Kali Linux 2018.1 on the RasPi Zero W

A new release of Kali Linux is available, and it includes a version for the Raspberry Pi Zero W: I have installed and tested it, here is what I found.

How to Build a Kubernetes Cluster with RasPi, then run .NET Core on OpenFaas

First, why would you do this? Why not. It's awesome. It's a learning experience. It's cheaper to get 6 pis than six ...
The Pi Zone shared a link.
January 9
The tiny $35 microcomputer is your safest bet to avoid the crippling chip flaws

Yuletide greetings folks, hope you all have a great day.

New RasPi AI vision kit from Google.

Google's Vision Kit lets you build your own computer-vision system for $45, but you'll need your own Raspberry Pi.

750 node RasPi cluster, built for Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Scalable clusters make HPC R&D easy as Raspberry Pi

New Blue RasPi for Brazil.

Our Approved Reseller programme is live in Brazil, with Anatel-approved Raspberry Pis in a rather delicious shade of blue on sale now.

Homemade Nintendo Switch Project

Nintimdo RP ​ This project was to create a portable gaming system that could also double as a portable computer. Above shows the 3D model (Rev 3) I made on Autodesk Inventor. Waiting on final...

A RasPi powered robot that plays Blackjack.

I'm creating the perfect Blackjack player! This Raspberry Pi-powered robot will identify the cards in its hand and the dealer's upcard, and use a Hit or Stand lookup table to determine the best play to make. It will also be able to count cards and implement card counting strategies like th...

Possessed painting project using a Raspi 3

DIY possessed portrait from scratch using Raspberry Pi 3 B and Python and AtmosFX Videos UNLIVING PORTRAITS. By Dominick Marino.

Monitor your Raspberry Pi cluster with Prometheus and Docker

Take control and learn how to monitor your Raspberry Pis for disk space, CPU and memory usage using Cloud Native tools: Prometheus, NodeExporter and Docker

Google announces more AIY Voice Kits, are on the way.

Check out how makers are using the AIY Voice Kit—from old school intercoms to giving voice to favorite characters. Plus, you can pre-order your kit today.

RasPi Powered Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard Project.

Build log for my retro Outrun arcade machine built from a Tomy Turnin' Turbo Dashboard 80s toy and a Raspberry Pi

Pi Zero Powered Nerf Gun Ammo Counter & Range Finder

Why? Because ammo counters are cool and range finders are also pretty cool and Nerf is cool – mix them together and its ice cold. I had the idea for this a while back but have only now just d…

RasPi Smart Lamp for Better Sleep

There are plenty of smart lighting systems out there that let you change light colors and dim with just your smartphone (or even your voice), but this...

This Pi Zero based rotary phone, will ring if you have an alert in your AWS Cloudwatch & tell you whats wrong.

The phone will ring if you have a alert in your AWS Cloudwatch, if you pick up the handset, it tells you whats wrong. By Ulrich Pech.

A homebrew Pi kit for home brewing.

Christoper Aedo gets his beer just like the rest of us - via a ten-gallon cooler in his home, completely powered by a homebrew Raspberry Pi system.