Great video on John Hattie on Evidence and Impact of what it means to be a successful teacher...…/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-success…

Teaching is about engaging students in a passion for learning and working collaboratively with colleagues, explains John Hattie in a discussion with Education Week’s Elizabeth Rich. (April 11, 2018)

Interesting article - though not entirely surprising!

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that being curious boosts children's performances on reading and mathematical tests, even if they are from underprivileged homes.

The value of reflection and making it a habit ..

Educator Jim Dillon reflects on the importance of letting learning sink in.
England’s schools system is losing ground to the Far East because of an emphasis on rote-learning and a narrowing of the curriculum, says the official behind the Pisa international education rankings
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April 13
We can't just swoop in and 'save' our pupils – we need to give them the tools to help them look after their wellbeing, says one deputy head

Questioning for higher order thinking ....

Most of us would agree that creating opportunities for students to use higher-order thinking is a worthy goal for teachers in K-12 and college-level classrooms, but when it comes to how we design our daily lessons, these opportunities are often left largely to chance. Even though we may take the tim...

Students from Thinking Schools are equiped in just this way ...

Matt Brittin, chief of Google in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told pupils in Croydon they should gather skills which will help make them adaptable as the chances are some of their jobs might not yet have been invented.
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April 2
Students can discover a sense of purpose in their learning through questions that lead them to think about their interests.
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March 27
This Issue includes developments in Nigeria, Egypt and Lithuania as well as Deputy Head Teacher, Kuldip Kahlon, sharing her personal journey in the search for a Thinking School and Dr Dave Walters giving his take on the leadership challenges for Thinking Schools.
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March 26
Giving students several seconds to think after asking a question—and up to two minutes for some questions—improves their learning.

So refreshing ...

Twelve years have passed since Sir Ken Robinson delivered his hilarious and eviscerating TED talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? It has become the most viewed talk in TED’s history, recently...
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March 7

Check out further 'thinking' workshops ...

Courses & Workshops Further to our partnerships and programme of courses with the Barbara Priestman Academy and Barton Court Grammar School, both accredited thinking schools, TSI is excited to announce a further programme of courses with Wellington Primary School in Hounslow.

Promoting independent thought ...

Nick Gibb thinks the ‘core purpose’ of school is to prepare pupils to compete for jobs. Eton college disagrees