Spirit News December 31st, 2017
The Spirit Church Grand Opening
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Phyllis Scales
· August 21, 2017
I really enjoyed the service at The Spirit Church,it was my first time visiting. The members were very friendly. Upon entering I was greeted by two ladies that hug me without question. The atmospher...e was comfortable. The minister and his wife were young and friendly. I'm an old school girl but I would return there because I liked the way he preached the word and how he open the door of the church by not ever closing them. Also, I met at least five members that were co-workers. See More
Chantay Marie James
· April 3, 2017
I have to admit, when invited to attend Spirit church by a former church member, I did my research. And right away based on the "about us" I made the mistake so many of us make - snap judgements. Oh, ...this is one of "those churches," I thought. As a former professional athlete it is pretty easy to assume (and downright foolish looking back) that Pastor's former history and "celebrity status," as a Rams and Cardinals player attributed to his successfully forming a Church. But God vindicates. And convicts. I was immediately chastened when I attended (as I'd promised I would) and found the Spirit of God active and flourishing in that place. And just to be sure that I got his message, God began to deal with me from the beginning to the very end of the message. A father that loves his children corrects them. I was blessed by the man of God's obedience, the people of God and their wilingness to form connections with hurting people despite how many times they have been hurt by them, and the work that God is doing through the Spirit church within the community. So yep, I'm going back next week and bringing people with me. Thank you Spirit church, it's hard to make a believer out of a believer hardened by bitterness; but you did it flawlessly. While God gets the glory, your love for others is humbling and a rare and beautiful thing. See More
Jen Greenwell
· June 5, 2017
I loooove this place and these people. Pastor's compass is Jesus, no doubt. Clearly an ambassador of the Kingdom, driven by the Gospel, he is passionate, personable and kind and preaches and speaks th...e truth in a relavent, practical applicable way. See More
Patricia Moore
· January 26, 2018
Awesome church and leaders...I look forward to the impact they will have in the St. Ann and Bridgeton communities.
Katie Downs
· January 28, 2018
My heart opened to the word when I walked into The Spirit Church �
Jackie Redmon
· July 17, 2017
My 1st week I view online and mu hisband by default was listening also and later quoted pastor I said to myself hmmm ee had to go. The 2nd wk in person we really enjoyed ourselves and we will be back.... Thank you See More
Diana Smile
· January 14, 2018
Great for families and growth in your spiritual life
Crystal Whitney-Anderson
· February 4, 2018
Very practical teaching that helps with life experiences!!!
Yolanda Juniel-Shockency
· December 4, 2015
My family and I loved this church so much that we decided to make it our church home. Pastors Aeneas and Tracy are great teachers, and I was surprised to see so many men stepping up and being positive... role models for the young men and families in the community. Spirit Church is truly a place that worships God in Spirit and truth! See More
Carol McKinney
· January 28, 2018
Awesome Church..Pastor Aeneas Delivers An Incredible Message..Very Welcoming..There's A SPECIAL Annointing On This Church..You Can Feel The Love Of Jesus Christ..��
Rita West
· February 14, 2016
I live in the neighborhood and decided to visit Spirit Church several months ago. So far I have been in worship 3 times and I love it. I currently have a church home, but have had a need for somethin...g different. I like that Pastor Aeneas preaches the same principle of God's Word, that I'm accustom to, just differently. I will definitely be back! See More
Shontell Parchman-Burns
· March 26, 2017
I enjoy each and every time I'm amongst the Beautiful, Friendly, and Welcoming members of The Spirit Church. The Music Ministry is key to Ushering in The Spirit of the Lord. The Pastor, Wife, and Memb...ers are setting a standard by giving God their very Best!!!!!! Thanks I'm always Blessed when I'm there. See More
Jacqueline Charles
· March 6, 2016
This is by far the best church in St Louis and Pastors Aeneas and Tracey are by far the best and most loving pastors!!!!
Milton Jones
· May 1, 2017
2nd.Sunday there an i will be back as a member the people or so nice the pastor is a great person.I come there heart heavy but I leave from there with peace.
Towanda Patron
· May 1, 2016
Only been there twice because of my work schedule. Was invited once and loved it so came back. The congregation was very nice and made you feel comfortable in the and the Word was great.
Jacqueline Rogers
· January 23, 2017
When you walk into The Spirit Church, there is a feeling of peace and friendliness. Everyone greets you and that makes ypu feel welcome. Love the way Pastor Williams bring the message. Feel uplifted f...rom the service is over. See More
Jarrod Jones
· June 19, 2016
Had visited many years ago with my family and felt blessed. Decided to visit again with my father Gaylord Armstead on Father's day. God's word spoke to us and Pastor Williams prayed for healing for m...y dad. T receive it and believe it. See More
Tony West
· November 21, 2016
Pastor Aeneas Williams generates an energy and awareness that the community can build on. I truly call Spirit Church my home.
Katie Platt
· September 19, 2016
Most welcoming and loving people! Their true passion for knowing and learning how to apply the word is amazing!
Rhonda BP
· March 6, 2016
I just love the worship and overall atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and the volunteers smile with excitement while serving. Most importantly, my teenage sons love it!!!