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Jenny Douglas
· February 18, 2018
I feel lucky to get to “travel with Rosie.” Whether exploring her West Coast home of Northern California, her East Coast home of New York City, the country in between, or the rest of the world, trave...ling with Alison is always an adventure! I most appreciate the research she does ahead of time, learning so much about the history, architecture, people or culture of a place she is visiting you could almost swear she’s been there before or that she’s lived there all her life. Her passion for travel and love of discovering new information about the places she lives and travels is clearly evident as she imparts her information to you, whether she’s taking you on a tour of New York City or the charming town of Hoboken or while sharing an adventure overseas, say exploring Peru’s Machu Picchu. Her traveling style is a mixture of making sure not to miss any of the must see sights and straying off the beaten path, figuring out where the locals like to go and exploring a city’s hidden treasures, utilizing the research she has done ahead of time in order to see aspects of a city that many tourists never explore. In short, if you’re looking for travel advice Alison is a great resource and if you’re ever in New York City make sure to hit Alison up for a tour, you won’t be disappointed! See More
Amanda Batcher
· February 10, 2018
Alison makes being adventurous seem simple. She hops on a bus or a plane and discovers a new place with seemingly little effort. And she always seems to find the secret diamonds of any place. If I hav...e a question about travel, whether it be about transportation, lodging, culture, or attractions, she is my girl! See More
Lezlee Kupchin
· February 10, 2018
Alison is such a charismatic storyteller! You’ll fall in love with all the personal touches she includes in her tours. I had the pleasure of attending her Ground Zero tour in NYC, and a personal tour ...of Las Vegas’ historical sites. I was blown away by all the fun facts she brought to the table! Highly recommend you check her out on your next visit to NYC!! See More
Bob Batcher
· February 10, 2018
Alison is awesome. She has all the tricks on how to arrive fresh, spunky and ready to go. Call upon her to know the best place anywhere because she has been there. When I go someplace new I know I can... count on Alison! See More
Aloha from Honolulu!! #travel #hawaii
Oahu Teaser

I had the pleasure of taking headshots for an old friend today and perhaps my favorite part - aside from catching up xoxo - was the fact that the session made me look at a part of the city I know well in a new way. We both spent many years of our youth in Greenwich Village, we know it well, yet when looking around as a photographer, looking for cool backgrounds, for good lighting, one looks around so differently than at any other time. It’s amazing how there’s always something new to see 😉 #nyc

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And... After a month of traveling it's back! Here's "Under 5," Episode 6. Shot on Oahu after a brief unexpected rainstorm I learned an important lesson: Always carry an umbrella while in Hawaii!! Thank you to native Hawaiian Tiffany Yuen for filming

A bit about the history of beautiful Diamond Head, one of the most popular hikes on the island of Oahu

Adventures of an NYC tour guide: Today I had a couple who hadn't realized they'd booked a walking tour of Ground Zero and were flabbergasted that we could spend 90 minutes "walking" around the area... But they decided to spend a few minutes checking out what they'd paid for.... At the end of the tour they told me, "Our friends are never going to believe that we did this, especially that we stood out in the COLD, but thank you for your stories! This may have been the best part of our trip!" And I have to say to them, thank you! They were such awesome, respectful, curious guests. #nyc #groundzero #lowermanhattan

Under 5 blooper: I've finally had time to look at the travel videos my friends kindly helped me shoot in Hawaii and the PHOTO BOMB (I guess it's actually a video bomb?) in this one is so quintessential I had to share it Tiffany Yuen

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Posted by Traveling Rosie

Today we explored the Luray Caverns (discovered 1878) in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia - My favorite room in the Caverns may have been the ORGAN Room... Installed in the 1950s, this organ uses the cavern’s stalactites as the pipes by tapping them with rubber mallets, thus producing the instrument’s music!! 🎶 #travel #musicnerd

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I popped down to DC to visit a sister and we took some time to pay our respects at the Pentagon Memorial. Organized by birthdate, it’s a beautiful remembrance of the 184, aged 3-71, who lost their lives here on September 11th, 2001 ❤️💛💙 #neverforget

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After 9 airplanes, 5 road trips, 4 states, 3 weeks, 2 sunburns, 1 boat ride, countless family and friends... It’s time to once again pound the pavement of NYC! Thank you to my first tour group back for being full of questions, insights, and stories - y’all are what make this job great!! #nyctourguide

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Traveling Rosie added 4 new photostraveling to New York City with Kimberly Munn and Jenny Douglas from Northern California.

Until next time, Nor Cal! 💙 #bicoastal #california to #nyc

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Back in California and I’m loving a weekend in wine country... It may have burned this past summer but it didn’t all burn and it’s still open for business!! 🍷 #norcal #winetasting

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My traveling companion: “Oh I forgot...!” / Me: “Don’t worry, I know all the hotel hacks ;)” #travel #hotellife #ontheroadagain

“In what other land save this one is the commonest form of greeting not “Good day,” nor “How d’ye do,” but “Love”? That greeting is ALOHA - love, I love you, my love to you...” - quote by Jack London / Aloha Hawaii!! #travel #travelingrosie

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Posted by Traveling Rosie

Friends, a travel tip: Always listen to the locals!! There is a saying here in Kauai, “Never turn your back to the ocean” and the friend I’m staying with has been annoyingly strict about which beaches are safe this time of year... Today I met a photographer who told me that only recently another photographer got swept out to sea as he was hit by a huge wave and then tonight as we sat on the rocks we watched a surfer who had separated from the pack... We then noticed he was being swept out... As his panic started to rise and his strength weaken he noticed our hand signals to go the other way, to go with the waves... As we climbed down the rocks he made his way into a bay where he was finally able to make it to shore. The ocean is massive. She is mighty and she is moody. Listen to the locals 🌊

I’m a lucky gal to have a local friend who’s been showing me around and today let me borrow his car... Taking me to THIS VIEW!! (Well, the car and my feet...) More about Kauai to come 🏖

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Today we went hiking above the Waimea Canyon and all I could think was, "There might be dinosaurs down there!!" #jurassicpark #kauai #hawaii #travel

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One of the things I love about travel is meeting people in different points of the world. But! then there’s those moments when one runs into friends from different walks of life... On this trip I’ve been blessed with seeing folks I love and I can’t believe I got to introduce two beautiful souls here on this island!! Kāmau kī`aha 💙 #travel #hawaii #friendship

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