Cumulative Update 4 for SQL Server 2017 Available

Cumulative Update 4 for SQL Server 2017 Available
There are a few topics in SQL Server that I love academically, but are truly a pain to get right. The other is security, and it pales in comparison to how

Kubernetes HELM chart for MSSQL Server 2017 on Linux.…/…/tree/master/stable/mssql-linux

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January Release Available

We are excited to announce the January release of SQL Operations Studio is now available. Download SQL Operations Studio and review the release notes to get started...


This tutorial shows how to deploy a SQL Server high availability solution with Kubernetes on Azure Container Service.


The Meltdown and Spectre attacks are newly announced ways of hacking CPUs, and they’re causing all kinds of urgent patches this week in operating systems, hypervisors, and apps. SQL Server 2017 CU3 SQL Server 2016 SP1 CU7 Go get ’em, tiger. Other improvements & fixes include some really awesome ...

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DBAs - As you start to explore MSSQL Server on Kubernetes check out some AWESOME tools for kubectl.

Make sure you STAR it. 🌟

kube-ps1 - Kubernetes prompt info for bash and zsh
Learn to interpret whether partition and rowgroup elimination are occurring in your SQL Server queries.

Microsoft article on DW strategies and patterns

This article provides an overview of the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse architecture. This platform-as-a service (PaaS) offering provides independent compute and storage scaling on demand. This document provides data loading guidelines for SQL Data Warehouse. Several common loading options are d...
Do you want super powers? Learn how to be an invisible DBA!
Temporal Tables are generally useful in scenarios that require tracking history of data changes.We recommend you to consider Temporal Tables in the following use cases for major productivity benefits.
Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi) digs into row goals as he explains some interesting and inconsistent behavior with UNION ALL queries in SQL Server.

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TSQL Code must work properly and efficiently. That's not enough though. Unless you are working alone, have perfect memory and plan to never change job, then you need to comment and document your code, it must be inherently readable, well laid out, use informative and obvious names, and it must be ro...
I've been working in the business intelligence field since 2008 and I've loved every second of it! Whether I'm modelling a data warehouse, overcoming some tricky ETL problems, designing an SSAS cube or Tabular model or coming up with just the right Power BI solution, I'm happy to be doing what I do.