Ummm, I think not. Never in a million years would I get on this train.

Most dangerous train journey in the world !!!

History on the rails comes home.

Starting in the late 1800s, many thousands of immigrants travelled by Colonist Cars to their new homes in western Canada. The cars became a common sight on the rails. Now, only a handful exist. &nb…

It looks like it might be a Potash Train.

The derailment happened at about 9:50 a.m. in Bawlf, Alta.

Gotta love the smoke belching power of steam.

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How can you not love this? And oh yeah winter is coming.

If you saw this video on another site, please leave a message below to let me know. Not upset at all if it's being shared around (that's the whole point in ...

Definitely must see TV. Autumn Glory, watch those Steam Engines go simply beautiful.

Shot during the 2014 Cass Photography Workshop Weekend featuring instructors Clayton Spangler and Walter Scriptunas II, this video includes video clips of ev...

If you are looking for a different kind of vacation this year, take the train across the country and see Canada.

VIA Rail "The Canadian" is transcontinental train in north America linking between Vancouver and Toronto.

Cat was run over at a railroad crossing but it seem to have survived.
It's a Railroad Miracle.

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Model Railroad Academy

Has this ever happened to you???

WOW will it ever end, that is a long train.

Even if the transport capacities of trains are not a match for cargo ships, some trains are really amazing with their longevity. This double deck container B...

Long Freight Trains and the Rockies just go together.

We just couldn't believe just how long that the train carrying two decks of containers was. The hooting of these vast freight trains had kept us awake on the...

With dollar down why not explore Canada from the train on The Canadian, it is something you will remember the rest of your life.

A sad procession to the scrap yard - their playing Taps somewhere I am sure.

D-LACBAR3-22M 26 DASH8-40CW'S!!!!!!! 30 LOCOMOTIVES!!! Last Run Like this! This is a once in a life event and i couldnt give this up. Enjoy!

Take the Pledge for Rail Safety.

I understand the importance of rail safety and I pledge to be safe around trains.

Now that is Power. Steam Power.
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UP steam engine 844 launches The Western Heritage Tour Union Pacific Railroads rolling goodwill ambassador historic steam locomotive No. 844 The Western Heri...

It's an incredibly rare sight to see a steam locomotive in the Rockies this days. Here we are at Lake Louise.

CP Rail's Empress 2816 lets off steam, Lake Louise, Alberta

I'll take 3685 Horsepower to hybrid any day. The building of the largest Locomotive in the Commonwealth in 1928 in Montreal.

Building a mamouth new locomotive in 1928. From pattern shop to the rails at the Angus Shops of the Canadian Pacific Railway in Montreal. The most powerful s...

It's fun to play with trains.

Here's the newest of all my Street Running Videos which was shot yesterday (Sept. 23, 2009) of NS 156 leaving Augusta, Georgia. Here he is with a badass EMD ...