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Snapchat is finally giving creators data about their audiences, including engagement, demographics and story views. The move represents part of Snap’s push to “separate the social from the media” within its flagship app, which includes the interface redesign.

Snapchat creators are being given audience analytics from today, including story views, engagement, and demographics. The move represents part of Snap’s push to “separate the social fro…

Google, as part of its accelerated mobile pages (#AMP) initiative, is introducing software that would enable emails to include content that continuously updates; the software would also allow more interactive features in email. The AMP integration is rolling out on Gmail and available to other email providers, and it is being tested by, Pinterest and Doodle.

Gmail is about to get dynamic. Alphabet Inc's Google on Tuesday plans to demonstrate a software programming system that would enable emails to feature continuously updating information and greater interactivity.

Snap's Marketing API is now available to all, encouraging marketers to "build the Snapchat ad solutions that perform best for them and their customers". This would enable improved targeting and measurement by adding in first-party data and the ability to programmatically optimize e-commerce ads based on inventory levels.

On the heels of better-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings, Snap is offering its Marketing API to the entire developer community. Since launching the program in late 2016, Snap has only made its Marketing API available to select members of partners.

#SnapChat’s #SnapMap is now available on the web making snaps more accessible even to non-app users.

This is the building on Snapchat’s goal of having Snaps and Stories live outside of their walled garden.

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Twitter reported a profit of $91.1 million in the fourth quarter, its first-ever quarterly profit; by comparison, it lost $167.1 million in Q4 2016. CEO Jack Dorsey said the reversal is due to the company's investment in ad tech to improve its measurement and targeting for advertisers.

Twitter is flying high after reporting the first ever profitable quarter in the company's 12-year history, with its leaders crediting investments in adtech, video, improved user features and better sales execution for the boost.

Snapchat has unveiled Custom Lenses, a feature that enables users to create their own augmented reality geofenced lens using creative from 150 templates to celebrate special events. The base price is $9.99, and it rises depending on how widely and for how long the Lens is available.

By combining augmented reality with your customizable captions, Snapchat hopes you'll share more from birthdays and weddings while earning it a little money...

The Future.

Intel's Vaunt smart glasses won't make you look like a Glasshole. Dieter Bohn got an exclusive look at Intel's latest gadget. By shining a low-powered laser ...
AR needs to be social, contextual and location-aware to become the next major computing platform

Instagram is trialing a retweet-type feature in Stories; it allows users to share public posts from other people with their own followers. The feature, if rolled out, could be a significant boon to organic reach on the platform for marketers.

People in the test group can share other people’s public posts to their own Stories, and their followers can tap on the shared post to see the original.

Snapchat reported that its daily user numbers rose 9 million in the fourth quarter, hitting 187 million, an increase from 158 million one year earlier. The platform's Q4 revenue hit $286 million, beating analyst estimates by over $30 million, and 4C's Aaron Goldman said that investment in Snapchat ads via 4C's platform rose 29% quarter over quarter.

Snapchat is starting to turn things around, boosting its sluggish user growth rate and beating Wall Street's expectations for the first time with..
Civilisations AR will be available for iOS and Android.

Walmart seeks to invest in tech to compete with Amazon, the retailer has acquired small virtual reality (VR) startup, Spatialand.

News: Walmart acquires virtual reality (VR) startup Spatialand, which has worked with the company's technology incubator Store No. 8, for an undisclosed amount to enhance consumer experience.

Snapchat's redesign has added a Do Not Disturb option, which allows users to mute group conversations without other conversation members knowing. The revamped app also includes new font styles and features, such as a Glow neon typeface.

Snap is waking up to the "Time Well Spent" movement Facebook is already addressing. Snapchat is offering a way to mute specific people without formally..

What's Your Approach to New Technology?

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#Instagram is expanding its Carousel ad unit to Stories. That means the ads in Stories are no longer limited to one piece of media (which could be a photo or a video), enabling marketers to include up to three.

#Facebook #Advertising #DigitalMarketing

It's been less than a year since Instagram brought advertising to Instagram Stories — a format that its owner Facebook said in November has more than 300..

The AR cloud is a critical component of AR’s promise. As a data resource, it’s not as sexy as AR’s highly-visual front end, and therefore doesn’t get the airtime it deserves. But its recognition and fan base are starting to grow. We dive into AR Cloud basics.

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