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Brendan Weise
· April 15, 2018
Pretty stellar experience! Salesman was knowledgeable, knew exactly what we had for an A/C system the minute he walked in the door. Accommodated our low-budget by comparing prices with another competi...tor and threw in a nice incentive. Went out of his way to provide a recommendation as to our heating and cooling problem with our ground level (too much pressure building up without an escape).

Installation team came out and did a superb job. Unfortunate that there was severe ice buildup anchoring the old A/C unit in the backyard to the ground, but a couple hacks at it with a hatchet resolved that. Cleaned up everything and made it look like they were never even there! Highly recommended!
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Lance Hauser
· February 15, 2018
Terrible experience and service. The initial appointment went well and salesman was knowledgeable and professional. Things went south quickly after that. Worst customer service I've ever dealt with...! I was told my systems would be installed the following Friday and it was my responsibility to ensure that by spring when the A/C would need final install that I would need to have the electrical finalized. Friday came and Dan had not pulled a plumbing nor an electrical permit so the plumbers could not do their work. I was then informed that it would have to happen on Wednesday. Again, Dan hadn't set anything up and couldn't finish the install. He told me he would get back to me. A week went by without word from him so I reached out to him. When he finally got back to me, he told me to make sure the electrical is ready for inspection, which he had stated earlier I did not have to do until spring. If I had until spring I would have completed the work myself, but instead, due to having only a one day notice on the inspection and lack of time and materials, I had to have an electrician do an after hours service call that I was billed $700 for. It took over THREE WEEKS to complete the project. Dan, my "salesman," was always full of excuses and hard to get ahold of. I thought that maybe for all the trouble, Total Comfort would pony up for a portion of the electrical bill. I attempted to contact Dan after the install, but he has ignored me since. Not even sure if he submitted my rebates to the electrical company as he said he would. I also do not recommend this company, at all! See More
Scott Campbell
· February 23, 2018
Unfortunate experience. I have had issues with HD sub contractors before and should have known better. Presentation and assessment went well. Equipment install and functionality- fine. The main points... of contention were misleading misinformation on rebates, lack of follow through, poor communication, poor organizational structure. I would STRONGLY advise anyone dealing with TC to get ALL information in writing. If there are changes to proposed equipment, get a complete new quote. I have spent almost 4 months tracking down what rebates were supposed to be available to me only to find a very haphazard execution on the part of TC. I had to follow up every step of the way even after they submitted a rebate that was then refused by the utility. I was told from the beginning they would handle ALL rebates and I have had to do their due diligence for them. I REGRET giving them their coveted 5 star rating with HD before the rebate portion of my purchase was completed. Very frustrated.. See More
Rachel Reinfeld
· December 8, 2017
Wow, I can honestly say I have never received such great service! Long story short, I am a new homeowner and has some residual not-so-great repairs on my furnace left from the previous owner. Got in with Total Comfort and they went above and beyond anything I would have expected. Patient and willing to answer questions. Came out on short notice to get me heat! I cannot recommend them enough. I worked with Bryan and Kevin and both were not only knowledgeable but also courteous and kind. I will absolutely be a return customer. THANK YOU See More
Angela Link Mason
· October 27, 2017
We had temperature issues in our house and had talked to many contractors who all said different things and put a hard sell on us. The guys from Total Comfort were a great to work with. They listene...d to my problems and rather than pushing us to buy a new system they actually worked to diagnosis the problem and provide a range of solutions. The climate control system they recommended is working great. We had such a good experience with them that when it was time to replace our system we went straight to them. Justin and Gary were honest and up front with us and it was pleasure to do business with them. See More
Jon Napoli
· November 21, 2017
Was sold on service and this has been a horrible experience for me and my family. Took 3 weeks for them to get an electrician to our home for final hookup. Have left multiple voicemails for supervisor...s to call me back and nothing since my whole fiasco with them started. Really frustrated they were referred through Home Depot and they havent called me back either. See More
Mari-Carmen Caballero
· October 25, 2017
I have been using Total Comfort for the past 3 years and I am very happy with their service. Bryan is very nice, friendly and professional!! He always calls before he comes and leaves the area clea...n of debris.
Bryan always tells me if he thinks that something might have to be replaced soon and when I need it replaced... he is always there on time.
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Erin Napoli
· November 25, 2017
UPDATE: Our service started out rocky with a salesman that got a few heating/cooling systems confused and ended up selling a system that wouldn't work for our home. This became apparent on Christmas m...orning when our alarm system went off for reaching cold temps (this only happens when indoor reaches 42 degrees) and our heating system had shut off. We contacted the sales manager, Lee, and let her know. The newly appointed project manager, Ean, spent hours at our house to see if he could fix the issue, but the system wouldn't allow for what we needed. He apologized repeatedly that we weren't given the system we thought we were getting and needed.

Lee and Ean were great to work with to iron out all to our issues. They made multiple trips to our home (3 hours from their office), along with the owner of the company, until they could find the perfect solution for our house. The owner was friendly and honest with us about all of the different products they offer and what would and wouldn't work for our home and budget.

The installers finished installing a furnace and ductwork yesterday afternoon and today was the first day all winter that we woke up not freezing! Looking forward to a warm house in the winter, cool house in the summer and no more outrageous electric bills from our previous electric heat system!

I feel confident with Ean now checking to make sure all sales match what the building needs, that anyone who purchases through Total Comfort will get a great product and the perfect solution for their needs!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Awful service. Lie after lie. Worst customer service I've ever dealt with! We spent tens of thousands of dollars of a new system. We were told our system would be installed the following Tuesday and it was OUR responsibility to get a scissor lift for the installers to use. Tuesday came and went with not so much as a call from anyone. So we called them and they then informed us it would have to happen on Wednesday and they would cover the cost of the 2nd day ld scissor lift by refunding us the cost. We were told we could use our own electrician to finish the hookup after installation, but the electrician had to be there the day of installation. So we opted to go with their electrician. Electrician never showed up. Installers told us there is no need for the electrician to be there on the install day. Again, no one called us with updates for the electrician, we had to call to check up ourselves. It took nearly THREE WEEKS for the electrician to come hook up the system. Dan, our "salesman" was always changing his story. He told us the electrician had to be there the day of, then when we complained, he said he told us the day we purchased thay they were running behind. He never told us that. Then he gave is the email and phone number to the "project coordinator" Dani to send all of our future communications through. She has never once returned a phone call or email. When we complained to Dan about it, he said that's why he told us to copy him on all emails (again, never said that). We haven't been able to get a receipt to send to our electric company to get our rebate because of Dani's horrible customer service. Almost 2 months later and we still haven't been reimbursed for the scissor lift. A call and email has also been sent to Home Depot so they are aware if the awful contractors they have! Highly do not recommend this company at all!
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Sharon Ed Sokol
· September 9, 2017
Our sales person Brad is very knowledgeable about what units will work for your home.
He completely went through our home to find any problems we had.
Brad was not at all a pushy sales person....
The installers are knowledgeable and respect you home.
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Courtney Morgan- Kennedy
· July 7, 2017
Here in Kansas City they are aweful I wrote a a long post on total comforts page of what happened I will never do business with total Comfort ever again !!! We went threw Home Depot in Libert MO!! The...y sub out to total Comfort
Don't do it!!!
After 7 visits 11months later and me having to go to Home Depot
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Brad Nelson
· December 4, 2017
Bryan N came by and found some issues with my system! Thanks bud!
Nettie Jubie
· June 13, 2017
Total comfort installed my AC/Furnace last week, very limited space. Did an awesome job, very professional from the estimate to the installation! I am a very happy customer and will definitely recom...mend them to anyone in need of this service! Thank you!! See More
Adam Kriegl
· August 1, 2017

Their salesman sold me a unit undersized for my home. I called after just a few days and was ignored for weeks. After dozons of phone calls a month of my house at 80 and 4 days of missed work for appointments they told me 1st they would give me a refund, then took that promise back. Then they told me they would upgrade it for free because of my troubles and then took that promise back and told me I either had to pay them $500 to fix their mistake or be stuck paying $4000 for a system that doesnt cool my house. Even had another company come and tell me it was just simply undersized for my home.
This is the worst buisness I have delt with in my life.
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Angus Dow
· December 8, 2015
I had started with Excel to replace our Air source heat pump and air handler in May of this year. Very quickly we found out that the equipment that Excel was offering was much to big for the space tha...t it had to be installed. I got out the yellow pages and started calling and telling my story again and again, with "I'll have someone get back to you" Total Comfort was the first, their salesman, Dan, made an appointment for that same day. Two out of five others got back to me and told me that they could not help me. Total Comfort could get equipment that would fit and very quickly too. I was able to pay in full up front for everything, Total Comfort and it's staff provided excellent communication, support, and service for this install.
The crew that came on site for the physical install, lead by Scott were excellent professionals that knew their jobs and did them very well. Granted this install had it's challenges for fit and finish. Scott met every challenge calmly and had a quick viable solution for every Obstacle that beset him. every part of the install was done, and detailed to a "T". I could not be happier with Total Comfort. I will suggest them to others, and use them in the future.
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Jeff Fontano
· October 1, 2016
Trustworthy, professional, and clean. These guys are top notch! Tim came in and took out the old furnace and Air. The other guys came back the next day and had it all handled. Our furnace wasn't an install and we discussed it prior to the date. I took the time to go out and place the new pad for the Air conditioner. It's my house! Nothing wrong with a little help. Give em a call! See More
Brian Adams
· August 15, 2014
My mother was a seventy four years old at the time her A/C unit needed to be replaced. In the past my mother has really struggled with contractors not performing the work agreed upon, poor craftsman...ship or installing inferior equipment. She called Total Comfort, because they were located near her home, and made sure that I would be for the appointment. Steve came out to my mother's house and spent a lot of time learning how she uses both the heating and cooling in her house. Steve also spent a lot of time finding out how well her current furnace and the old A/C unit performed and what improvements if any she would like out of a new system. Steve then inspected my mother house and returned with all the problems he found. Her returned duct work was undersized, the a/c coil was the wrong size and the heat exchanger in her furnace was cracked. I thought to myself here we go. Steve took me on a tour of my mothers house explaining everything showing me the cracks in the heat exchanger, the bracket that was installed to hold the under sized a/c coil restricting the airflow through what he called the plenum (the large square supply air duct that connects to the furnace) and finally pointing out the return duct was under sized. He further explained that the size of the return duct was normal for the period when her house was built but not the standard of today. But there was no excuse for the size of the a/c coil and the combination of the two created some real inefficiencies. He presented my mother with several options and possible solutions. After a long discussion of what was right for her, she decided to purchase a new furnance and a/c system. My mother she was floored that the price for a the new Trane system plus the extra return duct work would be lower than the cost of her furnace replaced just 15 years ago. The installation was quick and the installers were very professional.
She has been thru all four season and she can't stop talking to everyone about how happy she is with her new furnace and a/c. This is why am writing this review and I really can't say enough about Total Comfort and would recommend Total Comfort to anyone.
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Taylor Stiff
· August 19, 2014
We will ALWAYS call Total Comfort in the future! It's August in MN and our home was not cooling down when we turned the Central Air on...I contacted Total Comfort today, in an effort to support doin...g business with a local company as well as supporting an old high school friend's business & I could not be any more pleased with our service :-) Upon contacting Total Comfort, they immediately scheduled a technician to come to our home and was debriefed on exactly what to expect. I was given a four hour window during which time he would call before arriving..."Josh" called within the first hour of the four hour window we were given and arrived shortly thereafter. He was professional and friendly and found the issue with our Central Air unit very quickly. He replaced the part -which he had with him - and had our air running in less than an hour! It was truly one of the most pleasant repair experiences I have had. Between the timeliness, the professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff and the reasonable cost for the repair, I truly couldn't be happier and would wholeheartedly recommend Total Comfort to anyone in need of HVAC services! Thanks for taking such good care of us... See More
Charlene Nelson
· October 14, 2017
Bryan did a awesome job at getting our furnace ready for winter.
Michelle Snyder
· June 9, 2017
Total Comfort and Air installed both furnace and air conditioner units at my residence last week. I am pleased and happy with their service and the professionalism of their installation team. I would ...definitely recommend this company to friends and family. See More
Darlene Henry
· April 26, 2017
The team is punctual, helpful, informative and professional. All information was relayed to me in very easy terms. He work was completed in a clean and professional manner. Why call another company... when you can call Total Comfort. Brian Malaga was great! See More
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