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Min Diesel
· December 4, 2016
I needed replacement lenses for my Prada glasses. Local shop here wanted 155.00 USD. I believe I paid around 35.00 USD through The Sunglass Fix.

I was Very. I used PayPal to be sure. I was wrong to be wary and I'm glad all the reviews I read were correct! Shipping did take around 1 month but well worth the wait. Easy to snap out my old lenses and snap in the new and I'm elated to have my Prada's back in my mix. Quality is equal to my originals as well. I was worried about distortion or haze but nope, they're spot on!

I've had my lenses around 3 months now and I'm very satisfied. I'll order again from here, undoubtedly. You guys rock!
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Lorraine Hewson
· February 21, 2017
Wow I am so impressed. I have a favourite pair of sunglasses which needed the lenses replacing. I went to many optometrist and spectacle places and were given q...uotes ranging from $150 - $250. They also said they couldnt promise that they could fix them. Sunglass Fix custom made new lenses and installed them for a lot cheaper than the other places. The lenses they replaced are so much better than the originals. I totally recommend this company, communication and service were AAA+++. Thank you See More
Steve Brett
· October 15, 2016
I've had an awesome pair of Maui Jims for years but they have been sitting in my drawer unused because the original lenses scratched so quickly they were unusab...le.
Not wanting to pay $160 to get the original lenses replaced with genuine parts only for them to scratch again, in the drawer they stayed.
These lenses are quite technical, they have slots and screw holes so when I found Sunglass Fix selling lenses at a fraction of the cost I wasn't expecting much. How wrong was I. They are perfect, they fit 100% and so easy to fit. The lens itself has a luxurious gloss and look even better than the original.
Thank you Sunglass Fix.
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Kevin Chaffin
· October 19, 2016
My Ray Bans have been riding around in my cars for 15 yrs in the Southern Utah desert heat and cold. The coating on the lenses started failing a couple years ag...o. I came cross The Sunglass Fix and bought some new lenses. I ordered the wrong size. Sunglass Fix said send them back for a refund. I ordered custom made lenses and sent the glasses and lenses back. They fit new lenses in my sunglasses and refunded me for the others. The new lenses are nice and my sunglasses are ready for 15 more yrs. See More
Derrelle Lennon
· January 18, 2017
Recently had Christian Dior Sunglasses repaired at Sunglasses Fix and they don't disappoint. The difference is not obvious until given to the eyes that practica...lly jump for joy with delight at the experience of these high clarity, high quality glass lenses. Everyone I've allowed try them on to experience the quality, has pronounced the same Wow reaction and been told of this fabulous opportunity at Sunglasses Fix. Including, the info of the received, protective post pack, the secure, required signature on return delivery, the high quality, protective SPY case, their receptionist, Michelle thoughtfully found for them and the startling value for money, cost involved. I rate this service highly with a powerful measure of excellence. See More
Kevin Slattery
· November 25, 2016
By far the best solution to scratched sunglass lenses. The service is fantastic and lenses are great quality and affordable. Perfect option when you love the frame fit and scratch your lenses. Fixed at about 1/3rd of the cost of a new pair.
Damon Sherwood
· January 5, 2017
Awesome lenses! I hated the original Ray Ban glass lenses-- they were heavy on my nose and when they fell off, they scratched and eventually cracked. I would ...have tossed them but I found these replacement lenses at an affordable price and gave them a try. Easy to install, high quality and comfortable weight. Highly recommend. See More
Sarah Hamlyn
· October 28, 2016
These guys are brilliant. don't throw away your old sunnies because they scratched - replace the lenses with quality replacements for a fraction of the price. ...I have replaced a number of lenses in a few different pairs of glasses and the quality is great. I have only had one very minor issue (a lens slightly too large) and they shipped me a full replacement overnight. Perfect customer service. Great product. Thanks. See More
Jiraphat Dechan
· November 26, 2016
I bought lens replacement for my Oakley Why 8.2. Shipping to L.A. took only 2 weeks and it is free. The size shows 56 x 18 on the frame but I ordered 58 mm grad...ient brown and they are perfectly fit with the frame. I wish I would have ordered the polarized ones.

Really recommend this vendor.
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Steph Dewar
· August 1, 2016
I was hesitant in ordering non Oakley lenses for my Fuel cell and Flak jackets but as they were a fraction of the cost and had great reviews I thought it was wo...rth the risk. I had nothing to fear; this company is amazing! Delivery within 2 weeks to the UK, lenses are exactly replacements in colour and shape, so easy to replace. 3 pairs of Oakley 's are now like brand new at a fraction of the price. Couldn't recommend highly enough! See More
Nick Slater
· September 20, 2016
These are totally awesome! I started with the standard lenses but the next set of lenses I bought were the polarised ones, and boy what a difference! Thank you for saving me a fortune on buying new shades! Totally recommend, great prices and very fast delivery :)
Juanita Paul
· October 17, 2016
Just rejuvenated my husbands favourite Arnette Chop Shop sunglasses with new polarised lenses. He loves these glasses and was not happy to hear they were discon...tinued when his lenses were badly scratched. Sunglasses Fix has saved these frames from the scrap heap. Thanks for such great customer service and prompt postage. Highly recommend these great lenses. See More
Scott Hardcastle
· September 2, 2016
Replaced some tired and heavily scratched Oakley Hijinx lenses this week. The replacement polarised lenses are superb- and to think i was going throw the Oakleys in the bin. I ordered one day and had them on my desk the next day with the express post option. Nice.
Nathan Henderson
· November 15, 2016
Sent some well worn raybans in and they came back in outstanding condition, great lenses too. Thanks very much: place I bought them from told me nothing could be done.
Richard Sharpe
· November 23, 2016
Had two good pairs of good sunglasses that needed lenses, Prada and RB's that were scratched and broken - new lenses for both for around £40 and they are back in the game - easy fitting, no fuss, job done = happy chappy.
Anthony Rider
· February 7, 2017
Purchased lenses for Dragon Fame H2O. Lenses are slightly smaller than originals and can pop out sometimes. Get what you pay for. Should be far cheaper than what they are.
Suzie Carr-Smith
· February 1, 2017
Took about 4 weeks to arrive in the UK, better colour than the original actually. Really impressed as I fitted them in 5 seconds flat. Amazing service..
Oscar Dark
· November 28, 2016
great in two weeks arrived succesfully to my home 4 diferent type of glases for my electric lenses,,, now got new ones again,, thnk u to be eficient..
Hidetora Tanaka
· June 6, 2016
The product is awesome!!
I bought the brown gradation / polarized ones.
They are so high performance pair! The function of polarization is exactly working to ve...rtical glare!! I never can get outside without the pair while daytime. The cutting edge is beautiful enough and the holes for tightening with flames are slightly small to be tight when you finish installation.
When I was installing them with tiny driver onto the flam, my finger slipped and the tip of straight driver hit the brand new glass... But!! No scratch on it!!
The hard coat works so well too!
I have no con for them.
That is not all. When j ordered them, I made mistake to type my shipping address and the pair of glasses were shipped back to the sender. I found my mistake and contact to them via email. Of course I was already gave up to get them because that was the international shipping to US from Australia. But the glasses were immediately re-shipped and I could get them right after I contacted to them. Unbelievable!! No extra charge either!?
They are so kind and product is perfect!!
I'll buy other set soon for sure!!
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Wayne Matiu
· February 10, 2017
Paid $51 for lens replacement for Versaces including delivery. Great business. Crazy not to use them if you're gonna buy new sunnies just because the lenses are damaged.
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