Happy Hollidays everyone...! Enjoy the calm spirit of the season with this cozy XMAS mutator on the ATARl KKOMBAT map by RumpleHEDskin! Christmas trees, gifts, candles and a double-barreled shotgun.

Testing a mutator that replaces the cells in cell capture with xmas trees. It also spawns random presents that give you powerups.

ANNIVERSARY UPDATE: Everybody celebrate our 4th year in pre-alpha! Yaaay!!! ... Ah, j/k - Okay, September 2017,... it's now ONE YEAR (and over 20 live updates) since the launch of TOXIKK 1.0. Check out the full announcement here:…/anno…/detail/3244138343469575759

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TOXIKK - Release Date Reveal
TOXIKK - FREE EDITION & V1.0 Release Trailer
Making of Toxikk - Weapon Design

August brings yet another fresh and sparkling update for your favorite hardcore Arena FPS. Learn all about 1.1.8:…/anno…/detail/1439316974563101366

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...and how could you possibly enjoy summer more than with a fresh bottle of TOXIKK at a 40% discount? Have a sip of our new 1.1.7 build for only 8.99 and check out all the latest stuff we added to the game here:

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Celebrating the release of our new game mode SQUAD SURVIVAL, #Toxikk is offered at a 40% discount. Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on the FULL GAME (No micro-transaction crap! Pay once, get EVERYTHING!) -

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Build 1.1.5 is out now and brings a bunch of features, fixes and changes. Here's what we did in detail:…/anno…/detail/1295193258075062443

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#TOXIKK Detroit Build 1.1.4 is out and brings SQUAD SURVIVAL, a new team-based game mode. All details here:…/anno…/detail/1287311065267236341

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PredatH0r's latest #TOXIKK montage: Showing off lots of community made maps and mods besides official content.

Footage from regular Bloodlust, Rocket Instagib and Turbo Instagib. Music: Hypomaniacs - Breach

ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT... before Squad Survival hits Steam this Saturday. Don't know what Squad Survival is? Read all about it here:…/annou…/detail/469904564222496096

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NO BACKUP, NO EVAC ...NO REMORSE: April will bring SQUAD SURVIVAL, a fresh game mode for your favorite Arena FPS. Full announcement here:…/annou…/detail/469904564222496096

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BUILD 1.1.1 IS HERE !!!!!111!! - Yup, here comes another patchy day of your favorite Arena FPS.…/annou…/detail/469904564210753093

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#TOXIKK 1.1 - (Detroit build) introduces a NEW Free Edition that allows players to unlock ALL maps of the game through XP, lots of other fresh stuff. Check out the log:…/annou…/detail/484540733139816443

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You have to try PredatH0r's custom mutators for #TOXIKK. There's some awesome stuff in it that needs to go into the full game. Video demonstration of the "MutatH0r" pack:

Quick intro to the various mutators in the MutatH0r pack.

1.0.99 IS SPECIAL - TOXIKK 1.0.99 has landed and it's the last release of the Vanilla build generation, preparing the road for the upcoming "Detroit" generation of builds, starting with build 1.1. All patch details here:…/annou…/detail/484539364331078889

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V1.0.9 brings a bunch of fixes to some nerve killing glitches, as well as some minor changes. Take a look at what we did in detail:…/annou…/detail/484538095730523080

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