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Alex Loh Seng Yue
December 17, 2011
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Mandy Teo
July 21, 2012
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Pioneers Reunion Tea (10 March 2017): Our pioneer tutor, Mr Harold Mathieu, serenading the pioneer students and tutors! You still have it, sir!

The Wee Heng Tin Seminar Room is dedicated by fellow alumni from pioneer batch of chinese stream students In memory of Founding Principal, Mr Wee Heng Tin.

Officially opened today by Fellow Alumni Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Education and Manpower), and Mrs Linda Wee, wife of late Mr Wee Heng Tin.

Kudos to our fellow Alumni who gave back to college in the most thoughtful way possible. Really proud of them.


Together we make the TJC Family Stronger!

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Temasek Junior College added 10 new photos — with Clara Butt.

#TJC had our 40th College Day today and what a whirlwind of meaningful events there were, as we celebrated the present and did so never forgetting but always ap...preciating the past. We started the day with the official opening of the Wee Heng Tin Seminar Room by Senior Parliamentary Secretary Ms Low Yen Ling and Mrs Linda Wee. Our CLEP students had the honour of being the first ones to have a lesson in the room!

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The Alumni won the Past vs Present Games at today's Sportitude, TJC Homecoming. Many thanks to our 150+ sporting Fellow Alumni who came back to support the event. It was fun!

Temasek Junior College posted 10 photos — with Rozana Mohamed.

Our wonderful #tjc alumni returned to the college for Homecoming where they toured their alma mater with all its new architectural additions. They then gamely t...ook part in Sportitude where they pitted their athletic prowess against their juniors, the current tjc students! And the results for the Past vs Present matches are...the Past won in Badminton, Basketball, Football and Volleyball, while the Present won in Table-tennis! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you everyone, past and present, for showing such great sportsmanship! @ Temasek Junior College

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