly Hall, Director of Development at The Foundation for Endodontics. Aly helps us dive into a great discussion on Peer to Peer fundraising, goal setting, providing training and mentoring for volunteers and board members, and more. Our discuss

"I work in the development office, but I work for the families" - Pete Cullen Conway.

I'm really glad to have a great interview with Pete about his work in the development office at Misericordia, Heart of Mercy on this week's episode. Just one of the many incredible people who make such an amazing mission come to life.


 in Chicago. Pete shares with us some great major gift advice including how he utilizes introduction letters to open doors with benefactors, how he handles first visits, when and how to close the file on reaching out to a donor, and how he uses twitter to get supporters to start rowing the boat in t...