McLitville Gucci nation at @whatthefestival Friday nite. Highest praises to Jah on this one! 😻 @spekt1 with the rave daddy iPhone snapz
McLittville Gucci nation Friday night at @whatthefestival. Highest praises to jah on this one! iPhone lurk by rave daddy supreme @spekt1
Tonight at FAK Wednesdays come get swagooed with your holiday bass aficionados in your best ugly sweater regalia nahmean. Lezz turn uppppp with Santa.

My Illustration for @jlokibass’s new release with @wegotthismusic These tunes slap.

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I just updated to Mac OS 11.3 on my was uneventful. Sundays are cool, hopefully you were able to wake up on your own terms over a purple smoothie and immerse yourself in something that turns ur passions from a singular note on a scale note to a dynamic complex chord progression that ripples out in your community or something. I drew this one time. If I had a super power it would be to turn WiFi radiation signals into nutritional cellular activation sources that turn free radicals into pragmatic Steven Hawking equations and Oscar Wilde poems.

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