Millions more people in the UK are now saving for retirement. The question now is: How can Government and the pensions industry build on this momentum to make sure we are saving enough for retirement?
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Greenpeace UK

Incredible! After we stickered their stores and sent 45,000 emails, Holland & Barrett decided to ditch krill oil products that were putting the Antarctic Ocean risk. This is proof of how when we work together, we can make a huge impact.

Share to celebrate! #PeoplePower #ProtectAntarctic

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Stephen Hawking was more than a global citizen — he was a citizen of the universe.
Oil companies are planning to drill thousands of new wells in south-east England’s national parks. Let's make sure these special places stay special. Add your name.
Asphalt is about to be poured onto one of the most precious natural reserves in Europe to build a destructive motorway - all this with EU-subsidies! An alternative route is possible! We can save the valley of Kresna in Bulgaria! Sign the petition.
Trump just changed the law so hunters like his son -- who like to kill animals for fun -- can murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies. But Trump tried to do this before and massive public pressure stopped him. Let's do it again -- join the call to save the elephants. ...
I've signed the petition calling on the government to protect British food after Brexit. Will you?
We’re demanding justice for women and girls everywhere.
Join the wave of mobilisation for women’s rights: sign our petition to end violence against women and girls in Europe. A huge change is within our reach, but those in power need a big push!
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The Smashwords ninth annual 'Read an Ebook Week' promotion, taking place March 4-10, 2018. For seven days only my ebooks are 50% off with thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers also providing discounts on ebooks. A great way of checking out indie authors.

Keith Brazil - 'creative life' author - was born in Broadstairs, Kent, England. He trained in Dance Theatre at Laban Trinity Conservatoire, London, and was a founder member of ‘Adventures In Motion Pictures’ Dance Company. He has worked as a freelance professional dancer, choreographer, teacher,...
I've signed the petition to bring back maintenance grants for low-income students - will you?
An investigation carried out by Eyes on Animals showed that 70% of truck inspected at the Bulgarian border breached the EU Transport Regulation. Britain needs to take the lead and ban live animal transports.
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All Out is with Ivan Dimov.

A very big and heartfelt thank you to all our members, from Ivan, co-founder of Single Step Bulgaria, for helping his team get to the top 3 out of 200 participants in the Reach for Change competition. You have helped bring hope and real change to young LGBT Bulgarians. 🏳️‍🌈🇧🇬

U.S. public lands are being threatened by potential drilling & fossil fuel development that would make climate change worse. Make your voice heard!
A terrorist website is being hosted illegally in the UK. The Home Secretary needs to act.
Sign our petition to Irena Majcen, Slovenia's Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning, to stop the eight hydropower dams planned on the Mura River.