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Gee Marie
· December 2, 2015
Topanga is the coolest community in the US! I love the vibe and people that are there! One day I will live there!!

MESSENGER GARAGE SALE (Saturday, January 28 - 11am-3pm)

Topanga Messenger going out-of-business sale. Lots of office supplies for sale at the Messenger office (135 S. Topanga Canyon Bl. in the old center), Saturday January 28th, 11am-3pm.

We have to get rid of the rest of the items in the office. We have office supplies like pens, pencils, scissors, paper cutter, cordless phone, answering machine, paper, envelopes, entension cords. Also have a cubby, desk, book shelf, drawing table, heater, office chairs, filing cabinets, couch, folding table and 2 small cameras. Items range from free- $800.


FOR SALE - Messenger Office Equipment

Office Equipment suite of products (iMac, HP 9000dn printer, Apple Mac Mini Server, Apple Extreme Router). Available in total for $850 boo or separately at best offer.

Apple iMac Model 7,1 ...
> Core 2 Duo, 2.6 Ghz, 250Gb storage, 4Gb Ram

HP Model 9000 dn Monochrome Laser Printer
> 128 Gb Ram
> Media Sizes: A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, Executive, Legal, Letter

Mac Mini 3,1 Server
> 2.53 Mhz Intel core 2 duo
> 4 Gb memory
> 1067 Mhz processor
> 500 Gb Raid drive
> Late 2009
> Mac Mini Server only (monitor/keyboard/mouse not included)

Apple Airport Extreme Model 802.11.2
> 4th Generation

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VOL.24 NO. 7
April 6 - 19, 2000
Steel Rises at Pine Tree Circle

by Tony Morris

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VOL.24 NO. 4
Feb. 24 - Mar. 8, 2000
VOL.24 NO. 4
Toxic Spill at Topanga Elementary


By Rosi Dagit

On Monday, January 31, there was a toxic spill into Topanga Creek at School Road. Alerted by parent Jo Barry, at 7:30 a.m. Principal Eileen Goodman contacted the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Safety Officer Brad Smith. According to Smith, CNM Paving had applied a sealant to the asphalt on the previous Saturday, before it began raining. The sealant did not adhere properly, so CNM brought up three water tanker trucks, starting at 5 a.m. Monday morning, and began to power-hose the sealant off. No effort was made to collect the runoff for proper disposal. It is not clear if sealant was also washed offsite by the rain, or just by the power washing. Approximately 1,000 gallons of sealant was supposed to have been applied. The hosing generated a yucky, black stream of water which ran down the school driveway, through the school pathway connecting the upper and lower levels and into the gutters, down the street and eventually into the creek. The substance, Sure Seal, is petroleum based, and could potentially effect aquatic organisms downstream. Fortunately it does not have toxic effects on children unless it is ingested.

All the appropriate agencies (Fire Department Hazardous Materials, Office of Emergency Services, Fish and Game, etc.) were notified that day. A clean-up team arrived later Monday afternoon and made sure there was no residue left on the campus. They even cleaned the soils along the driveway. The Topanga Stream Team also visited the site in the early afternoon and found no overt problems. Michael McDermott of the California Department of Fish and Game was not able to visit the site until Wednesday. While no obvious stream impacts were noted, he did take water samples to test for pollution. According to McDermott, it is illegal for any petroleum product to enter the waters of the state.

LAUSD wishes to recover the costs of the toxic clean up, and it is possible that this violation will lead to litigation concerning the liability and a fine to be levied on the contractor. We have not yet been able to reach Neil Ludlow of CNM Paving to get their side of the story. We'll keep you posted.

Along the toxic spill line, a Topanga resident witnessed a carpet cleaning truck pumping residue into the creek at Highvale Road on January 26 or 27. It is important we all remind our contractors that they need to dispose of their wastes properly, not in the creek! If you see a violation like this, it should be reported to the Fire Department, or you can call Office of Emergency Services at (800) 962-8179.

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VOL.23 NO.26
Dec. 16, 1999 - Jan. 12, 2000
Key Information Flows at Watershed Meeting

By Michele Johnson

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VOL.24 NO. 3
Feb. 10 - 23, 2000
Candidates Town Meeting February 15

By Michele Johnson


If you care about the future of your world come, on Tuesday, February 15, at 7:00 p.m., to Topanga Elementary School to hear and question the candidates vying to become the Democratic nominee for California's 41st Assembly district seat. Assemblyperson Sheila Kuehl must give up her seat due to term limits (she is, however, running for the state Senate), so in our highly Democratic district odds are that her replacement will be one of these Democrats, giving the upcoming primary added importance.

The event, co-sponsored by the Topanga Democratic Club and the Topanga Town Council, will feature all four active candidates--David Freeman, Fran Pavley, Tony Vasquez and Brenda Gottfried.

Pavley, a four-term Mayor and Councilmember from Agoura Hills and member of the California Coastal Commission, comes heavily armed with the endorsements of former Congressman Anthony Beilenson, the Sierra Club and many of Topanga's leaders. As an educator who also holds a Masters degree in Environmental Planning, Pavley says she will fight to save the environment and the educational system in California.

Former Santa Monica City Councilman Tony Vasquez was also once a school teacher and teacher trainer. He describes himself as "a strong advocate for public safety," who helped add members to the Santa Monica Police Department and helped bring earthquake relief to the city after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. He is a strong promoter for raising the minimum wage and providing affordable housing and adequate health care.

Until January 1, David Freeman was the General Manager of Los Angeles' Department of Water and Power when he took a leave of absence to run for the 41st Assembly seat. According to his publicists, the 73-year-old Freeman has worked most of his life in energy conservation and renewable resource development. In the early '60s President John F. Kennedy appointed Freeman Chairman of the Federal Power Commission, and under President Johnson, Freeman helped form the Environmental Protection Agency. Freeman has been named Conservationist of the Year by the National Wildlife Federation, and has the backing of Mayor Richard Riordan.

Come on February 15 to join the Topanga Democratic Club and do battle for election 2000. Hear the candidates, question them, and join with your neighbors in making Topanga's presence known. Come to put in your two cents. Come to show you care.

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Sitting in the Dark
December 1, 2016 -

“Ring the bells that still can ring

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The Art of Giving—TCG Holiday Show, December 3
December 1, 2016 -

The Art of Giving—TCG Holiday Show, December 3...

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November Rain Report
December 1, 2016 - By Eric Fitzgerald

Thanksgiving week started out with .75 inches of rain to be grateful for. This brings our season total to 1.10 inches of precipitation, below the 1.98 inches that is average for November 22. Santa Monica Pier received .74 inches and Woodland Hills received .75 inches of the wet stuff as well.

A member of the Topanga Canyon Gallery, Farideh Azad embodies the call to art in several ways: first, she has followed her calling over decades while moving from place to place across the globe and back; and second, in embracing a variety of media in order to express her will to make art.

Azad came to the United States for a college education at the University of Minnesota after finishing her high school education in Iran. She had planned to be a doctor, took the entrance exa...

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Topanga Tim's Survival Tips— “Go Kits” for Pets
December 1, 2016 -

Fernwood Fred visited his local Animal Care Center in Agoura where he learned to put together an emergency kit for his small pets at home in the event he needed to evacuate in a hurry. The kit on display was a dog crate filled with all the supplies one would need to care for their animal for several days if necessary. Fernwood Fred gathered all the things he would need and made a “go-kit” for his 3 dogs and 2 ...cats. Included in his kit were their food, small bowls, vaccination records, a blanket, treats and toys.

Because his cat Felix has a thyroid condition, he obtained an extra supply of medication from his veterinarian to put in Felix’s kit. n

“Topanga Tim” is brought to you by the Topanga Emergency Management Plan as a public service.

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Luv & Sunshine Homeware Boutique Opens in Topanga
December 1, 2016 -

Luv & Sunshine Homeware Boutique Opens in Topanga
Fernwood locals, Pauline and Chris Young, recently opened Luv & Sunshine to share their love of an eclectic mix of vintage, new and handcrafted goods. Pauline Young sits outside of the shop, inviting everyone to visit her new shop across TCB from the Canyon Bistro.
Fernwood locals, Pauline and Chris Young, recently opened Luv & Sunshine to share their love of an eclectic mix of vintage, new and handcrafted goods. Hailing from the U.K., the Youngs’ travels around the world, mixed with their background as professional designers, inspire everything for sale in the store. Patrons will find a wide collection of pieces from Boho-vibe furniture to Moroccan rugs to jewelry from India and records curated by Chris, an avid vinyl collector and DJ. The store’s name represents the vibrant intersection of London meets L.A. Luv & Sunshine hopes to help people bring a brighter well-being lifestyle into their home. To make that happen, the eclectic inventory is regulary updated.

Luv & Sunshine is located at 151 N. Topanga Blvd., Topanga, open Wednesdays to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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My Corner of the Canyon—The Minor Fall, The Major Lift
December 1, 2016 - By Kathie Gibboney

There are times when you can’t get a Leonard Cohen song out of your head. There are even times when you don’t want to.

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Say “Hi” to Hello Honey - Topanga native Christina Colvig Mauch has launched a bakery specializing in custom cakes, cookies and confections since returning to the area after 15 years in San Francisco. Christina is inspired by her grandmother, Honey, who was renowned for bringing people together arou...