The updated travel map for spring 2018.

Super excited to visit Poland three times, where it all began. 😋👨‍💼🍻

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Oxana Oxana

Hard work/ Agile/ Scrum/ Values/ etc...

Alex Krasynskyi ❤️ Innocode


Here's a first outlook for 2018. Stay tuned for a refined version of our roadmap.

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Welcome to the Isle of Ruby -

We’re in the midst of organising a brand new event for the Ruby community. In its simplest form, it will be a conference. We aspire though to create something bigger — a festival of sorts. A festival for our craft — for technology and for Ruby, our programming language of choice.

Tracing of a deeply nested activity graph. This will make your life so much easier in 2.1! 🤩👨‍💼

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Yay, I can't wait to get back to Lviv to Pivorak! 🥂🎇🤩

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Anna Golovchenko is feeling strong with Volodymyr Byno and 5 others.

finally! the first Lviv RUG #pivorak core team meeting in 2018! planning new events, workshops, courses, brainstorming topics and speakers, generating ideas, an...d a bit of organization - adding tasks to our trello board 😇

Nick Sutterer, Aaron Patterson, Charles Oliver Nutter, Luca Guidi, Ivan Nemytchenko, Alexei Sholik, Arto Bendiken, Andrzej Krzywda, Sergii Makagon, Andriy Mosin - we are waiting for you to be our speakers on #pivorak in 2018!

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You can also wire steps to new custom ends, making it 100% explicit for endpoints what happened in the operation.

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ERBse 0.1.2 has been released and fixes the postfix conditional bug.…

erbse - Next-generation ERB.

Since 2.1 is inofficially finished, we started documenting changes and additions:…/2017-12-trailblazer-2-1-what-you-ne…

We're also restructuring the documentation with 2.1. You will find all 2.1-relevant docs under, such as the new wiring API that we're heavily working on.

With the 2.1 release, our editor is going to be launched, too.

It will be used to visualize existing operations and bigger workflows, to manage and change those, and to draw workflows in the editor and convert those into Ruby data structures so you can use them in your applications. Don't worry, we take care of the syncing, this ain't no code generator!

On top of that, we're planning to make the editor a debugger, too. Exciting times!

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Great news! 🤩
1. Pre-releases for TRB 2.1 will be out next week.
2. We finally managed to change the public API so it is consistent and better understandable. There will be a soft-deprecation so you don't need to change all code at once.
3. You will love Trailblazer's new tracing to follow the flow in one or many operations. Here's only a simple example, but it can be used to inspect the runtime-environment per step, visualize the flow, and will integrate into our new web editor which will then act as a visual debugger.

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Trailblazer is feeling excited.

Friends, if you're around Chicago, make sure to visit the Trailblazer talk by Nick Gorbikoff tomorrow. Word's on the street he even got a neat TRB shirt, plus news about the near 2.1 release ...…

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Problems with TRB's file loading? We're going to make the heavy_control gem an alternative to trailblazer-loader.

heavy_control - Take rails constants' loading under control

Based in Chicago? Don't miss this event!…

ChicagoRuby: Downtown - Demo of, a Business-Logic Framework - by Nick Gorbikoff 😍 is an open-source Advanced Business-Logic Framework. It extends MVC pattern with battle-tested abstractions: Form Objects (Reform), Service Objects (Operations), View Objects (Cells),
Trailblazer is feeling pumped.

Straight and funny talk by Serdar Dogruyol with a focus on tests.…/trailblazer-a-new-life-for-you…

The Advanced Business Logic Framework