the mikes' new side project, HOTLINE released their new single!…/hotline-dont-look-away-ste…/mp3s/

Stereogum readers might know Mike Zorrilla and Mike Kirby's previous band Tiger Dare. We premiered their album Wires Over, Wired In back in spring 2014, calling it "sunny but wistful; the soundtrack to that first day in September when a sudden chill makes you realize you’ll need to start wearing a j…
tiger dare updated their profile picture.


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Guest Mix No 16 - Sight Electricsoundofjoy Mixcloud Guest Mix No 15 - Luca Del George Mixcloud Electricsoundofjoy Mixcloud Guest Mix No10 - Jettison Tape Electricsoundofjoy Mixcloud Guest Mix No9 - Ewok Fur ESOJ Guest Mix No 8 - Voltage Black

happy monday y'all!

Tiger Dare "Good Times" Wires Over, Wired In out 3/25 via Wonderland Archives Directed…

The Deli Magazine wrote some nice things about us and our upcoming CMJ shows!…/tiger-dares-inescapable-ca…

There's something strangely hypnotic about Tiger Dare's sound. I...

congratulations to Kate Bush...goddamn

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Wires Over, Wired In
Tiger Dare

working on some new licks, incorporating new members, partying hard...2014 SUMMMER

A clip from the movie Welcome to the Dollhouse. Hey, Steve, I think your singing was a little flat that time. Barry, why don't you play an "'A" for Steve. Yo...

Now our Wires Over, Wired In EP is up for streaming on Bandcamp! Commence world peace.

6 track album
Galaxie 500 playing "When will you come Home" under a basketball hoop in a school gym (Boston, 21 April 1989) just before they found success. It reminds you ...

Impose posted some great photos from Friday's show at Rough Trade NYC with Ought, Yum Dee Days, and Savants!…/ought-the-yum-dee-days-sava…

On Friday, June 20th, Montreal's Ought headlined Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY with support from The Yum Dee Days, Savants, and Tiger Dare.

Friday night at Rough Trade! (h/t @la_tinta_fresca)

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TONIGHT @ Rough Trade...we're fucking pumped to share the stage with Ought...we're on @ 9pm sharp!


the irony of posting this on facebook is not lost on us! but it's awfully nice to read such kind words:

"With so many things competing for attention in our ceaseless digital world, it’s heartening to find artists like Brooklyn-based Tiger Dare who appreciate music that possesses intimacy, warmth and the ability to just rise and fall with what feels like the rhythms of an uncluttered, simple life. Songs ideally suited for the sort of contemplation no one really gets to indulge in anymore."…/

Now this is music #30: Tiger Dare, Like Swimming, Banks, Elin Lanto, Little DaylightPosted onJune 6, 2014 5:19 pmbyaussiemoose Comment torkristensen via photopincc Picture yourself for a moment in a large public demonstration.Throngs of people, iPods and iPhones and sundry other listening devices to…