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The Second Before
Another song from Eileen Polk's short film about The Student Teachers called Being Polite for Kicks...This is "Looks" - a longtime fave of many, the song that Miuke Mike Doughty covered and the first 'single' from the new CD. Eileen and crew only caught the second half of the song because they were changing tapes...but it's enough to get the vibe and have a good laugh at yours truly being a telenovella-esque ham. :)

Happy Halloween!

David Scharff added 10 new photos — with Laura Davis-Chanin and 14 others.

Happy Halloween!

The Student Teachers played The Palladium on Halloween 1979 opening for Iggy Pop and The Cramps.

In honor of the anniversary I'm posting a sle...w of stuff focusing on the 'other' song on our first single "Channel 13" - it was actually the A-side to X-mas Weather's b-side!

So -
1- Some photos of us and the single (w/ Joe Stevens band shot)
2- Lyric sheet
3- Video shot by Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong for their Nightclubbing archive
4- A great live version from a 1979 Trax gig -
5- some other fun photos...

Last but not least - a review of our performance that night...Richard Grabel didn't hold back

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Counting down to Halloween!
A review of the show with Iggy Pop and The Cramps at the Palladium in 1979

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David Scharff added 2 new photos — with Laura Davis-Chanin and 6 others.

4 Day Countdown to Halloween!

The Student Teachers opened for Iggy Pop and The Cramps on Halloween 1979. There's a rather amusing review of the night here.

And ...another live track - Being Polite For Kicks! Never before released! Quirky...but fun!

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Ork Records: New York, New York 4LP/2CD is out 10/30/15. Grab a copy here:…/ork-records-new-york-new-york

David Scharff would like to share a post with you on tsu!

You have to come sign up on tsu and take a gander here friends. It's all about ORK!

David Scharff would like to share a post with you on tsu! The ultimate ORK Records collectors edition release is coming out on Orktober 30th!!! I'm excited!
At the epicenter of New York’s most significant music scene was an instantly-forgotten record label; Ork Records, the first punk label and the original “indie.” For the first time ever, the monumental output of this explosive imprint’s 1975-1979 run is all in one place. Sixteen singles that birthed…

This is going to be awesome
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Other Numero releases for Record Store Day include Bedhead live album, '60s garage comp

At CBGBs West 2 - I can't even say how long it's been since I sang this song

CBGBs West 2!…/videos-the-student-teachers-chris…

Here it is! Who knew that you could get a video made for a song released 35 years ago...and then have that video premiered on a very cool site!

Go watch - like this page - tell all your friends!

And those crazy posters the they would make at CBGBs...

A weekend in November 1979 with the Colors opening
(this one hung on the CBGBs wall until the bitter end)


A weekend in February 1980 with U.S. Ape, The Drongoes, Ronny and the Jitters, Swinging Madisons (Hey Kristian!) and The Ozones!

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The we started headlining -
Chris Stamey and the dbs opened for us
DNA opened for us
The Bloodless Pharaohs opened for us
----I can't find more ads! Anyone?

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The only recording I could find of us covering "Re-Make, Re-Model" by Roxy Music. We loved doing this as an encore...hi energy! And this is a super lowwwww fi recording. I think someone had a cassette recorder in their purse. Or in their drink.

This weekend was craaazy - Lou Reed, Allen Ginsberg RIchard Hell, John Cale, John Giorno, Peter Orlovsky...typical right?

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Oh - we played in the Blitz Benefit...right before Blondie
and the St. Marks Church Benefit...right before Allen Ginsberg.

We were always happy to help out where we could.

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The Student Teachers added 11 new photos — with Jody Robelo Katz and 13 others.

We opened for WIRE
We opened for Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
We opened for The Mumps
We opened for The Fast
We opened for Gary Valentine and The Know...
We opened for The Erasers
We opened for Suicide...yes Suicide
We opened for The Shirts (the day before The Police played CBs)
....and of course - we opened for Iggy Pop (and The Cramps) at the Palladium.
...and again for Iggy Pop at My Father's Place

Oh - and more important than alllll the rest...
We opened for The Blessed

Then there were the nights we don't have ads for...
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
The Troggs
The Only Ones
Wayne County
The Dead Boys
...and the list goes on

That's just the kind of band we were.
Cheap and ready to open.

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