There are many reasons to come to Whammy Bar tonight - we're going loud and we're going late!
1. Fighting Outta The Main Room we have THE LAST EVER (Maybe) Dad Jokes show, with Ounce + BOZO + those Friendly Potential DJ's taking ya through
2. Fighting Outta The Backroom it's Loudhailer Live at Whammy Bar
3. Dad Jokes have requested a special rider item - guess what it is and we'll shout you one!
5. Why Not?
See you at the bar!

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We spoke with Auckland punk duo Dad Jokes ahead of their final show this Saturday.

Two nights. Four stages.
Worn Out presents Double Whammy 2018!
11th and 12th of May - Save the date!

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May 11 - May 13Whammy BarAuckland, New Zealand
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298 Reviews
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Deirdre Merle
· September 5, 2017
Missed our fave acts at Going Global cos we had no clue where everything was, three venues and no program. The website said the bar doesn't have two acts going at the same time but it had 3. Next time... the 3 of us will split up and sit in a bar each. We can text each other when something good happens, See More
Bonnie Mcgregor
· June 5, 2017
This bar is the safest bar in auckland. I'm not too good at adulting and i drink too much so most places kick me and out and i end up lost and confused and occasionally in dangerous situations. This let me be myself and when i was too much some angel called me a taxi,and waited with me for it. I wish there were more people like her in the world. Thank you random angel. Bar owner give her a payrise. That is incredible host responsibility xx See More
Aline Paiva
· March 2, 2018
First time here, and it won't be the last!
Great vibes, thanks Whammy!
Liam Heath Dargaville
· December 1, 2016
Discovered this gem last weekend whilst out causing a little trouble with the lads. Pretty gutted they didn't have Heineken on tap but the staff were more than helpful suggesting a few alternatives. W...e ending up just ordering a few cheeky rounds of Jager Bombers (not too sure on the name). Great first date venue. See More
Rhiannah Claire
· April 22, 2017
Absolute cluster fuck of a company!! We literally paid $10 to get into an 'event' that went on until 4am...we were told we could leave and come back whenever we like...only to come back at 2am when th...e 'main' dj came on to find the place shutting up for the night! Loads of abuse from the "staff" also!! But apparently this was rented out to a group called haven...not necessarily Whammy bar but I would strongly advise u never go to this shit hole of a place unless u have very low standards and don't mind being taken for an absolute ride and completely ripped off!!! See More
Michel Rowland
· February 7, 2017
First time playing here on the weekend. Thought it was going to be a bit shit after battling vocal feedback through most of soundcheck and sweating our faces off but actually had a fantastic night. We...ll looked after and loads of fun, strange Down the Rabbit Hole adventures beneath St Kevin's after hours... Many thanks to all See More
Paula Frost
· December 5, 2017
Great atmosphere, staff and bands. This is what I left England to find!
Diego Angeli
· March 8, 2018
Good music, nice atmosphere.
Chiquita Lee Ngeru
· June 11, 2017
Had a total night of a time! Staff where awesome and held some of my stuff during the time I was there. Safe as heck , awesome company and great vibes all around. Thanks heaps guys!
Emma Davies
· November 27, 2016
I have spilled many drinks, sung songs, polished the bar with my ass on more than one occasion. Whammy, the magical place where I first met my husband, please never ever close.
Tash van Schaardenburg
· June 2, 2017
I love our passionate fiery dysfunctional relationship. Dancing with you forever in my heart. See you later baby xoxo P.S. Kinda bummed you're not a dom den anymore but I forgive you
Chris Higgens
· December 30, 2016
Nice beer. It's so awesome that they have open mic nights for their's and Wine cellar's bar staff so regularly (even if it's a bit painful to watch and listen too lol). But good of them to give them an outlet.
Liam Rudd
· April 9, 2016
Got whammed, had a wham time, have a wham good time, had a damn wham good time, wham damn dimmity damn good time. Whamm/10.
Karl Webb
· May 21, 2017
The Back Bar is a great place to play...
Book your band in...
Sound guy did a great job...
James Barrett
· April 23, 2017
Pretty much the only place to go in town that doesn't reek of yuppie pretension
Pennie Raven Black
· January 8, 2017
6/5 Best place to have loads of fun. Brilliant staff & the coolest people
Erika Amoore
· May 17, 2017
Just what the city needs! Relaxed vibe, amazing sound system and always great people
Samuel Smith
· December 2, 2016
A lot of people are reviewing this bar, and in solidarity with them and others, I too am reviewing this bar. #StopTheRot
Paula Korunić
· July 8, 2015
To quote the theme song of Cheers, "sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name." Whammy Bar fits the bill. A great place to hang out with friends and watch decent bands.
The D4 Play Whammy! This Wednesday.
#cancersucks #beastwars #riffs
WHAMMY! Presents from Melbourne Australia HIGH TENSION
Whammy Bar added a post from March 12 to their timeline.
March 12


WEDNESDAY morning - wake up and dance with Morning People. Morning People feat. Boy oh Boy (DE / FR)

THURSDAY Australian Death Metal band Eternal Torment cross the Tasman Sea to unleash their brutality! Eternal Torment New Zealand Tour 2018!


FRIDAY - T.G.I.F - come party with For The Girl Who Has Everything,Dateline,DJDJ(DadJokes DJs)+ENE $5 entry, It's a party!!! and in the BACKROOM Lowtide. Presents - Family Gathering Vol. 4!

SATURDAY - Say Goodbye to Dad Jokes w/ Ounce and BOZO + Friendly Potential and in the BACKROOM Loudhailer Live at Whammy Bar!

PLUS The Seven Crowns (UK) punk rock tour of NZ kicks off this week in Wellington and Tauranga.

Look after yourselves & out for each other and see you at the bar(s)! X.

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Mar 15 - Mar 24Whammy BarAuckland, New Zealand
66 people interested

Whammy Backroom is also an Art Gallery it's called Whammy Blackroom...

Welcome to the Whammy Blackroom Gallery - first show!

Mar 28 - Mar 29Whammy BarAuckland, New Zealand
153 people interested

For The Girl Who Has Everything,
DJ DJ (Dad Jokes DJs - last (ever?) set)

+ as a little addition Eyes no Eyes are back from a wee hiatus and are going to be playing for the first time in quite some time!


$5 entry!
Drink specials!
It's a party!

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Fri 8:30 PM UTC+13Whammy BarAuckland, New Zealand
139 people interested
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Looking forward to the BLACKROOM 28/29 March...

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The D4 last Auckland show (ever?) TONIGHT with Tooms and ECHO OHs 8pm The D4 live at Whammy this Wednesday - 7th March

Tickets are selling fast get yours now from -

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The D4

Whammy Bar tonight!!! Last chance to see us in the Auckland area maybe ever. Tickets here. Door $25. Opens at 8pm with Tooms and ECHO OHs


WEDNESDAY - wake up and party with Morning People with Morning People feat. Sam Lovli WEDNESDAY NIGHT Boosted NZ are holding Boosted Crowdfunding Workshop in the BACKROOM - 6.30pm and in the MAINROOM just announced The D4 live at Whammy this Wednesday - 7th March with Tooms and ECHO OHs.

THURSDAY Smokestack Slim single release w/ Dave Weir and in the BACKROOM Tom Cunliffe - Single Release.


FRIDAY what a beautiful evening with AKL: girlboss w/ Sea Views & A.C. Freazy and indi NZ Tour (AK) w/ Him / Peach Milk DJ set / Kimmy in the BACKROOM

SATURDAY we are super stoked to have Astro Children 7" Release Tour at Whammy and in the BACKROOM MAKO ROAD - Auckland EP Release!

Be kind to each other and to yourselves and see you at the bars X.

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Sat 9:30 PM UTC+13Whammy BarAuckland, New Zealand
176 people interested

Wednesday 7th March
The D4
w/ Tooms and Echo Ohs
Whammy! Bar
Doors 8pm...
Tickets on sale 12pm Monday 5th March from

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Wed 8:00 PM UTC+13Whammy BarAuckland, New Zealand
88 people interested
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Was a pleasure and an honour Venom Inc and to the fans - thanks for your passion for live music #throwyourgoats #livemusicstilllivesunderground

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February 26

What's on this week at Whammy!

TUESDAY night! Today! Venom Inc. NZ Tour!

Wake up WEDNESDAY with Morning People - Morning People feat. Cam Harris AND Wednesday night - we're having a pint at the The Kings Arms Tavern R.I.P KINGS ARMS - The Final Day - what a line up - happy birthday Taylor MacGregor!!


THURSDAY All the way from Leeds, UK, Jesus and his Judgemental Father will play '90s style pop punk a la the 10 things i hate about you sound track but loads more queer. Jesus and his Judgemental Father: New Zealand Tour! Feb 2018. And in the BACKROOM Sheep Sheit Tour (AKL Whammy Bar backroom) with Sheep (Dunedin) joined by BIB KIDS, The Pleasure Majenta and Water.

FRIDAY New Zealand / Dutch trio MY BABY return with their Roots Driven Hypontic Dance Music - MY BABY at Whammy and in the BACKROOM HAVEN AKL Closing w/ Daze (Lobster Theremin, UTTU / AUS) - this will be Havens last party in Auckland so come dance and say goodbye!

SATURDAY Hailing from the tiny, frosty, untamed and detached Australian state that is Tasmania, Psycroptic have become an unparalleled act in an enigmatic world wide movement commonly known as death metal.... This Week-Psycroptic + Viscera Trail (Israel) NZ Tour 2018 and in the BACKROOM starting suitably late... so why not do both!? Full Noise - After Party at Whammy Backroom feat. hardcore punk supergroup SOAKIE (NZ, USA via Melb) & Markdown (from the depths of the tiger spit) + Super Sweaty Gnarly Tunes DJ Extravaganza and possibly Karaoke!

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Sat 11:30 PM UTC+13Whammy BarAuckland, New Zealand
120 people interested


Venom Inc! Original members Abaddon and Mantas hit the stage along with Demolition Man!!

Door sales from 8pm! Pres at

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Whammy Bar
Dance & Night Club