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Tolentino Natasha
· June 4, 2017
Katie is pretty bad ass at this sandwich thing. Her Shia LeBee was probably the best thing I've put in my mouth in quite some time. � but seriously, it was so good we bought another sandwich just to h...ave some variety. See More
Tony Houston
· April 9, 2016
I usually bring my lunch and just so happened that on last Wed, I didn't bring lunch and lo 'n behold a email was sent that The Wicked 'Wich was going to be in Tech Town where I worked. After scanning... the menu, I decided on the Reuben.

After my 'wich was handed to me, I went back to the office, opened the lid and picked up the golden grilled slices of bread, took a bite, and almost moaned with savory delight. The bread was grilled perfect, the roast beef was tender, and the melted Swiss cheese completed the 'wich.

Do your taste buds a flavor, and try the Reuben from The Wicked 'Wich when the truck is in your area.
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Adrianna Camacho-Wagner
· November 12, 2015
The "lady marmalade" is seriously the best sandwich I've ever had in my life. They toast the bread just right. The slight extra crunch from the almonds, the sweet marmalade with the turkey...Mmmmm!!!!... I rant and rave about it to all of my friends and family. Highly recommend you check it out! Also they are very friendly, courteous, and get your food out quickly. See More
Kenneth Fleming
· May 7, 2016
People if you want a great sandwich friend the food truck on facebook. They pair some great food that one would not think go well. I love their sandwiches they taste great. Their service is some of th...e best I have seen from a food truck. They are wicked awesome. Thank you guys for great food and great service. On a side note I think you guys will be on my nice list. Lol thanks, Santa See More
Paul Stasiak
· August 30, 2016
This is one of the food trucks I've been most hopeful about and they've really out done themselves. I'm going to have try each and every sandwich on the menu. I'd put them right up there with Zombie D...ogz and, if you know me, you know that means a lot. See More
Dan C. Wlodarski
· September 8, 2017
Tremendous food, Katie! Your cooking will be missed. Here's to your quick convalescence! �
Dana Darling
· June 26, 2016
I have never had food from Wicked Wich before. It just happened to be in my neighborhood today. Wow! It was perfect. The turkey was grilled perfectly and the pairing with the Brie was incredible. You ...will now be my go-to truck when available! See More
Mitchiner Underhill
· April 12, 2017
I'm usually not a fan of goat cheese, but I got the Green Goat in celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day, and sweet Christmas, it was amazing. I can't wait until I run into this truck again to tr...y something else. See More
Zack Sliver
· October 2, 2016
Not only do they have ridiculously good and fair priced food, they are some of the kindest people I've ever met. They donated their time to come out and feed our volunteers. I cannot express how much ...that meant to our organization. We will definitely be calling them next time we have an event! See More
Christy Hagerman Mauch
· June 29, 2016
I tried the most amazing sandwich for lunch today at Riverscape... the lady marmalade! What an interesting and surprisingly complementary combo of toppings and the bread is just right. I'm looking for...ward to another soon! See More
Shawn Nancy Blatt
· June 12, 2016
Had the roast beef sandwich. Awesome! Grilled to perfection and a delicious compliment of unusual ingredients. So good I decided to try the grilled cheese. That was great as well! Thanks for comin...g to the Dayton Raider Aquatic Center! See More
Steve White
· April 12, 2017
YUMMIE! The Lady Marmalade was sooooo good. This pairing of ingredients & flavors is delicious. Thank you @[100000025349115:Wayne Essex] for lunch.

Thank you to Katie (owner) and culinary artist at @...[867314756616281:The Wicked 'Wich of Dayton]. See More
Chris Mathews
· April 18, 2015
The food and service were amazing. My wife and I both had the "You Got Beef?" and fell in love the sweetness of the strawberry preserves mixed with the salty crunchy goodness of the chips. Delicious!
Bill Gillis
· May 31, 2015
These sandwiches were so good. My wife said the best sandwich she ever had. The smoked out sandwich is my fav. My daughter loves their grilled cheese. I would recommend trying their food!
Daniel Brown
· March 26, 2016
Had my first wicked wich tonight at the Dorothy Lane food truck rally and it was AMAZING! You guys are one of the reasons it makes me proud to say I'm from the Dayton area!
Karina Masih-Hudson
· July 17, 2015
I had the Lady Marmalade without turkey and it was delicious! What a great combination of ingredients! My fiance had the sausage sandwich (don't remember the name) and he loved his as well.
Jenny Breen Herbert
· May 22, 2016
The Reuben Studdard is good. I was even able to get my mom to go up a little bit later and try it.
Baylie Porter
· June 7, 2015
THE BEST sandwich I've ever had! I had the "you got beef?" And was blown away. Such unique flavors. And honestly super excited to try more! Amazing service too!
Jason Niday
· March 29, 2016
Awesome sandwiches! Went with the Got Beef. Love the spin on classics. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu!
Charles Meriam
· May 7, 2017
Philly Bob Thornton sandwich was delicious! Those sauteed mushrooms and the homemade sauce were amazing.
Katie Horn Byers
· June 12, 2015
The Lady Marmalade was a full on mouth revelation. The cilantro kicked it up to a whole other level! Don't even get me started on the bread... Brilliant!
Molly Mahoney
· May 31, 2017
First time visit and had The You got Beef? It was DELICIOUS. The combination of flavors were perfect. Will definitely be back!
Ana Blackwell
· August 18, 2016
Had a wonderful sandwich tonight at Riverscape during a Pokemon go event. It had wonderful flavors and my middle child gave a thumbs up to the Grilled cheese.
Rob Culver
· June 8, 2017
This is the second time she brought the truck to my work and both times were amazing.
Marcus Chronabery
· June 5, 2015
I never thought I'd want jelly with my turkey and cheese, but it's amazing! Truly unique sandwich. Keep up the great work!
Toni Daugherty Peterson
· April 15, 2017
They are my favorite of all food trucks! I really, really, really hope they open a store near Kettering.
Johnathon Gallienne
· April 19, 2015
Awesome! Great food and very friendly staff! Can't wait to try all of the sandwiches on the menu.
Heather Moore
· June 8, 2016
Love my "You got beef" sandwich!!!! This sandwich and the Crew make my Wednesday's more enjoyable!!! Thanks kids
Jason Arnett
· June 8, 2016
Love that grilled cheese with egg or turkey! I highly recommend them. Always good food for a good price.
Jessica Wolford
· May 4, 2016
Had the new limp brisket tonight... OMG talk about a game changing sandwich! It was absolutely worth the wait. Can't wait until next time!
Tara Moore
· September 28, 2015
great food! Their guacamole is amazing! And their sandwiches are great too!
Chelsea Trotti
· July 17, 2015
Had the beau chalet and sweet bread at the sons of Italy food truck rally.. Worth the wait! Yummmmm
Debbie Alexander Snider
· March 28, 2015
Opening Night! Had 'You Got Beef' and it was Awesome. I probably would ask for extra preserves. Can't wait to try something else. Good luck and people....GO FIND THEM!
Faith Garbenis Stone
· April 8, 2017
New Age Grill sandwich was amazing! Very friendly food truck. 😀
Valerie Mangold
· June 7, 2015
Really creative sandwiches and an awesome staff - definitely recommend for catering!
Erin Belangia-Sanchez
· September 11, 2016
The green goat...omg. I just died and went to heaven!!!!!
Gina Covert Peiffer
· May 23, 2016
You Got Beef was delicious! The strawberry preserves gave it just the right amount of sweet!
Lisa Seibert
· May 20, 2017
I had the LGBTQ at #BigBrewsandBlues May 20th. Outstanding sandwich. I look forward to visiting again. Thank you!
Krista Beam
· March 29, 2015
I had one of the You Got Beef? Sandwiches! !! It was soooooooo Freaking Amazing!!! Never had anything like it!!! It's definitely worth trying!!!!! Great Job Ladies!!! You're awesome!!!!
Becky Marks
· May 16, 2015
Murphy's Law is a fabulous take on a vegetarian grilled cheese sandwich. Delicious!
A special message from a galaxy far, far away... #foodtruck #starwars #daytonohio #tatooine #sandwich #jabbathehutt #thecrew #ishealthyagain

💥Hey gang! Who’s ready for food truck season?! We can’t wait to see everyone Saturday, plus all the familiar and new faces all throughout the summer!

***We have received an overwhelming amount of messages and emails concerning our job posting. We are getting back to everyone shortly 💙

👉🏽This Saturday, March 17th we will be at Eudora Brewing Company for St. Patrick’s Day! We have a special menu for the occasion. ...
4716 Wilmington Dayton 45440

We will be serving:

🥪The Lady Marmalade, one of Dayton’s best sandwiches! White cheddar, sliced almonds, turkey, cilantro, finished with orange marmalade.

🥪Irish, Irish Upon a Star: Irish cheddar, Guinness glazed bacon, and sliced tomato

🥪CelTic-Tok: Beef and bacon burger patty, fried egg, mixed greens, scallion cream cheese

🥪Boxty Car Racer: Two Boxtys (Irish potoato pancakes), topped with diced chicken breast, sautéed spinach and portobello mushrooms, drizzled with a white wine sour cream

🥪 Dessert Serenade: Our housemade cookie sandwiches.


🥟 Corned beef hash dumplings
🥣 Potato leek soup
🥔 Chips
🥤🌊 Coke Products and water

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💥We’re hiring!

Come work for a fun food truck and roam all over Dayton! We at The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton are looking for a vibrant, fast, and focused kitchen member with good hygiene who wants to build the most out-of-the-box street sandwiches in Dayton. Job is part time with room to grow. Applicant has to be a team player as our crew is small, so showing up to work is necessary. We are not a mobile bar, meaning applicant must have a super ability to clean up for a shift no m...atter what personal affairs occurred the night before and no matter how many shots. We all like to party, but nobody has time for a hungover teammate (nor active substance abuse, either). Reliable transportation to work and critical thinking is a must as food trucks require quick decisions and to be adaptable. Compensation is $10/hr plus tips.

Job requirements:
-Must have either back or front of house restaurant experience. Both is preferred.
-Be able to communicate with customers and remain diplomatic under stressful conditions
-Played with blocks/Tetris as a child
-Can recognize patterns and establish routines
-Enjoys a challenge and doesn’t tire easily
-Has no drama or can leave it at home
-Maintain a positive attitude even during a hectic rush.

Shoot us a message on here to set up an interview!

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