2015 TimeBoxPhoto Seniors
Emilee Senior video
Richland Bombers bring home the victory!!

If anyone is wondering where I've been... You can find me in my classroom 12 hours a day. Sometimes more.

TimeBoxPhoto added 5 new photos — with Tamara Burlingame Rust and 4 others.

These moments: (from last nights Richland v Kamiakin FB game)


ANNNNNND everything changed.

Literally, last night we were in crisis mode and I made a life decision under emotion distress. I failed to follow my own mantra "Always seek the sunrise."

This morning (Wednesday, 8am), I got a phone call from Pasco School District, saying I was slected to be Pasco High School's next photography teacher (Matt moved over to Southridge). I start new teacher orientation tomorrow morning.


Let the adventures begin!

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Looks like major changes are in store for us. We are suspending our photography for the long term, foreseeable future.

Thank you all for your support. We hope to see you around.

Edit: Check the page again for an update... (a positive one).

TimeBoxPhoto shared their album.

A little appetizer of what we did last year.

TimeBoxPhoto added 28 new photos to the album: Seniors — with Brent Rust and 5 others.

A little look at what we CAN do for seniors.

TimeBoxPhoto added 28 new photos to the album: Seniors — with Brent Rust and 5 others.

A little look at what we CAN do for seniors.

Image theft comes up every so often. It shouldn't but it does...

"So here’s a little tip from me to you when considering what images to use in your advertising:

Take a look at the image....
Ask yourself, “Did I take this..."

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Sometimes we, as humans, wrestle with big issues -- large complex questions with no easy answers. “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “Who is God?” “Wha

What it Takes to ‘Shoot from the Heart’

Be comfortable
You need to know your gear
You need to be free of fear and anxiety...

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While shooting in the Galapagos Islands a few years ago, a friend said to me, "Dennis, you shoot from the heart." We had been traveling together for severa

From a photo forum:

"My son has been loading and shooting his own instant/35mm film since 2014. There's a bunch of reasons for why it happened but a quick oversimplification is that this project helps him cope with his home life (his mom was severely disabled by an incurable brain disease in 2013).

Fast forward to 2016 (and about a thousand instant and several hundred 35mm frames later) and he's been able to work with me on some cool/fascinating/challenging projects. One of w...hich has been the 2016 campaign trail. In the end, he shot at the rallies of Cruz, Hillary, Bernie (twice), and Trump. I'm not very political -- definitely not enough to want to take my kid to a rally to get him interested in politics, but this just all sort of fell in our lap and he happened to really grow from and enjoy it. So it was a net positive experience for our little family."

Instagram: @makingofabraveman

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My son has been loading and shooting his own instant/35mm film since 2014. There's a bunch of reasons for why it happened but a quick oversimplific...

Another day in the life of a photo editor:

via web forum
Luminosity v Saturation


"The concept is very simple if you star thinking in LAB color space: luminosity controls the lightness or darkness of a color and the saturation controls the amount/intensity of a color, otherwise we might end-up in a quicksand. Working in RGB when we modify tones we are at the same time affecting color. One way to eliminate that is changing the blending mode to "luminosity". LAB color space separates contrast (luminosity) from color.
What you are saying is correct. If you want to darken a color (R,G,B) you need to "Burn it" if you want to lighten you need to "Dodge it". De-saturating gives you a B&W version of a color photo. Adding grey doesn't change the hue (which is another value of a color as color needs always three dimensions of information (H,S,L- R,G,B - L,A,B). It changes the intensity, the saturation level of that hue. BTW there is no definition of "Pure Blue" or any other color."

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One of the most hurtful things we deal with as photographers, is seeing people use our images as their header or profile pictures but they 1) don't follow us 2) don't care to help us keep capturing those moments they obviously cherish 3) actually steal our photos for their printed collages and photo books.

It's a lot of time, effort and expense to see that and not be affected.

We have lost another student this week. Way too many for our Tri Cities community in the last few years.

PLEASE, if you feel like there's nothing that can be done to fix your situation, ask someone what they think. Heck, ask us, we'll buy you breakfast at Denny's. I am 100% sure together we can find a solution.

We truly love and appreciate every student no matter the talent, circumstances, or school.


"Always seek the sunrise."

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The Southridge Every 15 Minutes albums are up on the sales site:

The Kennewick High School Every 15 Minutes albums are posted on the sales site.

We will be uploading the Every 15 Minutes albums to the sales site this week.
NOTE: Because of the sheer volume of images, we are only uploading scrapbook size images (up to 5x7). If you see one you want to get larger, purchase the scrapbook image then email us and then you can buy the full size from us directly. ~ Thank you

The Kamiakin E15M album set is up now.