Hello Tipglo community,

We gave it our best shot(s).

After over a year in the wild, we’re sorry to say that as of today we've shut down the functionality of and will close Tipglo LLC.


Tipglo profile links are no longer be available.

Why is this happening?

Despite a great team, a great financial partner, and a well designed product, I couldn’t find a way to get the growth we needed.

Tipglo was a big vision.

We thought the creative economy wasn’t working as well as it could.

The big guys were doing fine but a whole class of « working creators » including writers, filmmakers, musicians, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, photographers, etc. needed new ways to generate revenue.

Our answer was Tipglo.

It acted on our universal desire to get closer to the people who create the things we love.

We kept it simple:

Send a message to a "creator" you want to hear from.

Attach a dollar value you’d pay for a response.

When you receive your reply, the "creator" gets paid.

It was a new way to share value.

Fans could interact personally and support someone they admired.

Creators could feel great when they replied to messages and receive material support from their most dedicated fans.

Why didn’t it catch on?

A combination of timing and execution, no doubt.

For the thousands of you who used Tipglo, I want to thank you personally for believing in us.

Moving forward, I'll maintain this Facebook page from time to time with information related to the development of the creative economy.

And at some point, I’m convinced, something that works the same way as Tipglo will be used widely.

Thank you,

Justin Szlasa
founder & CEO
Tipglo LLC

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