Black customers refuse to tip girl because she's white, #BlackLivesMatter responds by harassing & mocking white girl.

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Be careful what you wish for... Minneapolis, are you paying attention?

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You should, if your plan for a $15 minimum wage is to fit with Minneapolis' restaurant revival. I've seen the reasons, both as a politician and as a child watching my parents run a family business.

This waitress served one particular table a bunch of food and drinks. Finally, when it was all said and done, the total bill was more than $187.00. The customers' tip: $0. When the waitress saw that, she decided to take matters into own hands. shared a post.
June 7, 2017
Brad Obert

Congratulations Minneapolis city council and Minnesota Legislature. We will soon see another result from the law of unintended consequences of raising the wage in our industry is going to destroy downtown Minneapolis. Unless it includes a tip credit which the current version does not.

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May 25, 2017
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May 11, 2017
: We are a coalition of servers, bartenders, cooks and small business owners that are fighting for tip recognition as it relates to the new proposed minimum wage.

Good people.

After waiting over an hour to even get their order, this couple had an idea the waiter will never forget.

It took 20 minutes before water even reached their table.

Not race. Not gender. Just American’: 3 Trump supporters leave black waitress a $450 tip…/

Rosalynd Harris arrived at work on Monday morning still high off the energy from the Women’s March. She is…
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AWM America

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By Ryan McMaken Colorado was among the four states where voters approved a minimum wage hike in November. Among the specific provisions for the new wage hike was the stipulation that tipped workers...

Cook it yourself...

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Chef Chris Hill

Those customer special preps be like...

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Lmao this is perfect
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