If you've resolved to do more meal planning this year - good for you! It's a great tool to help you eat better, stay on budget, and reduce waste. Here are some great tips for prepping your vegetables via Meghan Telpner

Meal prepping doesn't need to be complicated or labour-intense. Start your week off strong with these tips for quick and easy vegetable prep - your mid-week self will thank you!

Vegetable prep is a key step in living and eating your healthiest way possible. It takes a little time up front, but makes meal times much quicker with way less clean-up. It also results in far less food waste and...

When they are cooked properly, brussels sprouts are a delicious seasonal option. Via @RodalesOrganicLife.

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With the holidays approaching, we are all getting super busy. Here's a meal plan so you have one less thing to worry about this week.

Try this easy plant-based meal plan of recipes for a busy week. Includes breakfast, lunch, suppers and snacks. Delicious meals for all tastes.

Need a new idea for your holiday snack trays? This rustic-looking non-dairy spread and dip is great with crackers or veggies.

Try this tasty non-dairy option as a dip or spread; creamy cashews with a burst of flavour and colour from sun-dried tomatoes.

What are your meal plans for the coming week?

Filling recipes for this week's plant-based meal plan. Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Snack ideas for delicious plant-based meals. Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free.

Have a salad and top these with black beans and avocado slices to make a complete meal.

Dairy-free, creamy and delicious Make Ahead Twice Baked Potatoes. Freeze them for quick meals.

Prep this one on Sunday night, then transfer the crock from your fridge to the warming unit on Monday morning to come home to supper ready and waiting.

Let your slow cooker do the work with this hearty butternut squash soup, thickened with red lentils and served with optional gluten-free dumplings.
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For busy weeknights, this is a really quick stir-fry idea.

Here is a fast and flavourful meal idea - tender-crisp broccoli with mushrooms in an easy to make, spicy peanut sauce. Ready in about 30 minutes.

Cashew cream makes this sauce creamy and delicious.

Need a fast and healthy supper idea? Pasta with vegetables in a creamy plant-based primavera-style sauce. No dairy or oil.

It all gets easier when you have a solid plan....

Breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks - check out this 5 day meal plan for the coming week.

This is such an easy option for busy weeknights.

Crisp and colourful, this Teriyaki Vegetable Stir-Fry is super filling. Use whichever vegetables you have on hand to make a fast and wholesome supper.

This makes such a delicious meal - all you need is a salad and some Pico De Gallo to make it perfect.

This enchilada pie has a scrumptious, creamy filling layered in a tortilla crust. Completely dairy-free. Plant based. Vegan.

Your mashed potatoes need this.

MMM... meatless meatballs and mushrooms. Meatless meatballs in a rich gravy that was made to be served with mashed potatoes.

Holiday dinners just wouldn't be the same without homemade cranberry sauce.

Quick and easy homemade cranberry sauce without refined sugar. Maple syrup gives a deeper flavour that pairs well with our Savoury Jackfruit "Turkey".