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🌈Trailblazer community: would you be cool with dropping the weird positional `params` argument and make it one hash?

Like==yes, reply==no.

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The extended #step API in TRB 2.1 will open up the horizon for better control flow.


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The new developer gem allows to export operations and push them to the online editor for visualization and editing.

Rendering the operation's steps in the correct order in a graph is not as straight-forward as you might think as a smart human being. Currently, we have two layouters, one uses the operation's DSL insertion order (upper graph) and one does a "topological sorting" where the operation's tasks are automatically sorted.


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In TRB 2.1, you can now have any number of ends, and instantly leave the operation from any step via that end(s).

2.1 will be previewed next week!!!

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Trailblazer shared a post.
August 23
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Александра Клочко
August 23

Sticker up your world

The new upcoming talk. First version presented at Ruby Meditation #17!

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Front-end work for the upcoming editor.

The "sunrise event" will allow suspend/resume between requests, or wait for external events to happen.

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Our popular sticker pack!

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Trailblazer shared Innocode's postfeeling proud.
August 9

Our best Volodya Sveredyuk getting interviewed about his career as a software maker - read it, an inspiring story!

Who makes Innocode?

Three months ago Volodya Sveredyuk joined us as Ruby Developer — we already knew him thanks to his volunteering work for the Lviv RUG #pivo...rak. He helped with the website, gave few talks and recently became a mentor of Ruby Course. So we’ve been already exctited about his joining us!

Though this interview took us 40 minutes to record, it turned out a total of 5 pages of text, because as we found out later — Volodya had successfully passed “How to pronounce 30000 words per day” training:)

Why are we posting this?
We think it's important to know who stands behind products and create Innocode's culture. Because people here are more than code they write)

#innocode #interview #blogging #ruby #pivorak

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Are you using the :pass_fast option and the pass_fast! signal a lot? We need your input for 2.1: https://github.com/trailblazer/trailblazer/issues/188

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Karim Tarek gave a killer presentation about TRB in March: http://karimmtarek.github.io/trailblazer/

Structuring your Rails app with trailblazer
A high level architecture for Rails, Trailblazer sits on top of Rails to introduce better abstraction layers, structure and reasonable encapsulation.

The FORMULAR docs are now linked in the sidebar as we're approaching the first stable release!

Yay, no more magic and complicated overrides when rendering forms for Bootstrap, Foundation, and more!!!

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August 1

Is it better to have absolute mastery in one or two languages, than be simply competent in several? Ruby Architect, Nick Sutterer and Josh Software Private Limited Co-Founder Gautam Rege have their say at #RISEConf. What do you think? 🤔