For those are finding it difficult to answer the registration question, the answer is TSR. TSR is short for The Sprite Repository. Seriously, it's not that difficult!!

TSR is online - please make sure you read the announcement at:…

The Future of TSR - posted in Sprite Repository News: Hey guys! Welp, this is odd - but atleast we have forums again! Im still in the process of creating the download categories and other sub-forums, but you can still help! If you can think of a download category that i havent created…

Guys, please see updated message @


We're in the process of resetting up the OS on our hardware now, next steps are to install IPB (and new upgrades) then run backups to replace missing data. We should be back online sometime within the next 72 hours.

I've just disabled the ability to post to this page for normal page users. I'll not have silly advertisements to similar websites listed here, especially for links to nulled IPB forums illegally hosting software. Did you know it's actually illegal to host the minecraft client? yeah, Mojang and IPB have been contacted. /gratz

Hey guys! Around 30 people have contacted me over the last few days requesting files from the site. -please- refrain from doing this as you'll now end up with either a standard response, or get yourself ignored. The ipb backups for files are in an XML format which I can't decode into normal .zip files without ipb's download software. Instead, please be patient and wait for the site to come back online

The Sprite Repository updated their cover photo.
June 7, 2013
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We apologise for the downtime. When the failed drives are repaired we will be back online.