I'm helping a guy with his project using Treadgaming hardware, and hopefully will I be able to post some cool updates regarding this very soon.

A user shared photos and a video with me of the setup they have using the TreadGaming hardware and also did some recording of it in use. I have now put a video together of it. Hope you enjoy it.


A user of the TreadGaming hardware send me some photos and a video showing me their gaming setup using a treadmill. I think it's pretty cool. They are fine w...

I'm sure Paul behind the Grifta controller won't mind me posting this he send me over email the other day:

"Hi Dan Whatever happens I will support your project, it might be that we could develop the main PCB to serve your needs, its a modular system after all


I know I should update here more often, and more will come for sure. For now, I thought I share this: That way you can silence your fitness gaming hunger for a while. It really is a fantastic site and man, so many cool projects. TreadGaming was featured there once.

Leading international source of fitness gaming and digital fitness industry news and analysis.

I got a reply from Paul behind Grifta…/13843…/grifta-morphing-gamepad and they are prepared to even let me design a special custom PCB so TreadGaming can have out-of-box support for this controller! Nothing is 100% confirmed yet, but to me this is only making things even better! Kudos to Paul for being open to send me the Gerber files as well.

We will see how we end up doing it, but out-of-box support for TreadGaming using the Grifta controller is pretty certain!

A flat gamepad can't compete. This controller is designed to provide performance and speed. You can even use it with your gaming mouse.

Hey, look at that. For some reason this page now has 100 likes! Thanks people! I really feel bad not being more active here. What would you people like to see here anyway?

Say what? +13 likes this week only? How did that happen? Man, I wish I could make an income from this, because then I could focus more on it as well. I feel so bad not being more active here. So many things I would like to do here, but I need to make a living too...

Don't worry though. I'm always close by.

I just noticed there are 100 subscribers on Youtube! That is pretty cool! I just feel bad about not producing more videos more often.

+6 likes this week for some reason. Pretty cool if you ask me. Record so far. No idea how people actually find this page though, as I do zero marketing right now. If anyone would like to share how you do found out about this, please do share.

Yay, 63 likes so far! Yes, I celebrate the small things.

Sorry for few updates here, but working on this as much as I can. I rather work on this than post uninteresting posts. Backers get their hardware slowly but steady, and some have also gotten early access to the source code. So, more exciting things to come for sure.

FINALLY! After a lot of issues with the 3d printing, I got it to print beautifully! Plenty of testing back and forth, but I ended up replacing parts on my 3d printer and now I'm using the superb E3D v6 hotend! Finally back in action printing for my backers, and fingers crossed this will last now, because the prints just ends up superb!

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So, just for funzies, I created this:

I might do more different ones in the future.

Well, this product contains the "Running Man" logo used for the TreadGaming project you can find more about here: http://www.treadgaming.comBuying this t-shirt will help supporting the creator of the project.

I have no idea how people find this page, but it's fun to see a few new likes every week. This is going to be even bigger and better with time, I'm sure.

Look at this awesomeness! Another backer just also got the TreadGaming hardware and did 2 short videos showing it working perfectly on Android:


More videos and a tutorial will come from him, so stay tuned for that.

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This is a quick demo showing that treadgaming can be plugged into an Android phone or tablet that supports USB-OTG input. This means it will also work for an...

In case you missed it, a backer that got my hardware also printed the enclosure:

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