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TINAU Fall 17 Teaser #3

Yiddish is back!

היידיש חוזר!

Our Beginner Yiddish course is returning, and this time, with a twist - we'll be examining Yiddish in Israel!


Read shorts by famous Yiddish writers in Israel
Go on tours to Haredi communities in Jerusalem and Bney Brak
Meet with Yiddish speaking Holocaust survivors
and get to know the new world of Yiddish left-wing political activism

all while working on Yiddish grammar and practicing speaking!

קורס היידיש למתחילים חוזר, והפעם, עם טוויסט - אנחנו נלמד על יידיש בישראל!

נקרא קטעים מאת סופרי יידישיסטים בישראל
נסייר בקהילות חרדיות בבני ברק וירושלים
נפגוש ניצולי שואה דוברי יידיש
ונכיר את העולם החדש של אקטיביזם פוליטי ביידיש

כל זה בו-זמנית עם עבודה על דקדוק ודיבור!

Naftali Ejdelman יידיש פארם Yiddish Farm ווײַבערטײַטש - Vaybertaytsh: A Feminist Podcast, in Yiddish Sandy Fox

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Want to learn Yiddish beyond the stereotypical "oy veys" and "gefiltes"? Join TINAU for a ten-week Yiddish course that will provide a taste of both Yiddish, and the many exciting examples of modern Yiddish culture!
רוצים ללמוד יידיש שמעבר ל״אוי ויי״ וה״גפילטע״ הסטראוטיפים? הצטרפו ל״כאן זה לא אולפן״ לקורס יידיש שייערך 10 שבועות ויספק טעימה של יידיש מדוברת ושל הדוגמאות העכשוויות הרבות של תרבות היידיש המשגשגת!

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Ari Huntley, 29, Seattle about our 4-Week Intensive Program:

"TINAU helped me realize just how many holes I had in my more traditional Hebrew education, and subsequently fix them. Even more amazing was that after a while I found myself thinking in Hebrew, something I never imagined I'd do as a non-native speaker. And the best part of it all was how much I enjoyed what we were learning. I couldn't understand my friends at other ulpans who would skip sessions half the time-- I ...couldn't wait to get to class in the morning."

Sign up now for our March Session.
We still have some scholarships left:

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Our "Navigating Tel Aviv - Beginner Hebrew" Course went on an excursion last night: they received 20 Hebrew missions they had to complete in 2 hours!
After the treasure hunt they all went to grab a beer and celebrate their accomplishments

Maayan Alon is such an awesome teacher!


Go Beginners!

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TINAUers- We Need Your Help!

After the great success of last night's "Waltz With Bashir" screening, we've decided to hold ANOTHER movie night!

We want to hear from you: which movie do YOU want to watch at our next event?

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Which movie do YOU want to watch at our next movie night?

For your Sunday evening reading...

Check out this AWESOME article about This Is Not An Ulpan and one of our founders, David Kandel!

The article is in Russian but can be translated by your browser into the language of your choice. It was written by our lovely volunteer Asya Chachko, and posted on, a popular Russian website about Israel. We love that our mission is reaching diverse communities across the world!


If you get the chance to read, drop a comment below to tell us what you think!…/ivrit-nash-prioritet-no-daleko-ne-…/

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Беседа с Дэвидом Канделом, создателем языковой школы "Это не ульпан"

Have plans tomorrow night?

We do!

Join us Monday evening for a Movie Night at “This is Not Ulpan”! We will be watching the acclaimed 2008 film "Waltz with Bashir", an animated documentary that recounts the events of the 1982 Lebanon War. In addition to the film screening, there will be a discussion to follow.


Popcorn and beer will be available for sale- come get to know the TINAU community and enjoy a cozy movie night!

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Mon 8:00 PM UTC+02KenKenLoLo, Derech Menachem Begin 7, Tel Aviv
61 people interested
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The original logo was created by Ada Rothenberg Design, and recently updated to include Arabic by Avivit Lahav at L.A Studio - סטודיו לעיצוב גרפי. Thank you both for your talented contributions!


Also we must give credit to Ibrahem Yass, who adapted our original logo with Arabic for our Jerusalem branch

Here at This Is Not An Ulpan, we strive to be inclusive of all identities and encourage diversity as a tool for learning and tolerance. We also LOVE our Arabic classes and want to promote them as much as possible! Adding Arabic to the logo was a necessary and long overdue example of our values at work.

The Arabic words in the logo translate to "Hoon, msh fusha" which means "Here is not 'fusha'", referring to the type of formal literary Arabic which is taught in schools. Just like in our other language classes, our Arabic classes teach language to engage with the realities of this country. We are thrilled that our new logo reflects this approach.

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what you think of the new logo in the comments below

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OMG - is the Goethe-Institut Israel advertising our awesome Yalla Germanit- Let's talk about Germany Advanced German course lead by the wonderful Hannah Reinl?

What? No?
They just "coincidentally" are using the same name??? 😏
Stammmmm... Goethe-Inst, we're just kidding.
We have no problem with it 😉

(btw - our beginner class is called "Hiyoush Germanit" in case your looking for another ad 😘)

ולגרמניסטים מביניכם - אם אתן.ם מחפשים.ות את המשלים המושלם לקורס שאתם עושים בגתה - בואו ללמוד איתנו ב"יאללה גרמנית" או "היוש גרמנית" - אפשר להצטרף באמצע הסמסטר!

Und tschüss

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Goethe-Institut Israel

האם ראיתים את מוניות השרות של ׳יאללה גרמנית׳? שלחו לנו תמונות!
מזל טוב ליום הולדתה ה-70 של ישראל! לרגל ארוע זה: הנחה של 350 ש''ח לנרשמים לקורסים הסטנדרטים בין ...התאריכים 11.02 – 16.02.18!
מידע והרשמה:תל אביב 03-6060503 \ ירושלים: 02-6508500
Jubiläumsrabatt 70 Jahre Israel: Bei der Einschreibung in unsere Standardkurse in der Woche vom 11.02.-16.02.18 erhaltet Ihr 350 NIS Ermäßigung

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Last week our "What's Going on in Israel?!" course met with Haben and Guytum, two asylum seekers from Eritrea who spoke about their experiences, from growing up in Eritrea under the military regime, the difficult journey through Egypt, to life in Israel, with all it's complexity. We're so grateful they shared their perspective and how they feel about the threat of deportation hanging over their head.


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For their final project of the January Intensive Yonatan and Djamilia translated Cartola's "Presico Me Encontrar" and performed it in class.
We all got chills!

אני צריך למצוא את עצמי/ כרטולה
תרגום: דג'מיליה ויונתן ...
אינטנסיב ינואר 2018

תן לי לצאת
אני חייב
להסתובב כדי לחפש
לחייך ולא לבכות

בא לי לראות את השמש זורחת
את הנהרות זורמים
לשמוע את שירי הציפורים
אני רוצה להיוולד, רוצה לחיות

אם מישהו מחפש אותי
תגיד שאני אחזור
כשאני אמצא את עצמי

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Always wanted to learn how to make injera? Here's your chance!

This Is Not An Ulpan is hosting an Injera Workshop with the Eritrean Women's Community Center/ ማ’እከል ደቂ-ኣንስትዮ ኤርትራውያን to raise money for the fight against deportation. We would love to see you there!

Ticket prices to come!