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Secret project coming soon.
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EVERYONE I LOVE IS DEAD -- Official Poster

coming to Blackpills SOON.

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Julian Doan is with Michael Moskewicz and 8 others.

It's been eating me up inside (pun) to hold onto this for so long, but finally we will soon be able to share this with everyone.

It is with enormous pleasure t...hat Alex and I announce that our series EVERYONE I LOVE IS DEAD will be premiering NEXT FUCKING WEEK on mobile streaming app blackpills!

Best of all, it's *FREE*!

This all started when we shot a proof of concept in 2013, and for over a year nothing happened with it. Then in 2014 Project Greenlight happened, and there was hope again... only for us to stop at the semi-finals.

But out of nowhere, a few months later we got a call from them - they wanted to turn our short into a digital series.

So over the next full year we outlined and developed characters and a world that would be fun to play and be fun to watch; a story about a dead guy who is terrified of dying without a legacy, and who desparately needs to understand the human past he knows nothing of; a crew of misfits with no clue and even less of a pulse. We then spent another year planning, filming, and editing the damn thing; by far the hardest project I've ever done. I still remember the joy of finally seeing the first pass of the first episode; what had existed in our heads for years was finally a living, breathing thing (man, so many opportunities for zombie puns...)

We had some great artists on this crew and an amazing cast; many actors whom I had never worked with, but hope to work with again soon.

We CANNOT WAIT to make you laugh with this one.

Big ups to the fine folks over at Adaptive Studios / Project Greenlight Digital Studios who gave us immense support, and also creative agency, to bring these characters to life;

and the man of bottomless talent, Mike Oncley, for this poster that I absolutely wanna marry.

#EILID #notzombroz

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I told Angry Asian Man about my portrayal of him and wanted his blessing. I guess he forgot. But I still believe that his life actually has much more sex and intrigue than Kwan, the "Irate Ass Asian" Blogger. Check out Seasons 1 and 2 of #AmericanKoko on ABC . com

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Phil Yu

I'm going to assume the "Irate Ass Asian" blogger on #AmericanKoko was at least in part inspired by me. Best of all, he's played by Cool Ass Asian Tim Chiou.

Looks like there's a new rising star on Team Raviga!
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Raviga - Capital Management
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Come check out the world premiere of this hilarious play as part of the Pacific Playwrights Festival at SCR. Watch some very talented actors and a schmuck like me, with the worst Singaporean accent ever.


*Also I apologize for the cheeky (no pun intended) Event art. That's just something I whipped up since there aren't any official graphics yet.
**But also, you'll see, the current art is pretty approriate.
From the website:

"Joan has been hired to stabilize Jojomon, a yoga apparel giant, after its CEO is brought down by a fat-shaming scandal. But just as she finds her stride, more trouble surfaces and sales plummet. Joan comes up with a plan so risky that it could make or break the company and her career—and what it requires from her CFO, Raj, is far beyond the call of duty. This sharp comedy asks what it takes to find your own authenticity in a world determined to sell enlightenment."

Previews: April 19-20, 2017
Opening Night: April 21, 2017
Regular Performances: April 22-30, 2017

Recommendation: High school and above. This play contains adult language and situations.

Please Note: No Late Seating
Due to the theatre’s configuration—the entry door opens at stage left—late seating will not be permitted to avoid disruption to the actors and seated audience members. We appreciate your understanding. You may speak with a Ticket Services staff member if you have any questions.

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Apr 19, 2017 - May 1, 2017South Coast RepertoryCosta Mesa, CA
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You guys can now see my dumb face on Amazon Video!

A group of thieves find themselves trapped in a house they intended to rob, only to discover they've inadvertently wandered into the lair of a deranged serial killer. Forced now to navigate his sadistic torture den, will they survive?

Had a powerful evening at last night's LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED? LA Premiere. An all too timely film about bullying, social norms, and the all great equalizer that is Love. Widely released Thanksgiving day 11.24 on demand, and limited theatrical screenings in LA 11.17 - 11.23. Go see it!

Mary Elizabeth, Haviland Stillwell, Tim Chiou, Tate Birchmore, Blake Cooper Griffin, K. Rocco Shields, Briana Evigan, Katherine LaNassa, Ava Allan, David Tillman and Lexi DiBenedetto attends the Premiere Of 'Love Is All You Need?' at ArcLight Hollywood on November 15, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

New York!! What say you???

Fri 9:15 PM EDTVillage East CinemaNew York, NY
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It's the last weekend of Tokyo Fish Story at The Old Globe. It's been a great ride.

If invisible sushi is served on a stage, does anybody taste it? You might feel as though you have after seeing the Old Globe’s “tokyo fish story,” so rich in multisensory pleasures is director May Adrales’ production of the Kimber Lee play.

A preview of the upcoming TOKYO FISH STORY at The Old Globe

There’s a line the sushi chef Koji utters in “tokyo fish story” that strives to capture the fleeting achievement of his culinary art.“A glistening, edible moment,” Koji calls his creations, the product of a lifetime of practice and devotion to the ancient Japanese craft. James Saito, who portrays Ko...

Listeners of LA's KPCC- The Frame may recognize a guy featured in this article about Asian American men in Hollywood.

Asian-American actors still struggle with decades-old stereotypes, but new media is helping them fight back.

LA! I'm going to be on the SAG Panel at the C3 Conference this Saturday, 4/23 at 12pm, as part of the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival! THE GREAT EQUALIZER: HOW NEW MEDIA GETS YOU NOTICED Come get your tickets and see this amazing group of folk speak about the industry. And me.

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LA folks. This one is for you. Get on it!

On the surface, Ollie and Blair are a typical fun, young couple – comfortable enough to be constantly picking at each other's flaws, secure enough to start making long-term plans together. They just happen to earn a dishonest living by breaking and entering into poorly secured, upper-class homes. Af…

Yo, San Diego! Let's get DOWN this Friday night and CrushThe Skull!!!

Chris Dinh and Katie Savoy are in love, but they need fast cash. Luckily, they’re professional thieves. Unluckily, they break into a house with no exit and no cell phone reception and no explanation for the torture pit they discover there. Luckily for us, their hapless misadventures are sheer comic…