Wow, we were listed as sponsors for covering our travel expenses - feeling like an adult now, almost!!! 🤣

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Trailblazer is feeling silly.

OH, at Trailblazer HQ.

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...and if you finally want to understand complexity theory and the O(n) notation, check this amazing talk by Iryna Zayats!

Ira talks about the complexity of algorithms - how it's measured, why it matters, and what are some common misconceptions. She explores how being aware of th...

Trailblazer in Action - talk by Volodya Sveredyuk about how Trailblazer's used at Innocode! 😘🎇

Volodya demonstrates how exactly Innocode and he personally use Trailblazer architecture in production and scale large Rails applications with ease. About me...

June, Kyiv, come!

Official RubyC-2018 Speakers list!

Want to meet them? Grab a ticket!
Two or more tickets purchase gives a 10% discount!


- Charles Oliver Nutter​: JRuby in 2018: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Your Apps.
- Andrzej Krzywda​: From Post.create to
- Nick Sutterer​: Enterprise Ruby - Let’s Talk Business!
- Duana Stanley (@starkoffee): The Art of Technical Decision Making.
- Paolo Perrotta​: Machine Learning Explained to Humans
- Tobias Pfeiffer (@PragTob): Where do Rubyists go?
- Tim Rogers: Miles more maintainable: building APIs with the middleware pattern.
- Ivan Nemytchenko: Rails hurts, because you're using it wrong. Let's fix that.
- Sergey Kukunin​: Clean architecture that harms your code.
- Artur Hebda: Code is not important... or is it?
- Iryna Zayats​: Adventures in the World of (Algorithmic) Complexity.
- Vladyslav Hesal: Authentication in Single Page Applications
- Victor Shepelev​: A tale of query languages. Is GraphQL The Chosen One?
- Volodymyr Vorobiov: The Clean Architecture: How to Grow From Startup to Enterprise.

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The biggest Ukrainian Ruby conference

Come join us, we're all there!!!

The biggest ruby conference in Belarus is coming on 21 April

Bozhidar Batsov , JIT-compilation, testing of 3rd-party APIs, performa...nce, soft-skills, machine learning, Docker for mining , penetration tests, awesome Trailblazer 2.1 aka ruby for enterprise.

With promo code MINSKRB from Minsk ruby community, you get 15% discount.

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The new Tyrant gem is fully based on Trailblazer 2.1's workflows. And, don't you worry, the public API will be super simple.

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Trailblazer is feeling lovely at Lviv Oblast.

New book project in the making?

Volodya Sveredyuk kicking ass in his super funny and interesting talk about how Innocode uses Trailblazer in their apps. Lviv RUG #pivorak

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Working on a very simple app to demonstrate the new Tyrant gem (Devise replacement). The new activity mechanics along with the Trailblazer conventions and abstractions make it so simple to quickly set up and override authentication.

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The "Enterprise Rails" discussion panel at wroclove.rb!

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Posted by wroclove.rb
wroclove.rb was live — with Trailblazer and 2 others.

Enterprise Rails

Our best Volodya Sveredyuk giving a talk about how Innocode uses Trailblazer - I'm very looking forward to this!

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Lviv RUG #pivorak to Pivorak 32: trailblazer, oop, apotonick and algorithms

Volodya Sveredyuk is our 3rd speaker!

You know him as Ruby Summer Course by #pivorak & OnApp mentor, the one who started making our website as the o...pensource project, and maybe you even know why Nick Sutterer is on the background of this picture.

Because Volodya gonna talks about Trailblazer in Action:

"I’ll demonstrate how exactly Innocode and I personally use Trailblazer architecture in production and scale large Rails applications with ease."

About me:
Dev at Innocode. Pivorak’s visiting champion! The most times (28!)

My expert areas:
Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript, People

Registration will start tomorrow at 11:00!

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If you want to come to the glorious Isle of Ruby 2018 conference in Exeter, UK (and we will be there for sure!) grab a ticket now with the 15% discount code LINEUP5 🤩

Isle of Ruby, in its simplest form, is a Ruby conference. We aspire though to create something bigger — a festival of sorts. A festival for our craft — for technology and for Ruby, our programming language of choice. Technology does not exist in a vacuum. While Isle of Ruby wants to be a...

We just released beta5 of the TRB core suite!

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The long road from 2.0 to 2.1, aka the migration path, is now written and published here:…

We're currently migrating two commercial TRB-based apps and will extract all knowledge into this document. 🤩

Trailblazer as a framework is often associated with Reform, and as a service object "around a form object". This is, of course, not exactly true. In order to clarify that TRB has zero coupling to Reform, we ripped out all Reform-specific macros and moved them to trailblazer-macro-contract, and all o...

Updated travel map for 2018 - looks like we can get back to programming in July! 😂

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Trailblazer is celebrating your special day.
March 4

Check out the much simpler Wrap macro in 2.1 - and the continuously improving new docs!!!

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