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Buckle up folks, it's time for some fancy toast. Fancy toast featuring fleeting figs. Alliterations! [ 652 more words ]

Fresh, seasonal figs are sliced, lightly sprinkled with sea salt, and layered on toast over mascarpone cheese for a fresh breakfast that is hard to beat.


#FoodFilms reimagines recipe videos in the style of famous directors. CREDITS: Director & Creator: David Ma DP: Allison Davis & John Shafto Art Director & Pr...
Happy #nationalroséday!!

That serendipitous moment when your cousin texts you from his orchard with the first pick of the season and you just happen to be only 15 min away! 🍎🙌🏻😍🍎

Paula Red Apples | Fortville, IN
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3 Egg Whites with Mayonnaise Vinaigrette
4 Hard Boiled Eggs
Unbuttered White Toast
Corn Smoothie



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It includes "three loose handfuls of Cheerios"

It's Friday. The school year that we all begged for is here. We've made it through the first week of alarm clocks and homework. Now who needs a drink? (hahaha trick question we all do!) [ 733 more words ]…/

Take your summer basil plant and make some homemade basil vodka! Top it with berries and fizzy lemon for the perfect Saturday cocktail!

"You know-- like those pies you get at gas stations!" -my friend's husband trying to describe this pie. [ 842 more words ]…/

Take your pie on the go with these delightful summery Nectarine and Black Raspberry Hand Pies! Delicious for yourself and easy to share with friends!

(Walking) Taco Tuesday! 🌮🍻

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Is it weird to make a food picture your phone's wallpaper? Because I would like to see this salad staring back at me every time I click the home button. [ 757 more words ]

Craving a summer side dish? Try this refreshing spicy watermelon salad with cilantro and cotija cheese for your next taco night!

A little Monday morning vodka infusion 🌱 #basilvodka

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Back to school party treats! 🎉🎒🚌👊🏻

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They call it Happy Hour for a reason 😍

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Do you hear that?? If you listen carefully you'll hear the collective groan of children across the country set to a harmonious pitch of the parents gleefully prancing in anticipation of the first day of school. It's coming soon and I'm here to help you celebrate the morning they step onto that bus with these delicious Peach Basil Bellinis! [ 448 more words ]

Kick off your kids' school year after a long summer by toasting with some delicious and celebratory Peach Basil Bellinis!

The BEST eggs (right Stephanie Siefken Zircher?) 🍳

Posted by Serious Eats
Serious Eats

How to make fried eggs The Food Lab's way—that is, crispy, brown-edged, and *fried*.