Meridiana on Monday changed its name to Air Italy and, with the backing of new shareholder Qatar Airways, said it was set to become "the national carrier for Italy", replacing Alitalia. © ANSA
The Lowe Road updated their cover photo.
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Order your sushi from a touch screen press OK and your food mag levs it to you - robot sushi #Shibuya #Tokyo
Just one question: where's Tattoo? Killer view over the Indian Ocean #Pimalai #Thailand
Hanami season in #Tokyo #Japan

Raise your hand if you DIDNT have a Vuarnet T-shirt in the 80s?…/frances-most-iconic-sunglasses-are-m…

Go behind the scenes at Vuarnet, the maker of the classic shades beloved by both skiers and icons like Miles Davis and Mick Jagger.
Offering beautiful views, steep flights of stairs and the option of post-run pizza refuelling, the paths of the Amalfi coast are a trail runners paradise
For nearly three decades, the American master weaver Carol Cassidy has been working with Laotian silk weavers on the grounds of a grand old colonial mansion in Vientiane.

#Naples pizza wins world heritage status - but it still won't stop people from putting pineapple on their pizzas outside of #Italy -…/un-says-pizza-is-world-heritage-i…

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If you grew up in any way connected to the culture of #Austria then the #Krampus legend is a familiar and terrifying part of the #Christmas tradition -…/krampus-could-come-you-ho…/

The mythical holiday beast is once again on the prowl, but beware, he's making his way across the Atlantic

#Panettone is #Italy's answer to Christmas cake - and in #Milan some bakers are preserving this uniquely Italian tradition -…/this-italian-christmas-cake-is-makin…

Pasticceria Cucchi is protective of its panettone. The Milanese pastry shop has been baking the famous fruitcake—a traditional Italian Christmas treat—in a humble kitchen for over 70 years. Laura Cucchi and her sister, Vittoria, whose grandparents founded the pasticceria in 1936, are thinking ab...

Goring the sacred cow of the "Mate" ritual in Argentinian culture is right up there with criticising the national football team - don't even go there:…/argentina-yerba-mate-message.html…

Dripping with snobbery, a voice message went viral and prompted a cascade of discussions about the sacred place of mate in Argentine society.

An island swap that changed the world: how exchanging Run for Manhattan shifted global trade and set into motion New York's dominance in the world today:…/the-spice-island-swapped-for-manhattan…

Run island in Indonesia was prized for its nutmeg, a spice worth more than gold 350 years ago.

One could say the whole of #Italy is a foodie theme park, but #Eataly has gone one step further and created a microcosm of the country's gastronomic heritage in a park near #Bologna:…/eataly-food-theme-park-op…

Filmmakers Vincent Urban, Alex Schiller, and Alex Tank zoomed through Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Kyoto and experienced a culture that somehow balances rich tradition with a very futuristic present. The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the we...

90 years ago the pioneering airline #PanAm took off from Miami to Key West - launching the worlds most iconic and travel game changing airline that connected every corner of the globe -…/pan-am-90th-anniversary-vintage-tra…

The Golden Age of Air Travel: 90th Anniversary of Pan Am
Insolvent German carrier Air Berlin has flown its last flight. It was a heartfelt event for many passengers and employees.

Millions of vending machines in #Japan sell everything from beer to fresh eggs - and can be found in just about any place you can imagine -…/japan-vending-machines-…/index.html

Photographer Eiji Ohashi has spent nine years photographing Japan's ubiquitous vending machines in the most remote and sparsely populated locations.|By Jacopo Prisco