Jamie Jones b2b Seth Troxler b2b The Martinez Brothers.
A UK debut.


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Secret Solstice –
Third wave announced.
Skream, wAFF, Artwork, Charlotte de Witte, J Hus.

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Secret Solstice Festival

Pleased to announce that George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE, Marco Faraone, J.Phlip, Ali Love plus will join our third lineup as well as a host of amazing local artists including Aron Can, Valdimar, Floni and GusGus (DJ)!

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Nile Rodgers & Chic.
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Flynn Other
· November 12, 2017
I have had some good nights here over the last decade, but those days are seemingly firmly to remain a thing of the past. 10 of us wasted time, travel and ticket money coming here because the over zea...lous security refused to let one of us in for no good reason. If warehouse project wants it's brand to be represented by rude, antagonistic bullies then you can count me out. Inside it had been way oversold to the point of being dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised if the organisers oversell intentionally and encourage the security to turn people away at the slightest excuse. It's become a total corporate money making exercise rather than a celebration of music. Did the warehouse project care enough to even respond to an email about our concerns? Of course not, as they already took our money! Enjoy it, as it's the last penny you'll get out of me. See More
Adam Schinkel
· December 10, 2017
Mixed bag really,door staff and search were fine(neither me or my party take drugs) but my big gripe would have to be that they only run one massive headline act per show,meaning when the act comes on... expect to get crushed. High amount of ket wigs out in full force tbh I've been to two whp events and both have suffered from the same over crowding issue. The drinks are on the pricey side £10 for a double j.d and coke. All in all I'll stick to my cream events as they seem to have a much better crowd management. Really couldn't fault any staff that I interacted with I do like the whole warehouse venue but over filling a venu is the difference between as great night and a disappointing one. See More
Sophie Miller
· February 24, 2018
We are absolutely disgusted at your bouncers behaviours last night, my other half paid £36 per ticket for the both of us to see fatboy slim as part of my Christmas present at the Albert Hall last nigh...t. We we’re there for maybe about 1 hour and a half after heading towards the smoking area to see then it was closed after the night had barely started then headed out the front to where all the bouncers were. I was walking after my boyfriend he was about 0.5 seconds a head of me and then got grabbed by a bouncer shouted that he had been assaulted. All my boyfriend did was put a sticker on a wall outside. Not even a lit cig. I am disgusted at the behaviour. My first warehouse project and my last. Il be commenting on twitter and other social media’s because I think the behaviour of your staff are horrific. They continued to just pick and choose who they decided to let in to the event. Then threatened to get police involved even though there was nothing happening and no reason to. I was looking forward to the night and your horrible horrible bouncers who were supposed to be protecting the venue decided to go against and take advantage of their role. I’m devastated and really hope even if I don’t get an email back you look into the situation and your staff. See More
Ben Sillence
· November 13, 2017
Great acts, playing great music, but massively overcrowded. Decent raves will also be a bit of a squeeze at times, but this was really uncomfortable, bordering on dangerous at times... particularly in... room 1. Expect to queue a while for toilets and smoking area, though the bars were very easy to get served at and the sound system wasn’t too bad. Glad I went and experienced it once, but there’s better venues, that cost less and have a better atmosphere. See More
Caoimhe Máiréad
· November 1, 2017
Undoubtedly one of the best nights out ive had. the queue was so long but the staff got it moving very fast which was impressive.

went to see Paul Kalkbrenner and can't get over how amazing the even...t was. From the venue to the sound system and lighting. Not to mention meeting the best bunch of people! 10/10 would defo come back ����� See More
Bill Allwood
· September 17, 2017
I'm really struggling to think of a worse venue for a live band to play in. I'm 47 and seen loads of bands in various kinds of setting, this place is poor. A long narrow room with a dip in th...e middle so that, even though I'm 6 foot tall, I saw little of the band for the first 3 songs. We went to the back near the bar and got a better view. Very limited drinks on offer. The way people entered the venue meant they were funnelled into a potential crush area. Concrete posts obscured the view. Only one exit it seemed. Without being melodramatic it is very similar to the last Warehouse Project venue in that its a death trap See More
Charlie Couve
· November 11, 2017
Completely over capacity, and the sound systems were shockingly bad. No space to dance anywhere, and full of people who obviously have no idea of the music they’re there to see. Really not worth £40 s...uch a badly managed or produced night See More
Mike Hepple
· November 4, 2017
Either change your security or put them in SS uniforms so they look the part they're playing.
Do sound checks, seriously. Being able to talk at normal volume at a rave is not okay.
Don't be greedy and... sell a few less tickets so I've not constantly got a pill heads sweaty back pushed against my face.
If I could get my money back I would, left the place 3 hours early thinking "I should have gone to illuminaughty"

1/10 - would not rave again
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Scott Eastwood
· November 26, 2017
Had an alright night but the bouncers on the door are the rudest stuck up there own arse people I've even met. Got told to go further forward only to be greeted by a bouncer who tried to send us back ...because we were not on the pavement. Instead of getting all cocky and acting like you're supreme and gobbing just say that you need us on the pavement. Fucking tosser. Very limited choice to drinks and the toilets were absolutely shite. They also reeked of shite. Too many tickets sold for the size of the venue. In general the whole thing was too small for the amount of people there. Smoking area needs extending, more toilets are needed and bouncers need a fucking good evaluation of their lives. Arrogant obnoxious bastard. See More
Billie Griffiths
· October 30, 2017
The queue was ridiculously long and slow which is understandable considering security concerns. This does not however excuse the security to be rude and grope my partner. When my SO said there's no ne...ed to be rude and grab his genitals he was told to "get your shit and go then" after having his bag emptied he was told he couldn't take it inside the venue. No reasons as to why just no. And again if he didn't like it to leave. We paid £40 each to be there and weren't going to let this ruin our night. He had to leave his backpack outside all night and carry his belongings with him. To make things worse when we put our jackets in the classroom there were tons of backpacks identical to his that had been allowed in. I don't appreciate being treated like utter shit and spoken to like a criminal for no reason whatsoever. Not one member of security staff would even give me the time of day l, I might also mention that neither of us drink and were simply trying to reason with the security over their reasons for treating us with such contempt. So disappointed. On top of all this the sound was a shambles, unless you were crammed to the front the sound was a bassy mess, the sound engineers obviously had minimal time to do checks because at one point In room 3 my partner and I were having a full conversation and hardly had to raise our voices. It's supposed to be a rave not a garden party. The venue was crammed. The staff were rude and on a power trip. The prices were ridiculous and the sound was poor. I don't know what happened to WHP but this is not it. Don't waste your money. See More
Lorenzo Drozd
· November 29, 2017
Sound system was awful in all the rooms. Most probably because it was right in the middle of town and the vibrations from the bass would be too loud. The actually venue was very good and the crowd seemed good.
Piotr Kędzierski
· November 26, 2017
I expected something different . With such names - good club .
Inside - No views for DJ s - i felt like in discoteque .
Ugly toilets , smell and bad Sound system - You need to be lucky to stay at the... beginning of the floor .

I left this place after 2 hours - sorry for DJ Apollonia and Since 82 - i came to see You but this place is not giving me Any chance to do it .
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Dana Rembiszewski
· October 7, 2017
Absolutely poor soundsystem and terribly organised. For the price you expect a decent night, (£40) I've never in my life seen something that is more hype and less substance. Been around the uk seeing ...venues and never seen security who cared more about stopping the recreational use of drugs and cared less about the actual welfare of those attending. People were off their faces on narcotics just to combat the awful atmosphere, then the apathetic security weren't helping with anyone overheating at the front, not offering water or help. queues for 25 mins for portaloos so people could keep getting fucked up on class A's. Soulless as fuck and a waste of cash. My first time at whp and a complete let down. A night at fabric for half the price will trump this any day! Don't believe the hype! See More
Srah Totheg
· December 9, 2017
great bookings, interesting architecture & nice lighting, bar queues okay. but...
as many people have said already: the venue is brazenly overselling tickets. no place to dance properly, esp. in room ...1 you feel like a tinned sardine. sound systems dont seem to be checked well...

this place does not have a nice feel to it.
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Bjorn Hoogenberg
· December 2, 2017
amazing......Class sound, brilliant light show, fantastic crowd, rough around the edges. If you're looking for a fancy club, this aint it. Sasha and Digweed on point
Alex Newham
· December 3, 2017
Disappointing on every level. Full of kids, stinking dance floors, ridiculous queues for everything, crap sound systems, over priced drinks, generally scuzzy. We left after an hour. And £40 to get i...n!? Warehouse Project is over. See More
Dan e Smith
· September 17, 2017
way too many people so was crushed, no way to enjoy or barely see LCD soundsystem. seems like they sold max capacity of tickets and tried to fit us into a tiny space. no working sinks in portaloos. ve...ry disappointed as my first time going this venue. never again. See More
Lewis O Toole
· December 11, 2017
Quality venue and acts. Was slightly oversold but what do you expect when there is 3 rooms and the sheer size of the place, all it takes is 1 room to have everyone’s favourite act in and then that’s w...hen it gets to crowded. Over all good venue See More
Julie Baker
· November 5, 2017
Seen Craig David TS5 last night (who I highly recommend) the venue however is awful. Doors apparently closing at 9:30 is a joke!! £4.50 for a warm can of beer.....*No toilets, just filthy portaloos*
Brandon Williams
· October 14, 2017
I thought it was shocking over crowded and expensive as shit i had a better crack in the bars around the area before I went there and after what a load of shit for the money you pay would not recommen...d and you'd be fucked if I would ever step foot in there again if I could put minus I would See More