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Smack his ass and call it a win! Congratulations to Austin Dillon on getting the gold. We've got your celebratory tacos ready and waiting. 🌮

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Posted by Tijuana Flats
Cancer doesn't discriminate. Today we share this story of keeping hope in the midst of adversity. Help us send reinforcements in the fight against cancer. Now thru October 8th, donate $2 and we'll give you $5 Flats cash that you can come back in and use starting October 9th. You can also purchase Jason's Mom's Hot Sauce and all proceeds will benefit the Tijuana Flats Just in Queso Foundation's fight against cancer. 100% of the proceeds raised from donations and hot sauce sales will benefit BCRF & Pediatric Cancer Charities.
Earlier today we were informed that the #Atacolypse conspiracy has been debunked. What We Know: Taco Tuesdaze are here to stay The #Atacolypse is NOT happening We will make tomorrow’s National Taco Day (October 4th) one to remember Here is our official statement. (Excludes street tacos. Add .50 for steak or fish.)
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Meg Lee
· December 12, 2017
My husband and I tried Tijuana Flats tonight. Our food came out cold, and had zero flavor. Both of us agreed that we have had fast food tacos that had more flavor (and were better) then what we had t...onight. We did the taco Tuesday meal. They give you a good amount of chips but no salsa or anything to dip it in unless you ask. Also thought the way the food is served was poorly managed. We must have waited a good 15 minutes for our order, which may have contributed it to being cold. The waiter then circles the restaurant to find you and stops at every table inside before checking outside as well. Really could use a buzzer like Panera which would make this process more efficient. Plus, the tacos had more additives like lettuce, tomato etc...there was hardly any meat. My husband had me rate this a 2 star as you did carry the beer that he likes from the local brewery. We will definitely not be back. This is just another kitchy, hipster, popup restaurant stealing the thunder from the small business' and making someone, somewhere lots of cash for cheap low quality food. See More
Mackenzie Hooper
· February 12, 2018
Ballantyne, NC Location

First off the pros: I would like to say that my group and I enjoyed our food. The hot sauce bar was unique, and we dig it. As for the cons: Number one, it took entirely way to... long for the lady to take our order. We thought the guy in front of us was being difficult; but when it was our turn to order it was apparent that it was the service. It took probably 15-20 minutes to take 4 people’s order. Secondly, Salsa should come with the chips, and we had to mix hot sauce in the salsa for it to have flavor. Third, just make it all self-serve. I had to wait forever for a drink refill. No one will mind having to fix their own drink after having to place their order at a register and get your own hot sauce. Seem’s a little strange that it’s half self-serve and half (poor) service. We’ll be back because the food was good but as for the rest, we weren’t amazed. See More
Brennan Heretick
· January 28, 2018
I placed an order to go at the location on Narcoossee in Orlando. I got two orders of chicken flautas and a big side of queso, it came in a large tied up bag so I didn't bother to check it. When I got... home I realized there's not any chips in the bag. I called the store and spoke to Alejandro to ask if it was standard to not include them and he told me yes and offered for me to come pick some up, after letting him know I lived 20 minutes away and wasn't feeling well I figured he would offer to send a email or something for a future visit, but just got told sorry.

If it's not standard to put chips in the bag, then I'd think about making it standard. My flautas already come with queso, what else could I possibly be ordering a large side of queso for? To dunk my lettuce in? And if it's not going to be standard, there should at least be the bare minimum of customer service and ask me if I'd like some.
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Ian Jüngling
· February 4, 2018
I used to live in San Diego and spent plenty of time in Tijuana. I miss the food so much! Street tacos, rolled tacos, fried onions, etc. yum! But it is so hard to find Tijuana (Baja?) style Mexica...n anywhere but there. Tijuana Flats is NOT Tijuana style Mexican. It clearly says Tex Mex on their website. Texas is FAR from Tijuana, and is a totally different style of food. Big fat burritos, lots of rice, etc. “Tijuana” Flats’ website doesn’t say anything about the owner even ever being in Tijuana in his entire life! There are about a million Tex Mex restaurants in the US, so I am not impressed and furthermore I am angry that they use the misleading word “Tijuana” in their name. So the search goes on for actual Tijuana style Mexican outside the immediate local area. See More
Leigh Hathaway Weston
· December 21, 2017
You can only hate something as much as you loved it. Tijuana flats used to be my favorite place for tacos. But they have lost there passion and high standards for fresh food. I got three hard tacos ...two beef and one blackened chicken my goto for over twenty years and they were just an utter disappointment. The were ice cold and falling apart the beef was flavorless and under seasoned. The blackened chicken was a joke. Ice cold flavorless and really poor quality chicken. Might as well be Taco Bell with all the corners they are cutting. See More
Taylor Marie Seaward
· December 1, 2017
The Mount Dora/Eustis location is the worst. We waited 30 minutes after the time our takeaway order was supposed to be ready (so 55 minutes total and it was NOT a big order) and no one even talked to... us or offered a refund or anything. Absolutely ridiculous and the food was cold and incorrect when we got it. But at that point we just didn't care since we waited so long. If you're brave enough to try this place, don't go to the Mount Dora location. See More
Nicole Veldhuis
· February 4, 2018
I’m pretty impressed with Tijuana Flats. The St. Lucie West location is consistently good food and the staff is so nice! The manager and staff walk around and make sure everyone is enjoying their meal...s and their needs are met. The food is super tasty and always fresh. I got catering yesterday for my Husbands bday party and the food was devoured! I hope the SLW stays consistently good! See More
Jewell DeMarco
· December 28, 2017
It’s awesome that You all do the “Teachers Eat Free” day every year on December 27, I truly appreciate it. However, waiting 45 minutes to get our food with barely an apology, then getting the wrong burrito, then having THEM get frustrated at ME for telling them it was wrong and then asking for it to go...not worth the free meal. Don’t think I’ll be coming back to this location-even if they give it away. I know it’s a busy night, but you have to be better prepared. At one point there were 12 tables without food and only 3 tables with food and the line was out the door. Terrible service. Then to top it all off, when I got home with my new, supposedly “fixed” burrito, it was again completely wrong. I was so upset, and hungry. I even called, just to let them know they messed it up again and they stammered out a “uh, sorry” and had nothing else to say. The location on Clark Road in Sarasota has lost my business forever, and it will be a long time before I go to any Tijuana Flats again-not when Moe’s is a few doors down and can give me service in 5 minutes for a burrito that’s just as good-if not better-and will always be correct. Just thought you should know how this particular location is screwing things up. Many people left there angry and upset last night. See More
Tara Berger
· January 7, 2018
We love our Tijuana Flats on Kildare Farm Road. We go on Sundays and our kids eat for free. Every time we go we have exceptional service. Every employee is always so helpful and nice. Our food is ...always good and my kids enjoy it. It has become a regular stop for us. We love the hot sauce bar and the decor on the ceiling. See More
Cierra Finney
· February 13, 2018
I placed a pick up order at the university location and when i came to pick up my food the cashier was very unwelcoming. When i started to eat my food i found a red hair and a piece of plastic in my f...ood. I was so disgusted that i could not continue eating my meal. It was definitely not worth the 25$ i spent. See More
Heather Leahy
· November 28, 2017
Orders wrong every single time we go to the one on Cortez in Bradenton. Pay attention to the orders, it's not that hard. Quality in these places always goes straight down hill once their grand opening...s are over and the managers paying attention go train somewhere else. Sad cause when the orders right the food is delicious. But the service is not so good. Sorry guys. See More
Renee Hope Cascone
· January 2, 2018
I so hate to leave a negative review but after having the second bad experience in a row, I hope by sharing it, improvements will be made to the store closest to me, which is in Longwood on the corner... of Wekiva Springs Rd and 434. I could not find a Facebook page to review them directly. Tonight, we wanted to enjoy Taco Tuesday ToGo so I ordered the special and paid extra to have steak. When I got home, I found that my tacos felt cold. Well, it was probably because there was very little steak on them to warm the tortilla and instead I got a mouths full of lettuce and less than ripe tomatoes. It was like I ordered a salad in a taco shell instead of a steak taco with toppings. Such a disappointment and certainly not worth the price upgrade to have steak. I hadn't been in a couple months because the last time I went, the service was awful. This time, everyone was nice and my food came out fast but last time, I literally waited for 28 minutes for my ToGo for 2 people. I asked 2 different employees about my order and finally the man who appeared to be the manager who blew me off saying they had a lot of call ahead orders. Number one, if you are going to be considered a fast casual restaurant, you don't take almost 30 min to get an order out and number two, if you see a customer visibly frustrated, you validate the customer, not make excuses. I point blank asked if my order has been overlooked, possibly just sitting back there and he said it just came out. We'll, when I got home 5 minutes later, my food was cold. No, not even warm. Cold. That means he was not being truthful and blowing me off. Horrible customer service if you ask me and I worked in the hospitality industry for many years. These two experiences make me feel that this location has gone downhill over the years and I'm thinking I need to find another place to enjoy Taco Tuesday because I'm sick of wasting my money on food I can't enjoy. See More
Janet Churilla Carter
· February 14, 2018
My husband and I ate at the Lexington location a few weeks ago. While it is similar in style to other fast mexican restaurants, the food was surprisingly very flavorful. The hot sauce bar had some d...elicious sauces! The manager approached us twice to make sure we were being taken care of. Yummy food, great value, and friendly service...we will be back! See More
Julie Winchester Jenkins
· February 17, 2018
Visited the Gastonia, NC location for the first time and I can’t say enough good things! Food wise it was good but the service was top notch! The manager knows how to work the dining area and that I ...appreciate. I believe his name was Mario and we will absolutely be back just because of him!!!! Mario, you rock sir! See More
Kim Braley
· December 20, 2017
Other than being so loud that we had to shout at each other, our most recent visit was great. There were 9 of us, so it was amazing that we got a table. The food was fast and tasty...tons of chips a...nd a nice selection of sauces. This isn't "authentic" Mexican, but it's got a fun vibe. See More
Shannon Maloney Prowell
· December 30, 2017
We go to the winter springs location in the publix shopping center and we love it! We love the people who work there and love the food. They are always quick and very friendly. We go there often and t...hey remember our names. Love that place!! See More
Lynn Cary
· February 4, 2018
Took my mom to lunch yesterday as it is one of her favorite places to eat. She got nachos and they barely had any meat on them. They had toasted them to the point where some of the chips were black. I... had to ask if she could have more ground beef. It was so soaked with grease I had to use at least 10 napkins to soak it up. My beef tacos were so greasy too that it was dripping off them. I have never had that happen. The people are nice and the service was fast but the food not so much. My mom who is 79 yrs. old had the worst stomach ache after eating there. I felt so bad! We have always loved eating there. She didn't want me to complain while we were there but I should have. First time having bad food, very disappointing. See More
Lori Allen
· December 21, 2017
I found it to be more of a glorified taco bell to be honest. My husband probably will enjoy better than I did when he gets to try it. It was a little blah to me. The sauce bar was the most exciting However, they need a tad bit bigger containers, just my opinion. I will return to buy one of their bottled sauces as one I tried was the hottest I've had locally and I tried every one lol, so I was very pleased about that. Not a bad place for a quick snack bite. � just would like to ad, I ordered the fish tacos. Not much flavor to be honest and only 2 nuggets on the soft taco.The cabbage fruit slaw was good atop it. To be fair, I never had a fish taco, so I have nothing for a comparison! See More
Gabrielle Emily Tern Fong
· January 26, 2018
I went to the Tijuana Flats located in Jacksonville, FL on Beach Blvd. and was "greeted" by a rude cashier. I ordered the usual, dos tacos with a side of guac and wanted water as my drink. The cashier... said "it comes with a drink." Ok, (I asked for water) I guess I'll have sweet tea. (still just wanted water) I asked her if they do military discount here only on Tuesdays, she didn't respond. The tacos were great as always but the guac was pretty bland. I decided to try the pineapple salsa and it was no bueno. Overall my experience was fair, but the ambience was somewhat ruined by the cashier. See More
Courtney Calhan
· February 19, 2018
Went to the location off of 96th Street in Fishers last night (first timers). The food was delicious - but more importantly, the service was exceptional. The moment we walked in the door we were greet...ed and thoroughly explained how everything worked. Everyone was friendly and helpful — Natalie in particular. Will definitely be back soon. See More