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Nancy Lindsay
· January 22, 2014
My husband and me spent our first Christmas together at the Timbers. Returned one more time to this beautiful retreat before the bylaw shut you down. What a perfect spot to unwind, kayak, appreciate a... well developed location paying attention to preserve the land… Hopefully you'll be open for business again soonest… See More
Dale Kirkland
· September 23, 2015
I hope the Timbers will go back to being the enjoyable place that people have enjoyed for years.
Melody Stefanson
· July 2, 2014
I wonder if a family reunion will happen here again.. would love to meet you all and see this beautiful place :)

We are very sad to let everyone know that very early this morning, at about 2:30AM, Per Fisker, longtime caretaker and builder of all things Timbers, passed away. Per had worked with our family for over 25 years, and had been living at the Timbers for the past decade after a previous diagnosis with Cancer. A few weeks ago, Per was admitted to hospital in Vancouver after complaining of chest pains. His condition deteriorated quite quickly, though he was every bit as strong and stoic as you may know him to be right to the end. In his final days, Per remarked at what a gift it was to be able to spend his life on Pender Island. Little did he know, the gift was ours. Per's legacy survives him in his sons, and in the many homes he built that shelter those on the Island. He will be missed.

A short history of the Timbers, on Pender Island, BC, Canada. Steve Fisker talks about how the trees from the land were hand-sewn into "timber" by his father...
Ron Schuster to Pender Island Forum (a place to talk about things that matter)

I am one of 2 Pender Island property owners who is being sued by the Island Trust. I had chosen to not comment publicly about the harassment and waste of tax p...ayers money (your money) that the Island Trust is spending until now! On November 10th, I received yet another correspondence from the Island Trust lawyer that was sent to my lawyer stating:

It appears that off-islanders are using the North Pender property this weekend. As we agreed that there would be no rentals of the property pending a decision of the court, other than the one rental last month...

As it turns out, the rental the lawyer referred to was a 34 day rental from October 9th to November 11th that they were informed about when the above agreement was formed in October. This is clearly legal as Short Term Vacation Rentals are defined as periods of less than 30 days.

It is the duty of our trustees to have clear by-laws governing our island but the present trustees have neglected this duty choosing instead to force the courts to make a decision about the legality of Short Term Vacation rentals on North Pender Island through their lawsuit against us. We continually receive correspondence from the Island Trust lawyers always sent to our lawyer thus running our legal fees up. To date, these fees are approaching $30,000 and the court date isn't until January (another $15,000 estimated). I would assume the same or more costs have been paid by Island Trust to their legal team.

The Islands Trust Act states: “The object of the trust is to preserve and protect the trust area and its unique amenities and environment for the benefit of the residents of the trust area and of British Columbia generally, in cooperation with municipalities, regional governments, improvement districts, other persons and organizations and the government of British Columbia.” as stated in Gary Steeves website. Apparently the "off-islanders"; the rest of us who live in British Columbia who pay to maintain and preserve our roads, park systems plus more, are not welcome on Pender Island. The Island Trust wants to "preserve and protect" for islanders only!

I share this with all of you now as I feel strongly our present Trustees are setting neighbour against neighbour and it is time for a change in leadership. A leadership that is not afraid to be open and transparent and to make by-laws clear to all that they govern! Because of this, I have voted for Dianne Barber and Derek Masselink and I strongly urge you to as well!

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed is solely my own and not on behalf of any organization or group.

Ron Schuster
Property Owner
Pender Island

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A nasty e-mail from an anonymous author has been circulating the island in advance of the upcoming elections. Don't let it sway your vote.

My name is Alex Conconi, son of Bob Conconi, the owner of The Timbers. Since our Temporary Use Permit application was rejected this spring, we have kept quiet, preferring instead to wait until such time that cooler heads might prevail. However, in light of some recent developments surrounding Local…

Many of you have asked me to explain what is going on with the Timbers. Well, a nasty e-mail from an anonymous author has been circulating the island in advance of the upcoming elections, which has prompted me to write our story.

As many of you may know, this week, elections will be held to determine who will be our next set trustees for North Pender Island. Elections are held ever 3 years. The incumbents, Gary Steeves and Ken Hancock, last obtained office by acclamation in 2011. The two have been behind the Island’s current…

Islands Trust Elections are coming this November. Take a peek at the new Pender Island Online Forum, and join the community discussion.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge completed.

Robert and Adam Conconi dump buckets of water on their head and nominate some friends, with the help of an excavator.

Get ready for an exciting auction!

A B.C. man and his wife are donating their luxury home on Pender Island to the BC Cancer Foundation.

The Robert L Conconi Foundation has announced a $25,000 donation to the Pender Island Fire Protection Society, and will be matching community donations up to $75,00 for the next three months!

The Pender Island has been a home base for the Conconi Family for over two decades. Bob Conconi, and his trusted builders Per and Steve Fisker, have constructed many island residences. And so, when Bob was approached by the Pender Island Fire Protection Society (PIFPS) to help raise funds for a new…

We are proud to announce that the Robert L Conconi Foundation will be matching all donations made to the Covenant House before June 30, up to $150,000!

Bob Conconi and Covenant House are teaming up for the Conconi Covenant House Challenge! Make a donation to Covenant House Vancouver before June 30th and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by The Robert L. Conconi Foundation! You can double the impact of your gift. Bob and Diane were fir…

Want to learn more about The Timbers? We're happy to announce the launching of our new website! Read about our history, browse photos, and watch our video - but most importantly, let us know what you think!

A private family retreat in the heart of the Gulf Islands. An ideal venue to get a taste of rural island life while enjoying world-class amenities.

We're very proud to share with you a special video we've been working on over the past decade or two. If you've got a Pender minute, we'd like to invite you to watch our video: A Quiet Force of Life.

A short history of the Timbers, on Pender Island, BC, Canada. Steve Fisker talks about how the trees from the land were hand-sewn into "timber" by his father...

"Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die." - Pierre Trudeau

Happy Canada Day!

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We're still editing our video, but wanted to share this quick preview as a thank-you to all our Facebook Fans. Stay tuned, the final cut is coming soon! Like our page and be one of the first to see it.

We're still working away at editing our new video, but we've put together this short preview as a special thank-you to all our Facebook Fans. Our full video ...

This weather has been great, but it has also increased the risk of fire! Hazard signs are being upgraded to moderate tomorrow. If coonditions continue to dry out they could be at High by Wednesday, May 8. More information at the Pender Island Fire Rescue website, below.

To be eligible for either of these recruitment positions, you must have attended school as a full-time student during the previous school year and will attend school as a full-time student in the upcoming school year. Please feel free to apply for either of these positions if you qualify and also, p...

Per Fisker says "Houses give you shelter, but homes are for living." Like our page and see Per doing what he loves in our new video.

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