A friendly Reminder. A Life Saving Opportunity. An Enjoyable Evening.

Greetings to friends. I wish to remind you that on Sunday, August 17, at 5:00 we will gather at the Wisconsin Club to celebrate Honoring The Lorax II. The goal is to raise funds to promote clinical trials at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center and to enjoy good food and friendship in the process.

The event costs $80 per person and includes appetizers, dinner, wine, and soda. You can pay by... PayPal or by check. Details on payment are available on our website. Please go to and click on "Our 2014 Event." Other details can be found on our website or by emailing Janis or me at

Please also take a moment too review our blog at, where we discuss clinical trials and cancer research in general.

We want to turn cancer upside down. Together we can do it, and enjoy a relaxing evening. See you on the 17th.

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Many Thank You's:

The Triumph Fund is very proud of all its donors, the vast majority of whom are individuals who want to help turn cancer upside down. We also have been very fortunate to have received donations from local corporations which are exemplary corporate citizens in Southeast Wisconsin and who make a difference far beyond the boundaries of this state. We deeply thank them.

Today The Triumph Fund is proud to announce that, as part of a corporate matching program, received a generous donation from Google, an international icon. Google is well known for its charitable giving and today it touched the hearts of the Milwaukee community. It's generosity, as with the selflessness of all our donors, serves to increase the hope and the spirit of cancer patients everywhere.

Thank you Google. Thank you to all donors. You are helping make a difference. We have mountains to move, but we are doing so stone by stone, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow.

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A Simple Tribure. In the past several months, Janis and I have had an abundance of conversations with friends whose lives have been touched by cancer. As one can imagine, there are both smiles and tears in these conversations.

There is, I notice, one common denominator - a profound respect and appreciation for their health care team, be they Onconologists, Surgical Oncologists, Radiologists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practicioners, Nurese, and others. Whether these men a...nd women truly understand it, they plow often-times terribly difficult situations to help their patients. They do it with expertise, compassion, and passion.

You may not be a cancer patient, thanks goodness, but please give today a virtual hug to these giants in this difficult field. They truly deserve it. I can say it is folks like these who inspired a family of four to start The Triumph Fund.

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The Triumph Fund today has posted on its blog an entry describing in detail the use the Clinical Trials Office of the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center has made of the funds donated to it by The Triumph Fund and its many generous donors. The Triumph Fund is very pleased with the productive use of the funds.

As our blog explains, these funds have been used for multiple purposes, including to outfit a technologically advanced education center, called The Lorax, for, among other things: i) meetings with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, the National Cancer Institute, and scientists about planned and ongoing clinical trials; and ii) internal staff education and training to enable the staff to conduct and monitor specific clinical trials.

Please read this post on our blog, Triumph Funding:…/productive-and-effic…/

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The Triumph Fund believes that, if it seeks donations to support a cause, it's donors are entitled to know how the donated funds are used. The Triumph Fund has previously posted on this ...

If you want a few laughs and at the same time to support a very good cause, please think of attending Laughing For A Cure on April 25 at the Comedy Cafe. Proceeds support the Sebastian Raclaw Abdominal Cancer Fund at MCW.
Tickets are $10 per person.

Sebastian is a good friend who has a wonderful family. In 2012 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the abdominal cavity, a rare form of cancer. Sebastian is dedicated to helping find a cure for this horrid disease. Let's help Sebastian in this endeavor.

Please join us for an evening of fun while supporting a great cause! George Gallo, Terry McNeely & Darryl Hill performing! $10 admission at the door is donated to the Sebastian Raclaw Abdominal Cancer Research Fund. Please call 414-2

We have redesigned our blog. Please take a moment to see our new look.

As you look at the blog, please read our new post on the promise of genetic research into tumors and how such research is beginning to influence clinical trials.

Musings on supporting cancer research

The Lorax Returns:

Our 2014 fundraising event will be held during the evening of August 17, 2014. It will be called Honoring The Lorax II and will take place at the Wisconsin Club. Details will follow. If you have any interest and did not recently receive an email with a Save The Date notice, please send us a message and we will send a copy of the notice to you and make sure you get future announcements on the event.

This event is The Triumph Fund's primary means of funds to assist the Clinical Trials Office of the Medical College of Wisconsin. It is our way of helping in the fight to turn cancer upside down.

Please share this with others who you believe may have an interest in joining us for an enjoyable evening and in supporting a life-saving cause.

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Today the world is a little poorer and the fight against cancer is without one of it's true warriors. Mark Vetter, who passed away on January 18, was laid to rest today. Mark spoke eloquently at our Honoring The Lorax event last June about the value of clinical trials. I have lost a friend and society has lost a good man and a true champion in the fight against cancer. Mark, I will miss you. The world will miss you. Rest peacefully, my friend.

As we begin to look back on 2013 and to look forward to a new year, The Triumph Fund thanks you for your support in our inaugural year of 2013 and wishes each of you a healthy and a happy 2014!

Thus far in 2013, through the generosity of its donors, The Triumph Fund has donated over $28,000 to the Clinical Trials Office at the Medical College of Wisconsin. This money has in large part gone to: i) make available the required clinical research training of the nurses and professionals who work in the CTO and assist the patients who are involved in clinical trials; and ii) make available at MCW dedicated space and equipment at which this critical training can be conducted. We are helping make a difference in the fight against cancer - right here in the Milwaukee area!

In the next month or two, we will announce details for our 2014 event.

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They call them "human interest stories," but the article in today's Journal Sentinel about Green Bay Packer T. J. Lang is much more than that. Please take a moment to read how this sensitive man is dealing with the death of his father from lung cancer.

T. J. Lang is an offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers. He successfully plies his trade in the violent trenches of the NFL, battling giant defensive linemen who weigh in excess of 300 pounds and linebackers who are only slightly smaller but… [ 365 more words. ]

T. J. Lang -- Sensitivity Works In The Trenches

T. J. Lang is an offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers. He successfully plies his trade in the violent trenches of the NFL, battling giant defensive linemen who weigh in excess of 300 pounds and linebackers who are only slightly smaller but… [ 365 more words. ]

Sidney Farber - Remembered

As a cancer patient, I have developed a healthy respect for Dr. Sidney Farber, who many view as the father of modern-day chemotherapy. It is my belief that those of us who have received chemotherapy treatment owe a debt of gratitude to this pioneer… [ 170 more words. ]

There are many worthwhile cancer related organizations. I briefly discuss today in a post in our blog Stupid Cancer, which is aimed at helping young adults struck with this horrid disease. Please take a moment and look at the post:

If you have any thoughts, feel free to Comment on the blog or on this page. If there are other cancer related organizations you feel deserve a mention, especially those that may not be well known, this is a time to talk about them.

Musings on supporting cancer research

The Triumph Fund was established to promote life-saving cancer research and, in particular, the Clinical Trials Office at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center. Today, its blog, Triumph Funding, entered a post which discusses the new Translational Research Unit at MCW through which Phase I and Phase II clinical trials will be conducted. The "ribbon cutting" was last night and today the unit and its staff begin their work. This facility is a gift to this community... and this state.

Please take a moment to read our post, entitled "The Intersection of Innovation and Hope":

For those of you who have supported The Triumph Fund, thank you and hold your head high. The Triumph Fund will continue to support clinical trials at MCW and do what it can to help cancer researchers and scientists rid the world of cancer. Keep us in mind for year-end donations and please plan on attending our 2014 event.

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As most of you know, The Triumph Fund is dedicated to raising funds to promote life saving clinical trials at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Now, the obstinacy of a certain faction of those in Washington has recklessly (and selfishly) acted in a way that has real life consequences - for, as a result of their showboating, many new clinical trials are on hold. Cancer, however, is not on hold. This is just plain wrong.…/heal…/shutdown-nih-clinical-trials/

A very recent article in discusses the degree to which corporations are philanthropic. That article, in turn is the subject of a post today in Triumph Funding, our blog. We encourage you to read the article and our post. Comment if you desire.

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