You can catch some of the guys in their other projects at Ipswich Music Day (Sunday 7th July). Ben with Dear Sleeper @ 12 and Barny & Alex with Varma Pilots @ 1.…/2013-ipswich-music-day-line-up-anno…

Ipswich Arts Festival is the Ipswich annual summer arts festival with an exciting programme of visual arts, performing arts, literature, film and music.

Who saw our very own Barny Holmes on The Voice on Saturday night then? Proud of you! *wipes bogey on his head like on Family Guy*

If any of you are interested I now play in Dear Sleeper and we have just released a new song.

Like everything we've released with The Rest Is Silence, this won't cost you penny one so please check it out and give us a like!

Thank you!

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We’ve been extremely quiet recently and as such we thought we’d clarify the future of the band as we’ve just kinda let things go a bit…

This was a band that formed at university in Norwich, and while we were all living in the city keeping the band going was (just about) manageable. However, now that most of us have finished our degrees, we’re spread out all over the place and as such it has become completely impractical for us to be a ban...d anymore.

We are not closing the door on the band completely, and you never know when circumstances change – but this is the end for us as a band for the foreseeable future.

HOWEVER, hold on to your hats people because far from going out with a whimper we are planning to put on one, possibly two final shows this year. Remember, you can still get all five of the songs we have recorded for free.

Please keep supporting this page so we can keep you informed about our secret plans…

Stay classy

The Rest Is Silence

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Our buddies Mallory Knox have just released their debut album, save your pennies together and show them some love.

We've been well quiet lately haven't we?! There is a reason for this, and all will be revealed soon. Stay with us folks, we aren't quite done with you yet! You won't regret it

Thank you to everyone for sticking with us. Stay tuned for an important announcement from us in the next week or so.

In the meantime, why not treat your ears to this delightful little banger we cooked up a while ago?

2 track album

Listening to this song will improve your Saturday…/dude-you-need-to-stop-dancing

from the album The Rest is Silence

Who has got any, or even all of our tracks then? We've got 5 up for free download now. Does anyone have a favourite?

Our very own Barny Holmes was on Radio1 last night! Skip to 1:04:00 to hear the track he sang on!

UK rap heat and heavy hits, plus vintage Fire in the Booth from Giggs and English Frank.

FREE SONG: "The Final Act" now available to stream or download.
This is the last track we recorded with Craig Shimmon: Music Producer/Engineer.
You can get all those tracks and more FREE at

In case anyone missed our announcement earlier...we have another FREE SONG being released at 1PM TOMORROW. It's called 'The Final Act'. It would mean the world to us if you gave it a spin!

We have an announcement to make! Tomorrow at 1pm we will be releasing another song, for free as standard. It's called 'The Final Act'. Please share this info with your friends!

THE FIRST return with brand new single "Take It Back"; a high energy hard rocking anthem with massive hooks and grooves aplenty, and are set to explode back ...

Brand new song on the way from us very soon! Watch this space.

Sad to hear that Fist Full Of Lies are calling it a day. Genuinely excellent band and dudes, they will be missed for sure. On a more upbeat note, the equally excellent Dear Sleeper are releasing new tunes tonight. Recorded at Regal House Studio (where we did Dude... and No Surprise) so they're bound to be killer!