I'm writing this the Sunday before I head to Eroticon 2018. My to-do list for client work and blogging is nearly done. A trip I've been thinking about since my return flight after Eroticon 2017 is about to become a reality. This time, my husband (that's still fun to say/type!) John Brownstone will be with me. It won't be my first international trip, my first time in London, or my first time living and working for a weekend as "Kayla Lords." Those firsts are done. [ 488 more words ]

It's easy to get caught up in what you think you're supposed to do instead of what works best for you. When in doubt, always be yourself. Be who you really are and you'll have more success than when you pretend to be something you're not.

Hacking My To-Do List to Get More Done

To get more done, I've hacked my own to-do list. Why? Because my old system left me overwhelmed which made me procrastinate, start on the wrong things, and not use my time wisely. If you find yourself in that state more often than not, maybe this will work for you, too.
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Deciding Whether to Hit Publish or Not SL011 #podcast

We all have a moment when we wonder if we should write or make a thing and put it out on the world. Sometimes there are good reasons to keep something private, but most often, it's probably better to publish. In episode 11, I share a few reasons why.

Well, hell, someone actually decided to Ask the Smutlancer! (You can, too, by the way.) The question came in, and it still has me stumped. Since I do my best thinking by typing, I guess the answer will be a surprise for all of us. The Question NortyNinja asks... If you were to offer one piece of advice to a newbie writer what would that be? [ 345 more words ]

In this first edition of Ask the Smutlancer, the question to be answered: what's the one piece of advice a new writer needs most.

5 Tips for Setting Boundaries as a Smutlancer

When you work with clients, it's easy to think you always have to say yes to everything. In fact, it's more important to set boundaries.

Not everyone who creates content wants to give advice, and frankly not everyone even should. But if you're interested in offering your perspective on the world in a way that might help others, I have some, well, advice. Ultimately, you have to find what works for you. As someone who used to think there was nothing I could say to help others, I've found a way that builds connections and an audience while letting me sleep at night. [ 158 more words ]

Not everyone who creates content wants to give advice, and frankly not everyone even should. But if you're interested in offering your perspective on the world in a way that might help others, I have some, well, advice.

I'm not exactly young anymore (but I'm definitely not old!), and I've finally had to admit to myself that I'm not the same person I was in college. That chick could write until 2am, sleep until 6am, go to an 8am class and stay up until 3am studying the next night. (Yeah, I know that was nearly 20 years ago...) [ 517 more words ]

Deadlines and long hours can kick our butt as smutlancers. Make sure the people closest to you know what to do when you're tired and on deadline.

I've said before that call-out culture (on any social media platform) isn't my thing. My personality isn't built for it, and from observation, it doesn't work most of the time. Typically, several people yell (in all caps), feelings get hurt and tempers flare on both sides, and there is no dialogue. People dig their heels in because they think they're right and/or they feel persecuted. [ 959 more words ]

If call-out culture in social media isn't something you're comfortable with, there's an alternative way to interact with adult companies.

3 Things You Need for Your Website SL009 #podcast

As someone trying to earn money and build a career off of the sexy, smutty stuff you make, your website must work. While you can’t prevent crashes (or most of them), there are things and people you can have to help you survive them. When my own website crashed this week, I was reminded of…Contin...

Why I Use an Editor - written by @PixieHeartblog

Pixie Heart discusses the challenges she faces as a writer and how working with a friend and editor has helped her writing and her confidence.

Several weeks (months?) ago, I began a series called How to Make Money where we discuss different money-making opportunities. What I've covered so far isn't close to everything, but I got distracted by bright, shiny objects and wandered off to talk about other things. Now I'm back with a single topic that encompasses multiple ways to make money as a writer: copywriting. [ 1,152 more word ]

Copywriting is content that sells a product or service. The purpose is to help further a brand's business goals, and it can be extremely lucrative.

Ignoring Your Critics and Getting Better at What You Do SL008 #podcast

In episode 8, I go on a rant about critics. It's easy to criticize others in a mean way, but much harder to be the one out there creating your thing.

Tl;dr: There are no guaranteed timelines to making money. It's what you do right now and what you keep doing that matters most. So when will my sex blog make money? It's a question all sex blogging smutlancers ask themselves, especially when you're working hard to get someone to hire you, accept your pitch, or become a sponsor. The short answer? [ 999 more words ]

Are you asking yourself "When will my sex blog make money?" You're not alone, and there are no easy answers to this one, but there are a few things to do.

Why Community Matters SL007 #podcast

Cultivating professional friendships is important but being a part of the community, even in a small way, matters just as much.

The social media and content entities of the world work hard these days to lock out adult content. Either due to investor concerns about all that dirty, dirty sex littering their cash cow. Or it's in an unconvincing attempt to "Think of the children!" Wordpress, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and even the place many of us once thought safe for sex, Twitter, have crumbled and fallen to censorship and pretending sex is for "other people" instead of every (legal adult) fucking body on the planet. [ 1,128 more word ]

A Twitter shadowban on adult content matters very much in terms of censorship and sharing information but it also doesn't matter at all.

Why Friendship is Important When You're a Smutlancer SL006 #podcast

After reading A Secret Sister by Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney, I thought about how important a good friendship is as a smutlancer.