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  • "Perhaps, for once, the hype is justified"
    Sunday Telegraph

    "Child 44 is a thrilling, intense piece of fiction set in Stalin's Russia"
    The Observer

    "The phrase "master storyteller" is horribly over-used. In the case of young, first-time novelist Tom Rob Smith, it simply cannot do him justice. Child 44 is not only a thriller of the highest quality - addictive, pacey, frighteningly unpredictable - but also a magnificently written novel with far more to offer than carefully managed tension and twists."

    " of those books that remind you how entertaining reading can be"
    The Mirror

    "Completely original and absolutely satisfying"

    'Child 44 is a dark, intelligent book that is virtually impossible to put down'
    Attitude Magazine

    "First-novelist Smith’s pacing is relentless; readers wanting to put the book down for a brief rest may find themselves persevering regardless. Expect the same kind of critical acclaim for this compelling tale that greeted the publication of Martin Cruz Smith’s Gorky Park (1981) more than 25 years ago.... Don’t miss it."

    ' Achingly suspenseful, full of feeling and of the twists and turns that one expects from Le Carre at his best, it's a tale that grabs you by the throat and simply never lets you go.'
    Robert Towne - Oscar winning screenwriter of Chinatown.

    "An amazing debut - rich, different, fully-formed, mature ... and
    Best selling author Lee Child.

    "This is a truly remarkable debut novel. CHILD 44 is a rare blend of great insight, excellent writing, and a refreshingly original story. Favorable comparisons to GORKY PARK are inevitable, but CHILD 44 is in a class of its own."
    --Best selling author Nelson DeMille

    "CHILD 44 telegraphs the talent and class of its writer from its opening pages, transporting you back to the darkest days of post-war Soviet Russia
    with assured efficiency and ruthlessly drawing you into its richly atmospheric and engrossing tale."
    --Raymond Khoury, NYT Bestselling author of THE LAST TEMPLAR and SANCTUARY

    “CHILD 44 is a remarkable debut novel—inventive, edgy and relentlessly gripping from the first page to the last.”
    Best selling author Scott Turow


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