A video. Don't be picky, lol!

Happy Monday everyone and beginning of a new month as well. Holidays are coming soon.

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Thank you Patty Ski-Ski for your support of this site. Thank everyone that has been with us and just to let you know, you are appreciated.


Im going to miss my fun Adorable-Cutey avi on Playstation Home. All her clothes, her items, the spaces....I guess Ill say bye for good when I log on 1 last time....

Enjoy this Friday my friends. Its going to be a great weekend. Just wait and see....You can post what you enjoyed during the weekend if you like...Other than that, enjoy and ttyl

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Hope everyone is having a better evening than myself.....

Wanted to say good evening to everyone. Hope you enjoy your activity for the night. Im washing clothes and playing gta v. Also, preparing for tomorrow...

To everyone returning to school...enjoy your weekend! Have fun, get rest and do your best!

Anyone want to add me for GTA V, I like survival, and rooftop missions...add me: Adorable-Cutey

Thanks to you Angel G. for liking this page. We welcome you with open arms. May you enjoy your day.

Thank you Gypsy, Trigger and Black for the support. Hope you enjoying this evening.

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August 16, 2014
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