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March 18

TouCon is a festival that brings historic Japanese tradition in a new light with games, food, and performances.
TouCon is also an open air convention that celebrates contemporary Japanese culture where people of any interests and hobbies can meet and have a blast.

Fri 3:00 PM UTC+08Bellarmine Field; Ateneo de Manila University
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Hayo minna-san~! ✧・゚: ✧・゚:
I'm here to invite you to hang out with your fellow Toushinins at Toushin's Tambay Weab from October 9 to October 13! (▰∀◕)ノ

Watch Japanese movies, play video and board games, or just come, relax, and make new Toumodachis! (・ω・)


Uwaaa~! I'm so excited! Are you?

Hope to see you there!


We're also looking for contributions to Tambay Weab! If you have consoles and TVs, board games, or food, click this link:

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Ohayou! Thank you for contributing to Tambay Weab your equipment/food! As a reminder: -For the Equipment you can bring anything that can contribute to Tambay Weab and make it an enjoyable event for all. We will be posting alongside the form a doc that will have a list of major things that we need fo...
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Stay tuned for spooky movies brought to you by Toushin! The event will be a month long with a new movie featured every week! This is open to all Ateneans so invite your friends, and watch with us!

Fri 5:00 PM UTC+08
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UPDATE 9/15/16
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"Sa-me Sa-me Sa-me Sa-me~"

Hungry for something more? Maybe a bit of Sweetness and Lightning?

Toushin is here to satisfy that craving! Join us at Unaccredited... Student Group Recruitment Period next week at Colayco Pavilion.
Each serving size has 35% anime and manga, 15% idols, 25% games, 10% kawaii, 15% cosplay. All japanese art and culture. Unbeatable shonen friendship guaranteed.

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