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Happy New Year 2018 from the team at TRADUKO Soft!

This year will be a special year for us and those who are Madoka fans. This year, TRADUKO Soft will be releasing the full English translation for Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable at long last after over five years of work on the project. After an arduous wait and the disappointing, yet necessary delays, fans will finally be able to jump back into the city of Mitakihara while encountering new scenarios from the characters we... all love (Homura's best girl) and an all new story route exclusive to the game.

We also have a special translation that will be available on the same day as our own personal token of appreciation for bearing with us for so long through all of the delays and unexpected situations that went on in my personal life.

Another new endeavor from TRADUKO Soft this year will be the launch of our incorporated game development studio, as well as our first leap into the professional translation field.

Thank you all for your continued support! May your 2018 be filled with great moments of happiness and good fortune!


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A site update will launch ahead of GDC 2018. I've decided to take away the countdown and maintenance page and revert to the previous layout in the interim.

A brand new site for TRADUKO Soft will open ahead of GDC on March 15! Look forward to more information as we approach that date.

It's also time that we discuss something that needs to be discussed. We understand that this is going to be tough to hear, but it's something that must be said out of respect for fans of these projects:

Both the translations for Conception and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment are no longer in active development. This was a tough choice to make, but it's one that had to be made. We are too small a team, and I personally can not work on these projects at this point in my life.

So,... what lead to this decision? Well, back in 2017, when my life became much more complicated, I thought about how to proceed with TRADUKO Soft. Our efforts in translating information has garnered considerable praise over the years, with our approach to game translating receiving a rightfully mixed reception. As work on Madoka PSP and a currently unannounced project continued to move forward, the other two projects were serverely behind schedule. Alongside that hurdle was the news that both projects were being worked on by other teams. We'd rather support their efforts rather than work harder for fewer results for fans.

It was not an easy decision to make, and I'm sure there are going to be a lot of comments here and elsewhere admonishing us for not going forward with these projects. All I can say is that I deeply apologize. I understand how important these games are to people, and I wanted to say that we'd have more to reveal on them this year, but I am not going to lie to people.

There will be more positive things to discuss at GDC this year, as well as later on throughout the year.

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I'd personally like to point out that the countdown has nothing to do with Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable or any of our projects. This countdown is for the official relaunch of our translation group, as well as our focus on translating for other groups.

Over the years, TRADUKO Soft has seen more success as a group that helps others in translating information rather than translating games, which has been an intensive process. This is what the countdown is for. When the cou...ntdown is over, our new site will open. It is completely ready, but I will personally be attending GDC this year, so I felt a much larger reveal would be a better choice. As TRADUKO Soft moves towards larger endeavors, a larger reveal seemed to be a better choice.

I have no comments on Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable just yet. All I can say is that you will see it relatively soon and that we are currently working hard to ensure this project is released as soon as it can be. The entire project has been redone from scratch, so expect a wait for its release. I greatly apologize for the missteps over the years with the project, but I recognize that there is no way to take that back. All we can do is work towards releasing a great translation for Madoka fans, which is what we are working hard to do.


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A new chapter for TRADUKO Soft is about to begin. Launching at GDC. Translation reimagined.

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Small updates on Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable:

-The entire translation has been redone from scratch. The final version releasing this winter will contain none of the original text. Time has been taken out to proofread, edit and revise all lines.
-All image assets have been redone from the ground up. Fonts have been made specifically for this project and its image files, and they'll look great when playing in PPSSPP.
-New team members joined back in 2017, including a ver...y special translator known for their efforts in translating certain event scenes in the game. I am excited to discuss their involvement, and will do so at a later date.
-All technical errors in the patch have been fixed. You will no longer experience the glitch involving Sayaka and her Soul Gem during that scene in particular.
-The project was originally supposed to release in 2015, and was steadily on track for that window, but situations in my own life, coupled with the need to polish the translation and ensure it is of a high quality lead to a lot of delays.
-I recognize where I went wrong in discussing this project. I gave too many updates or too few updates, while being incredibly vague as to how far along the project was. This lead to a lot of miscommunication, and I apologize. I was much younger and much more inexperienced, but I want fans to know how important this project is and that it will be done.
-The final version of the patch will use xdelta as the primary method of installation. The other beta patches will no longer be available to download, as they were purely meant to demonstrate progress made. These builds should be seen as unstable, as they were meant purely for testing the game without having to keep fans waiting even longer just to play the game.

There won't be many updates shared until the project is ready for release. We're taking the time to really flesh out this translation while getting it out as soon as possible. We don't want fans waiting even longer than they already have, and we are thankful for the support so far, whether you're a Persona fan who enjoys our work for Persona Central or a Madoka fan who has waited nearly five years for the project.

It is our goal to ensure that fans get the most out of our work in 2018, and I ask you all to please wait for more information later on in 2018.

Thank you all for the support and understanding so far, and we at TRADUKO Soft personally would like to thank all of you for your patience. Look forward to more info soon!


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I'm aware that I've disappointed at least a few fans with how I've handled the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable fan translation, and I'd like to personally apologize once again for that. I was younger and lacked certain experience, and I'm aware that I have made a few mistakes in how I discussed and revealed info on this project, coupled with how long it's taken to complete this project.

I'm not going to try to convince people to trust me, as that is something that is earne...d, and the burden is rightfully on me to earn that trust, but I will say that I hope that the next time I discuss this project that it will make fans of the Madoka series happy. And if I have so far, that makes me happy to hear. Thank you for all of your feedback so far, whether it's positive or critical. I am working to improve how I go about working on and discussing these projects, and I'd like everyone to know that their feedback -- whether positive or more critical -- is greatly appreciated. I was only 15 when I started working on this project, and I've only now realized how much I've grown as I work on this project and others, as well as -- most importantly -- how much more I have yet to learn.

Thanks for reading this! Feel free to share any comments or feedback you may have.


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We're rebuilding the TRADUKO Soft website from the ground up with an assortment of professional plugins and a sleek, modern theme to go along with it. We should have the new site up by late December, and we'll be exploring new ways to get more people involved in fan translations or projecrs that may interest them.


The final build of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable will be using the simple and efficient xdelta patching tool. No more drag-and-drop processes needed to play!

TRADUKO Soft updated their cover photo.

Explore the city of Mitakihara and change fate when Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable releases completely in English in Winter 2018! (Q4 2018)

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Want to join Team Traduko in working on Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable or on our social or web management team? Message us for more information! We'd love to have you as part of our team effort. We're also branching out into professional work in the near future, allowing for new opportunities to members of our team.

We're currently looking for people who can work on our Translation, Web and Social staff boards. Applications will be open until the start of 2018, so feel free to contact is anytime!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable
Play it in complete English in 2018
More information to be revealed at a later date.

Hello there, everyone! Wow, does it feel nice to be able to finally say that again after such a long interval of time!

Earlier this year, back in February, you may have noticed that websites associated with TRADUKO Soft were taken down. Even worse, there had seemed to be a lack of communication as to why this situation had arisen. A few days later, I put out a personal statement on our Facebook page regarding the circumstances. In that post, I stated that unforeseen financial...

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It's been a while. Some things have happened in my life, yet progress continues to move forward.

The next time Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable is shown will be the day the English patch is available to download.

TRADUKO Soft will continue operations starting on October 23.

TRADUKO Soft updated their status.
May 22, 2017

An important announcement explaining the radio silence:

So, it's been a long few months. After I released the last Madoka patch, I kinda disappeared off the radar. To give a short adumbration: A lot has gone on these past few months, which lead to me stepping back from translating games, as well as the fan translation scene entirely.

My PC broke, and with that I began focusing on bettering my life including my quality of life in general, both physically and mentally. I also w...ent through a death in the family, which lead me to thinking a lot about things. It was a poor choice to not say anything, so I greatly apologize. A lot went on that pushed me to step back, but I am now working on translation projects once again and plan to be more active in general.

So, what does this mean? For one: TRADUKO Soft is back. I want to revitalize it and am working on some projects as of right now, one being an otome game and one being Madoka, which is still slated for 2018.

Another reason for me going off the radar was to reflect: I made a few missteps with TRADUKO Soft such as how I announced projects and estimated their completion. I wanted to avoid doing that, but the past is something we cannot change. However, it has made me realize that I don't have to do that in the future, so I won't. From now on, I'll be working on projects at my rate while giving info whenever there is the option to do so.

As for the projects? There has been some substantial progress on everything I am working on. It shouldn't be TOO long until I can speak openly about the progress made, but I want to wait until everything is organized and ready to avoid jumping the gun.

I am working on getting every site back up and reuploading the patched install.cpk, as well as getting more active on here in general. I'd like to apologize once again for not responding or being active on the page ;-;

Here is to the future! I do appreciate all the support given during these past few years, even if I didn't do the best job in the past. Once again: I sincerely apologize for the radio silence over the past few months. I needed the time, but I realize now I should've said something sooner.


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Today, I'd also like to make an announcement that I had been holding off on for a while. It's a bittersweet one, but it's one that I've been meaning to make.

I started TRADUKO Soft four years ago as a pet project of mine during my freshman year of high school. It was a way to get experience, meet fans, connect with people around the world, as well as gain the real world experience needed in a field. I felt that by helping the communities around the world with translation–the of bringing one language into another–I could do a lot of good for people, whether it was translating games, crafting guides, working with other groups such as Persona Central on covering news, and even managing web servers and other business-related aspects.

During those years, I’ve been thankful for all of the support from fans, even with my open and unsubtle lack of experience compared to the veterans in the fan translation scene. It’s been a fun ride, though. I’ve been able to really improve on a multitude of skills, as well as connect and network with so many wonderful people around the world. However, today I must announce that TRADUKO Soft will be going on hiatus in the foreseeable future. This is being done to preserve my mental health, which has taken quite a blow with all of the stress in my life lately. It’s a hard decision, I know, but it’s one that is critical to decide on.

So, why now? Well, it can be summed up into one word: Getting into a good college. I’m aiming for NYU and would like to become a student there. Due to that, there will be certain aspects and hobbies in my life that must sadly be put on hold, but they are ones that I will not forget about or abandon. With that said, I’d like to thank you for all of your support. It’s hard working on projects like these, and with a deadline missed, I realized it’d be better if I took time off from translating to rethink things in my life. I hope others who feel the same will join me on this journey in moving forward towards our goals, whether it’s aspiring to become a lawyer–like I am–or working towards something of a much larger scale than that.

Thanks for four great and adventurous years! Most of all, I hope you enjoy this special beta patch, featuring a cumulative amount of progress that has been cultivated over the past four years.


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Good afternoon, everyone!

If you're experiencing any issues with the patch, it's due to install.cpk--the secondary archive in the game. The version I packed in the zip file was the compressed form, which is glitchier compared to its uncompressed form. The post I wrote on the official site will be able to explain:

"The game crashes during a specific scene with Madoka and Sayaka.


The only fix for this is to not repack the Japanese/unpatched install.cpk file using UMDGen or by using the uncompressed version.

The reason for the bugs with that specific file is due to it using a different DLL/build than the archive.cpk file, causing it to malfunction during specific events. This is also due to image compression on that same CPK file, which will require a specific DLL file to fix.

The game hangs on the now loading screen or certain events.

As stated in the first answer, the problem is caused by the install.cpk using a different DLL and modified compression. You can choose to not replace it, or use an uncompressed version. The uncompressed version is 181MB and will circumvent the issues experienced, but is experimental due to using a DLL from an older version. I am currently working on a fix now that I know the exact issue, but it’d be much simpler to obtain the DLL, which costs quite a bit."

So, the issue is that there are two CPK archives. One is the common form, which uses a more universal DLL. The other is specific, and requires a specific DLL to make the specific build. So, the only way is to either not pack install.cpk (basically, not replacing it) or to replace it with the uncompressed 181MB version of it, which you can download here:…

Sorry about that. This should help, so feel free to download it!

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