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in which Josh and Ryan entertain the little children.
no one was harmed in the making of this film. at least not permanently.
aerials @ Qwanoes
One of the most popular shows on the planet was the BBC’s Top Gear. When that show left the BBC, it was essentially picked up by Amazon Prime Video and renamed Grand Tour, where it is coming to the end of its second season, with the third already in the works. Dan James has been a

Recently finished this little story about Matt's journey towards planting a church in the TriCity area, and the unique partnership that is making it happen. Enjoy!

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TriCity Church

Here is the TriCity Church story thus far! If you live in the Tri-City area and are interested in knowing more about this plant please visit Our next Launch Team Meeting is Sunday April 2.


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Rent unique spaces in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York for events, pop-up shops, productions, and meetings.

"As long as we're comparing high quality capture formats that get enough information for professional cinema (and not inferior acquisition devices like, say smartphone cameras), then whether we're talking about color rendition, apparent resolution, highlight rolloff, halation, or myriad other perceptual attributes, the substantial part of the perceptual look comes from the mathematical preparation of the image for display and not from the camera format."

In this companion text I'd like to explain the significance of, and the reason why, the photographic look of two totally different camera formats might be negligible, yet the look of the same capture format with different preparations can be utterly different, as is shown in Galleries 1 and 2 below.

bullet time test time. 🔫

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Update complete! Working Thunderbolt w/Blackmagic Ultrastudio, built-in audio, all USB3.0 ports, Bluetooth w/Airdrop, Wifi, Ethernet, etc. Now just waiting on Pascal drivers...

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Our DRAGON is for rent as our new Helium is in! Have a look see.

Starting at $750/day, no hidden fees! Josh has a rating from 0 reviews, 0 rentals.

wrote about the development, production, and editing process of STAY. enjoy!

By Ryan September 16th, 2016 We recently released a short film that we’ve been working on all summer. I thought I’d talk about the development,...

Blackmagic Design having random reboots while rendering from #Davinci #Resolve on 3 machines. minimizing app during render seems to work. odd

very neat - let's see how this stacks up against Avid.

Built on Adobe Anywhere technology, Team Projects integrates deep collaboration features such as version control and smart conflict resolutions, allowing edi...

"we're looking for people"

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"I will never forget this…he asks me when I plan to shoot this in which I say late August. He then tells me that it needs to be delivered by next Friday and uploaded to the web the same day. When the president of Red Digital gives you the go ahead and tells you he needs it by next Friday you don’t ask for more time you hustle and do everything to make that happen. So I picked the closest boxing gym to my office and went to check it out and it was perfect. The owner of the boxing gym was extremely stoked to be apart of the project and sourced the talent and the extras. I went back to my office and put together a 25 person crew in less than 2 hours."

Red has been dropping new cameras CONSTANTLY it seems, and if you were on the internet at all this week you probably saw Jarred Land teasing their new White Helium 8k Weapons. What you may or may not have seen was the first Helium footage released in the wild, a short film called The Underdog. It's…

this looks like all kinds of fun for all kinds of post!

Using Palette Gear For Film Editing and Colour Grading Palette Gear gives you tactile and versatile control over your creative software. Work...