April 9-15th,2018 insanely busy - woohoo!

This week ....

Tues - with FaultLines doing a quick little set at the love bar in downtown LA at 10:30pm


Wed - w/ FaultLines at DownTown Disney mai Stage 6pm

Thurs - private event with 80z all stars

Friday - w/ the Thrills at Malaineys 8pm

Saturday - doing a wedding with Mr. Mister Miyagi live band karaoke

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April 2-8 , 2018 photos

This week’s schedule
Tonight (Monday) - w/ FaultLines - opening up for Edison at the whisky - we sold out our preSale so Tix avail at the door now
Wed, thurs, and Friday private gigs with Vips entertainment ...
Saturday - private with west coast music Lowdown

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For anyone coming to say hello at DisneyLand today ...
I’m be jumping in with the band after lunch

Bunch of random pics from last week
(March 26 -April 1) — i ended up playing every day last week so it was a good one

This week—
Monday - with identity theft at DownTown Disney main stage 6pm ...
Tuesday - shooting a video
Wednesday - Bootstrappers at DisneyLand - daytime - I’ll be starting ing in the second set i believe
Thursday - rehearsal and FaultLines at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills 6pm
Friday - FaultLines at loews hotel Hollywood 8:30p
Saturday - w/the new classics at a private party in clairmont

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A look back at 3/19-3/25,2018
Was a busy fun filled week

This week —
I’m playing at 3 different churches over the course of 6 days for Easter celebrations. (Tues, wed, thurs, sat, and sunday)


Beyond that ....

FaultLines at the main stage at DownTown Disney tonight (Monday)! 6pm

Private party with uptown live on Wednesday

✌🏻 and ❤️

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Todd McCool is with Shane Brouse.
March 18

Photo recap for March 12-18th, 2018

These week’s schedule is ...
Monday (& wednesday) with Grilled Cheese SoundWich California Adventure @the big Stage on the water (it has a name) 12:30pm-6:45pm - once every hour or so
Tuesday - private party with Faultlines...
Wednesday (see Monday)
Friday - private party with The Adventures of Todd and Niki

Saturday —- ???? Nothing ! Lemme Know if anyone needs a guitarist

Thank You to Angie Logan Photography
And Emily Thatcher and Jonathan Clough for the photos !

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3/3/18-3/11/18 photo review: Wow last week ended up being pretty wild. I did a solo show and a photoshoot along with the other gigs - goodtimes.
I want to thank Emily Thatcher, Angie Logan , Tyler Davis , Sarah Lightman Sarah Schmid , and Sandra Bloemers Nickell for the photos this past week!

This coming week....
All of my public gigs are with FaultLines folks ........

Tues - 5pm Faultlines at DownTown Disney
Friday - at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills 6pm with Faultlines
Saturday - am at the Emery’s for the walk of hope with Faultlines
Saturday pm - at Sweet Hollywood Cinematic Pictures Group with John Flanagan and Ashley Morgan (of Faultlines) for the Glamhaus event - and my buddy Shane Brouse on bass and Jon Butterworth on drums! i know you're probably green with envy that i get to play with such wonderful people (that's a st. patty's pun) .... rock on!

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Photos from feb 26-march4 , 2018
quantity was lacking last week....strong but mighty -
including a flyer for a show I’m doing this coming sunday night

This week’s schedule ....


-Wednesday- FaultLines main Stage at dtd

-Friday tune in to see the video for a Faultlines “Rain” - you may see some familiar faces and amazing acting by the band members and friends

-Saturday - OC beer fest with the Young Guns and Bayside High - 80s and 90s

-Sunday - w/Alicia Sky at the vampire lounge in Beverly Hills

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Feb19-25,2018 pictures of some of the action

And this week...
Tues-bootstrapping at DisneyLand 10a-5pm or something like that
Wednesday - with King Chris at the Backstage Bar and grill 9pm , Culver City


And that’s kind of it haha - gonna chill this week ....well maybe

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the photos of feb 11-18. 2018 !

and this week's schedule:
nothing particular for public consumption, but a busy fun week regardless.


Mon - in the studio with Cody Jay
Tues - Faultlines, makin a video
Wed - rehearsing with Alicia Sky,
Thurs -private show with EDM Live
Fri - private show with The Young Guns
Sat - private show with The Young Guns

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Feb 5-11,2018 photos
Man i can’t believe how busy this winter has been ...funtimes ....

This week:
Tuesday - shooting a music video ...
Wednesday - playing an Ash Wednesday service in Santa Clarita
Friday - Knyght Ryder at Gaslamp in Long Beach 9pm
Saturday - Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills with FaultLines 6pm
Sunday - wedding in Newport Beach with Uptown Live

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1/29/18-2/4/18 was a fun week ! Played with some old friends and played a sold out show at the Fonda theatre among other awesome shows.

This week’s schedule....

Tues - Faultlines at wonderGround stage at downTown Disney 5pm...
Wed - private party w/ Sing With The Band
Thurs- video shoot
Friday - private show w/ the Young Guns
Sunday - a wedding with Valerie Chaikin and friends

Rock on good people

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Photo review 1/22/18-1/28/18

And the week to come ...

Wed- DownTown Disney mainstage with FaultLines - 6pm


Thurs - West Covina restaurant w/JP Castillo 5pm other details tba

Fri - Neon nights show at Holiday Bar in Costa Mesa - happy hour starts at 7pm - we start around...? I have no idea 😛 if you’re coming you better come early

Sat - 80s prom with the Young Guns at the Fonda theatre in Hollywood - 10pm

Sun - Saint Rocke w/Rich Girl (Hall & Oates Tribute) & the Young Guns - 7pm

More details...hit up

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It was Quite the busy week for a January...the photos of Jan14- 21, 2018

And now this week’s schedule ....

Mon-Shooting a video for FaultLines - an official video - ooh fancy


Tues-Playing with FaultLines at DownTown Disney 5pm at wonderGround stage at downTown Disney

Fri- playing w/some friends at the standing room in hermosa 10pm- close

The Rest of the time will be devoted to recording projects - been a good year for that and I’m digging it

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Photographic reCap of 1/8/18-1/14/18

And this week’s schedule :....

Wednesday - private gala with uptown Live ...
Thursday - corporate party with uptown Live
Saturday - wedding with uptown live
Sunday - FaultLines at California Adventure paradise garden bandstand extravaganza 11:30am, 12:35,1:45, 3:30,4:30, 5:30

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1st post of 2018 here...
First off, 2017 was amazing !
Around 280 performances with 30 bands and lots of fun:)

Since then outside of music, I’ve been hitting the gym and maintaining (as best as i can) a relaxed yet focused state.


this is my resolution for the second year in a row....
It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and little annoyances. It’s just human nature. So I’m now conscious about staying on top of things specifically so that when i am “working” i can focus on the human element around me. When i am too busy, i am in my own head and world, and missing all that’s happening in my immediate vicinity.
Over the last 12 months specifically I’ve done more reviewing and internalizing than flat out learning, because I’ve spent the last 5 years learning songs at a breakneck pace, so now i know much of what I’m asked to perform already, which has allowed me to enjoy what i do rather than stress about getting it learned.

I’ve been in the studio working on some backing tracks for an instructional course and doing other recording projects and some scattered gigs.
It’s typically a slow time of year for performances, but I’ve got a few this week....

Tuesday - with FaultLines at DownTown Disney at the Stage next to the WonderGround Gallery - 5:20pm start i believe
Wednesday - shooting a video with faultlines
Saturday - wedding -San Diego w/ uptown live
Sunday - private party with some friends

And here’s a collage i made of 2017....

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PhotoRecap (see below)
Had some amazingly fun shows ! HiATUS Xmas was a smash and the belly up with the Young Guns was an amazing time

This week’s schedule :...
I’ll be recording at my home studio for a project a lot this week

Along with :

Thursday - FaultLines at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills

Friday - banana bay with entourage 10pm in Rowland Heights

Saturday - almost FaultLines and friends (Ashley, myself and Keynon and mike hill) at the fifth in Anaheim (across from DisneyLand on harbor) 8pm

Sunday - lots of fun Christmas Eve church services in los alimitos

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