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TEK BAR updated their cover photo.
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Here comes the new computer. Binary code on steroids. #verycool

Quantum computing has the potential to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. So how are quantum computers different from the traditional computers...

The new Windows operating system is a fresh of breath air. It has some very new cool features. And it brings back some old ones. The new browser is SICK! and the user experience will be much better than previous OS's. #goodjob #Windows10

Windows devotees should be pleased with this update that represents a return to form for Microsoft.
If you thought the $35 Raspberry Pi 2 was a small and cheap computer, think again.

Check out Ashton as Apples Steve Jobs.

The new trailer for the Steve Jobs' film featuring Ashton Kutcher has landed online, teasing not-yet-seen scenes from the movie debuting this summer.

It took long enough!

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Facebook Home is now available to download:

Facebook Home on your phone is going to be bad ass! Good job FB!

Greetings from Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, Calif., where we're about to find out the meaning of the social network's "new home on Android." Those were the words used in the invit...

Send a tweet and this paint gun will fire a shot, cool.

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Feeling a bit of rage? If you tweet with the appropriate hashtag, this paintball gun will fire off a shot in your honor:

Nice job by Google to explain how "Searching" on Google works... Check it out!

Our algorithms are constantly changing. These changes begin as ideas in the minds of our engineers. They take these ideas and run experiments, analyze the results, tweak them, and run them again and again.

For Those that think Augmented Reality is dead, HA! Thats a JOKE!

Augmented Reality is one of the top-10 technologies of our decade and expected to become a standard feature for the next generation of smart devices. Metaio'...

HAVE AN UNLOCKED IPHONE? You may not be illegal anymore!

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The petition to legalize cell phone unlocking is 100,000-strong, demanding an official White House response:

All things can be replaced - Especially in Technology. Check it out!

Remember the days of disposable cameras and dialing *69 to see who called? Talk about ancient times. Here's a look at items replaced by modern technology.

Weight Sensing, Motorized Skateboard - BAD ASS!

We test the ZBoard weight-sensing electric skateboard.

Here comes FB's new billion users! "Messenger" service in effect!

Mark Zuckerberg's latest big product doesn't even require Facebook -- and that's what makes it potentially so powerful. Read this article by Paul Sloan on CNET News.
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Today's Proverb - Some of us feel offended when someone tells us the truth about ourselves. If it is of good intentions, receive it. For only a person whom truly loves you will tell you the truth openly.

Proverbs 27:5 "Open rebuke is better than love that is hidden."

TEK BAR updated their cover photo.

Ryan Orie Begins to work at the TEK BAR

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