Don't miss out on America's Got Talent finalist Mandy Harvey THIS SUNDAY! Mandy is a deaf singer, but you would never know it....

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America's Got Talent

Mandy Harvey proves you can defy ALL odds.

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Kathleen Dunn Surdan
· March 15, 2018
Last night my daughter and I went to see Five for Fighting at the Wilbur. GREAT show--that is not the reason for my low rating.

Before the concert began, a server dropped a full beer on the floor behind our seats. It sprayed all over our coats. She did not apologize, instead said, "that's never happened before" and went off to get us some napkins. So we did the best we could to wipe beer off our coats and carry on. When the server asked what we would like to drink, I ordered a ginger ale and my daughter asked for water. Upon her return I was charged $6 for a plastic cup that was 3/4 ice and 1/4 soda. The water never showed up.

Clearly this server did not know how to handle this mishap. She could not comp me a soda? Or tell a manager what happened? I realize this was an accident and the venue is not a restaurant, but clearly more could have been done.

Today as I tossed my daughter's coat in the washer and put mine in the car (it needs dry cleaning) I decided to call the Wilbur and relay all this. The response I got from the woman who answered the phone prompted me writing this review.

She said she was sorry this happened and would speak to the servers' supervisor. When I asked if she wanted my last name and number, she said she did not. I expressed surprise that no one would be calling to make this right. She said that they don't do that when folks call up to relay unpleasant experiences. They prefer that people "just remember what a good time they had at the show."

I do not plan to return to the Wilbur to be crammed in like a sardine sitting so close to strangers (although our table partners were very nice folks) and have management not care if another drink lands on me. I guess going without my down winter coat for 3-4 days while I spend $15 to get the beer smell removed is no big deal.
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Kelly Brawn
· April 17, 2018
The theater itself is nice and sound was good. However, the booze is VERY expensive for really crappy stuff--$9 for a small Harpoon IPA (gross) or a cider, and $16 for the large size (I think it's a d...ollar cheaper for Coors Lite, at the bars that have it). Those are the prices for a single or double cocktail too. For a nice venue in 2018, it is absolutely unacceptable to only have 1 beer choice (+ a cider), have that beer be gross, and even more unacceptable to charge such outrageous prices for said crappy booze. See More
Christopher Allen
· February 11, 2018
On behalf of the Teachers Only Tour we’d like to compliment the staff of this classic theatre. My team performed 2 comedy shows on a Friday and Saturday recently and from day 1 the staff were welcomin...g, super professional, and operated efficiently. They made sure guest were seated and was always available for help if we needed. The staff did an amazing job. From the front entrances to the green room and backstage they treated my team with care and that can be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - Christopher Allen photographer for Teachers Tour. See More
Bhramari Dasi
· February 7, 2018
We saw Wardruna here on 2/6/18. The usher for our area NEVER shut up!! He stood back behind us talking for at least half the show! On top of that......serving alcohol didn't make the experience be...tter. There were mean drunks all around us. When we left there was no security on the stairs and we were nearly pushed down them by the press of people. It was scary. It was also WAY too hot. We won't be back no matter who is playing there. See More
John Moore
· April 1, 2018
Prices for drinks were the highest I have ever experienced. 54.00 for 2 beers, i mixed drink and a bottle of water !!! 5.00 for a bottle of water that normally would 12c at BJ's - that's a 4000% mark ...up. Never thought I could say this but it's cheaper at a sporting event. See More
Natalie Lorge Chick
· December 3, 2017
Horrible, ordered 1st row tickets and was told they randomly assign seats and ended up with 10th. You also sit sideways so your legs are touching strangers. Also bring money to the bathroom of you wan...t to dry your hands with a paper towel. There is a woman who asks you for money to get a paper towel. See More
Linda Pizzotti
· November 22, 2017
I had the pleasure of seeing Squeeze at your venue last night. I walk with a cane, and asked if there was an elevator to the mezzanine. As I am familiar with older theaters, I was not surprised when I... was told that there was not. What was surprising was how your staff rushed to accommodate me after that. They told me to go to the box office, to see if they could "fit me in on floor". We were then escorted to tables seats on the raised platform, next to the sound and electrical engineers. These were easily the best seats in the house! One of the ushers even brought over an extra chair for me to rest my lame leg on, giving me a level of physical comfort I seldom attain in public. I stopped attending concerts decades ago, because of my physical challenges and part of me was dreading this night. Because of your kind and accommodating staff, I was able to truly enjoy the phenomenal concert that Squeeze put on. Thank you so much for being a major part of a fabulous evening! See More
Christina Wynter
· January 7, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous theater, perfect seating, great show, and efficient, friendly bartenders. The bathroom situation is a bit of a hassle (it's in the basement), but my main gripe is with security.

...The men checking bags and people at the entrance seemed a bit lax (which is fine since they seemed to know what they were doing), but at least they were professional and respectful.
There was one employee, however, who was way more of a dick than he needed to be. He checked my ID, and when I presented my wrist for the stamp (I didn't want it to wash off), he bellowed "YOUR HAND". Okay, I guess they're a bit strict here about where your drinkin' stamp is. I pulled my glove up to expose the back of my hand, and he boomed at me "YOUR. HAND. TAKE YOUR GLOVE OFF", then pushed me to the side so he could stamp the next customer.
(Some context: winter in Boston is fucking freezing, my cancer and low body weight mean I'm constantly cold, and my fingers were so frozen they were starting to hurt. I wasn't being cute or funny with him by not wanting to take my glove off). I finally got my stamp (on the back of my hand, of course) once I managed to pry my glove off and cut back into line, but that experience put a hell of a damper on an otherwise great night.

I get that some people are proud to be "Massholes", but I'm from a part of the country where most people are polite and don't immediately revert to shouting in someone's face if they don't know the intricate rules of hand stamp application, so this was a pretty big shock for me.
I also get that he was probably miserable from having to stand in the cold all night, stamping peoples' hands in a very specific way, and maybe some other people were also ignorant to the procedure and presented their hand in a manner that he deemed incorrect...but that's just a part of his job. I think he should learn to deal with it instead of taking his anger out on people smaller than him (which was maybe 90% of the people there).

Wilbur Theater: I'm not sure if your hand-stamper is a venue employee or a contracted hire, but this dickwad actually lowered my impression of your establishment despite all the good things about that show.
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Stacy LeBlanc
· November 13, 2017
Such an intimate and lovely venue. My husband and I saw Puddles tonight at The Wilbur. I bought the tickets prior to having emergency surgery for a broken and dislocated foot/ankle. The staff was r...idiculously accommodating. So friendly and so helpful!! The entire experience was wonderful. Our thanks for making what could have been a challenging experience wonderful!! Will definitely return!! See More
Lori Gallella
· August 7, 2017
This was my second time at The Wilbur. Last year I saw the Abba Tribute show and sat down on the floor. I did not like the small, tight seating and constantly having waitresses walking past and in fro...nt of us. Last night we went for the Happy Together Tour and sat up in the mezzanine. I loved the seats but there is very little leg room. I am on the short side and by the end of the show my legs were so cramped. I would definitely go there again and sit in the mezzanine only because you get great seats and can really see the performance. If you are tall, I would recommended row A. See More
MsTara ToYou
· June 18, 2017
We went to the late show for Kevin James last night...we're huge fans. He was great!! The floor seating was very cramped. We had 3rd row....there were 6 seats in that row. We were seat 3 & 4 and we w...ere elbow to elbow with the folks next to us. We had no table so you either held your drinks or put them on the floor in front of you hoping no one would accidently kick them over. It was very muggy inside, so I asked if they could turn up the A/C. Not a good idea to go there if your claustrophobic​ that's for sure! A 24oz draft beer, 2 bottles of water and a 16oz rum & coke cost us $50 plus tip. I'll go back in the future because the people​ who work there are very nice, but I'll get seats up in the balcony and make sure we get parking a lot closer...I was afraid we were going to get mugged walking back to our car on Washington St at midnight. See More
Zac Blais
· September 12, 2017
was insulted by an usher (no exaggeration, made fun of in front of guests) because we couldn't find our seats. tried to follow up with the venue about it afterwards, no response. it's too bad becaus...e the building is lovely, but i definitely don't plan to go back again if this is how guests are treated. See More
Katie Curran
· July 29, 2017
Had seats in the front row with my husband. Was chatting with the woman next to me briefly, between comics. Was approached by security to stop laughing because we were upsetting others. Apparently... the spot we were in was a place that others could hear what we were saying. When i asked security about it the man had an attitude and told me he should have kicked us out. We literally sat in our seats and laugh. It ruined a perfect night, we will see our favorite comedian somewhere else after this. Very disappointed. See More
John Sepulveda
· June 19, 2017
Attended My Sinatra performed by Gary Hoffman. The show was entertaining. This was my first time at the Wilbur. I was dissappointed with the cramped and uncomfortable seating. If you go there, you... are better off paying less for the balcony seats. They looked comfortable and you are still close to the stage. The picture advertising the seats gave the impression that we would be seated at a round table with ample room. The seats were very tight (too many for the space) and we were around two very small cocktail tables. I give the performance 4 stars but overal experience was a 3. See More
Stanley Langer
· May 19, 2017
Caught the ageless Todd Rundgren 2 nights ago and he put on a fantastic show. Literally more than just a band playing. The Wilbur , like most old theatres has a certain charm about it and I love the s...mall venue that affords a great view of the stage wherever you sit. I don't go back anytime to catch a performance I was interested in seeing. Yes, the beverage costs are on the high side even knowing you're going to pay a premium for anything at the in house bar but really my only negative was the very tight seating in the mezzanine and balcony unless you're in the first row. I'm only 5'9" but felt like my knees were pressed against my chest and unless you're on the aisle, it's really hard to get up and move to the music as I had the urge so many times when Todd was rocking the house See More
Ann Marie DiIeso Gartland
· May 10, 2017
I had never been to the Wilbur until recently when I saw The Zombies! It was a beautiful but small and seriously overcrowded venue. The show was absolutely fantastic! The seats, at $80 ea, were rid...iculous! Hard wood chairs from 1950 and a miniature table. We had to turn to face the stage and sit literally on top of the person in front of us. At that point the should have just removed the tables as they were useless. The two idiots behind me yelled all night and were completely obnoxious! I was astonished they weren't thrown out! I would not waste $ on "good " seats because there aren't any. See More
Alexander Charland
· February 7, 2018
Show was good seats were good could have had more leg room tho
Joe Asci
· August 4, 2017
Nice intimate place to see a concert. Saw Magpie Salute last night. It was a great show. However, I was seated in the balcony and it was 80+ degree and very uncomfortable to the point of me leaving to... go down stairs for air. I will not be going to the Wilbur again for a summer show. See More
Kathleen Heger
· July 22, 2017
We went to the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert last night. They were AWESOME!!! Such a great band and always so much fun! I've never had a bad experience at the Wilbur in Boston but if I could offer som...e advice it would be to have the ushers advise people of the photo and video policy while they are being seated. To have the usher's flashlights and reprimanding/yelling/animated waving arms at patrons dampened our experience. I'm not sure I'll buy tix again to the Wilbur again, and that says a lot since I go to a ton of shows. Sad! See More
Douglas Perry
· September 11, 2017
Have gone to a few shows here, always a great time! expect to become friends with people sitting next to you if you are on the floor, it's pretty tight, but we met some awesome people!
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