Down in the Basement
Old matey Mike from The Combat Company made a few promo ads a little while ago and they just didn't play when we went to conventions for some reason. Just realised we hadn't posted them all, so here's another one. Thanks Mike - I like these mate, nailed it!
Not long to go till CANCON now people. Tomorrow will be final painting stuff and then Thurs is packing up some of TSOMHQ for the weekend. Classes are a go :) There will still be photos and updates, but in the meantime, look at this!

We will happily take any commission orders for these new Deepkin fellas.

Fish People are my one weakness.…/breaking-games-workshop-40…

And here we go everybody - get ready!

People are excited about Star Wars Legion - so the folks at The Combat Company have cracked open a box to see what's inside... have a scope, y'all!

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Evening ladies and gents!! We have a surprise for you all. Due to be released on the 22nd of March, we have Star Wars Legion. And we know how excited you all ar...e about it and have waited so long for it. We thought we would be ever so kind and give you a sneak peak at what's in the Legion Core Box.
Get excited because release is on Thursday!!!! Woooohooooo!!!!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Have a great night folks!!
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So this is the old Eldar army - long since sold - painted trying out nail polish and metallic shimmer pigments. I learned a lot on this one and happy with how most of it turned out.

Now if only I could do colour-shift metallic bone on a work job!

PS> This army is featured heavily in the TSOM book "Down in the Basement".

The Sound of Machines - Commission Miniature Painting added 60 new photos to the album: TSOM Garage Sale 2018.
February 24 at 10:33pm

New garage sale album going up soon - firstly Orks/Orcs and bits.

Then more news stuff and the rest will be added soon...

Another big TSOM garage sale coming up - Infinity models, paints and tools, bits, complete models, books and magazines - all sorts!

Probably my Death Guard army too... Photos and details shortly y'all.

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#akinteractive presents the 🆕 & #LimitedEdition Real colors wooden box with 🎨 114 #RealColors, similar to an ammunition box. Ready to transport, ready to enjo...y it.
Do you want to know how can you get it⁉️

Hurry up, it's a limited edition 💼🏃💨
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More info:

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We've actually had a few inquiries about this new CMON game currently ending on Kickstater - HATE.

If you would like us to colour in these little unpleasant fellows when they arrive, please feel free to get in touch. Yes, it's a ways off yet, but people are asking already.

Batch deals like this work out cheaper overall, as there's many more of the same troop, so batch painting is easier.



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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.

Hello all, AK Interactive have offered me a permanent modelling section in their new hobby magazine.

Obviously it's focused around weathering and stuff, but on gaming miniatures - an area I've been trying to build up for a while now...

Anything you want to see? I've got a few article ideas, but happy to cover areas of interest.

Here's a bunch of pics taken by Mike Crick of CANCON 2018 - their 40th anniversary.

A short and sharp Deathwatch job is on the way... Stay tuned.

These are for something coming up soon...