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Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister's TOUR BUS RADIO ID
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To everyone here... that still is a part of our rock n roll family - Melissa Krahnke and I will be shutting down this page at the end of the month. Thank you so much for the nearly two decades of rock n roll craziness. - Ralph

This Monday is our 3yr anniversary party of my podcast The SDR Show.. We are playing family feud. We have sal from impractical Jokers coming, Corey Glover from living colour, and it's gonna be a lot of fun! We are also broadcasting live!! Please come!

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Very happy to have my new article out for Social Underground! I am quite proud of this one! Please take a look and if you dig it share it!

I recently had a discussion with a few single men and women about dating profiles and social media profiles in general, and listening to how the same...

What is there to say? The Tour Bus has been not just a part of my life, but a part of my identity for 18 years. It's how I would introduce myself time and time again... Ralph from The Tour Bus.

Radio has been my life since I was in my 20s. (I am 47 now). It started as a 2 hour show on a small station in NJ - with me having 3 months radio experience, and through nothing but determination - at its height - we were on over 70 stations.

Thru the years - we saw many trials a...nd tribulation and were screwed over by shady companies (Envision Radio Network), Empty promises, live events pulled last minute - but through it all the bus rolled on.

if you made a list of the top 50 80s rock bands... we not only interviewed them all, but more than once, and most of them I'd consider friends - after nearly two decades of playing their music, and promoting their shows.

When The Tour Bus started in Jan of 1999 - NO ONE was playing 80s rock. We were looked at as crazy. It was destined to fail... Then our first program director lied to us - to keep us on their station - as we went from last place to first place, and at that moment we knew we were on to something.

As we all know radio has changed dramatically, and as much as it saddens me, there is just no room for a show like this anymore. Even though these three hours every week bring me more joy than you'll ever know, and the stations that are still carrying the bus - from Maine to Hawaii - I cannot thank you enough. You, and your listeners have kept us rollin' down the rock n roll highway for nearly 1000 episodes.

We've broken new music, we've announced reunions, we've had countless bands perform in studio - and I even got into a physical altercation on air once! We took the bus on tour, we did countless live events, and we achieved nearly everything I ever wanted to achieve and then some - -- The only goal that is just out of reach is a 20 year retrospective.

2016 so a lot of change in my life. My podcast - The SDR Show - and subsequently the network I started of like-kind podcasts has grown to over 500,000 listeners a week, my father passed away, I myself had severe throat surgery. All of this forced me to take a hard look at what was happening in my life - and I have decided now is the time to bow out gracefully.

So thank you to all the program directors across the country that have kept us going, to all the fans and friends, to all the musicians who always made time for us... to my co-hosts -- Matt Murray, Stacey X, and for the last nearly 10 years - Lissa Lou Krahnke - - whom I hope to figure out a way to continue to work with her going forward - as she is truly a talent and one of the nicest people I have ever met...

The Tour Bus is heading out on the highway for its last ride at the end of March...

We will still live and breathe rock n roll - --

Thank you party rockers.

Ralph from The Tour Bus

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Happy 55th BIRTHDAY Jon Bon Jovi!!!

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