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The Ringsiders : Total Divas just kept coming up!

The Ringsiders resure right where we left off... We talk Total Divas, The Wyatt Family, and yes even Darren Young. Hear the ADHD ramblings you have come to know and love, laugh along with us... or at us!

Nothing happens on thursday nights, right?

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It's confirmed... We will be bringing you live coverage from Wrestlemania XXX!

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John Williams

Though the TPI has not ran in 4 years, It's great to see what this tournament still means to guys. Believe it or not, a lot of times it's really disheartening w...hen guys ask to be in the tournament, to explain to them why they are not, and to tell them that it is an invitational. That's a large portion of the honor of the tournament. So, in a way I am expanding the tournament. We will take the top 5 of the contest guys and put them with the guy that was originally #24, which is Trik Davis, and we will have the winner of a play in match go into the tournament. So, along with the first blood match, that gives us 14 matches night one.

Our first match announcement will be a battle of the high flyers as Prince Mustafa Ali will take on Andrew Everett in round 1. Match number 2 will be Christian York VS the 2002 TPI champion BJ Whitmer.

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So Raw has been on a steady rise, who thinks tonights taped episode is gonna hault that momentum?

This Saturday Night June 15th 8pm

Impire Clothing & One Louder Studio presents

555 N Verity Parkway
Middletown, OH 45044

*Official Card*

Main Event- International Showdown
"The Human Devastation Device"
Dustin Rayz
Zero 1 World Jr Heavyweight Champion
Jonathan Gresham

"The Hollywood Hitman"
Jerry Andrews w/ Bobby Olsen
vs "The Strongest Gamer Alive"
Marcus Anthony

Tag Team Showdown
vs DNA

Special Challenge Match
Oliver Cain
vs Jeff Holloway

Old School vs New Age
Jeremy Madrox
vs Dan Roberson

Tag Team Challenge Series- Stage 1
Love & War
vs Team Dragon Den

"Bombastic" Bruce Grey
vs Jay West

Plus more...

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You know what? We liked Fandango first! Don't believe us? Check it out:

The Ringsiders : Wrestlemania wrap up! (We liked Fandango before it was cool!)

Hey Everyone, we have been through a lot lately... However, the one thing we realized: Life was a lot less fun without the show!  So we are getting back into it, be it two hosts or three, we are coming to you every week!

Were excited.... Are you?

Real life sucks.... we're sorry, but everythng is getting dusted off.

Time to get the ball rolling again

Miss us yet? We'll be back from our wellness suspension soon ... Come on don't act surprised, you've listened to us and had to know we were on performance enhancing drugs

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We had a chance to meet up with some friends and head down south to Ohio Valley Wrestling, home of TNA devolopemental... We meet a bevy of characters on the way... Lil' Arn Anderson, and a giant Tranny... This aint your momma's podcast anymore... Enjoy!