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Saransh Kataria to Facebook Developer Circle: Delhi, NCR

Developer Circles is organizing the Bots for Good Challenge, an intercity competition in India to recognize and reward developers who build the most innovative ...bots that solve local challenges. Click to learn about submitting a bot and stay tuned on this group to meet us at a Hack Day soon!

Visit to see the full rules, NO PURCH. NEC., Ends at 10pm IST June 19, and 18+/age of majority only.

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Hello Friends,

Thanks a lot for the whooping support! Here are the few updates:

1. 93811 - Short URLs generated ...
2. 1939 - Highest Visited Short URL Count
3. QR Code is generated with Short URL
4. QR Code can be downloaded also
5. Installed Memcached for optimising the performance

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Now you can access WhatsApp on your tablet and phone simultaneously!…/

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dynofy for Android allows you to monitor your websites and servers in real-time. Receive instant notifications on up and down events along with email notification. Now...

Innovative Idea! Feel the same then please spread the word across the world......

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Mexperts Society , NIT Kurukshetra

You wake up in the morning and the clock reminds you of the important presentation you were supposed to give to the manager today. You don't even have ...time to take a shower or shave when suddenly it dawns over you that your shirt isn't ironed.
In comes 'The Iron Man' to the rescue, it is an automatic iron that irons your shirt your trouser or even a dhoti for that matter with ruthless ease.
You just push the power button and watch the magic unfold, The Iron emits electromagnetic field in order to check the proximity of the cloth and does image analysis to check the fabric and apply suitable amount of heat.
The iron also has extendable arms that help it to lift the cloth to get the desired result and even turn the cloth upside down to iron it both ways. It runs on Lithium-ion batteries and one full charge lasts an hour.
Also available in pink
called 'The Iron Lady'.
Concept by :

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An article on MongoDB. It should pave the path for beginners as well as experienced programmers as well. Hope you enjoy it. #mongodb

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Awesome way to remeber passwords #passwordcard

A site which lets you print a credit-card sized card with random letters and numbers, letting you pick secure passwords and help you remember them safely.

After a long time posted something on my blog. An article on Disaster Management for a Web Developer

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Wish you all a very happy diwali...........

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Wish you all a very happy diwali Have a safe and eco-friendly diwali..........

Subho Bijoya and Happy Dussehra to all the readers and friends

An article dedicated to Indian Entrepreneurs!
#nasscom #emergeout

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Hello everyone,
Please check out the review of NASSCOM's Emergeout Conclave New Delhi.
Note: Must read for those planning to enter the software industry.…/

Are you looking for Android Training? Get it for free:

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Is your religion photography then here's an exhibition for you by Sushil Khandelwal

Sep 8, 2012 - Sep 14, 2012AIFACS (All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society), 1-Rafi Marg, New Delhi.
58 people went

Have you ever come across a damaged WordPress Installation? Read this article to repair a damaged installation…/

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Is your website running on WordPress? If yes, then check some of the effective ways of protecting your WordPress Installation from different types of attack.

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These days it's the primary duty of a developer to build a code which has a basic security measure. And it requires a proper standard to fulfill resulting in a quality product. Read more:…/

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