In this exclusive interview at the Trend Hunter headquarters in Toronto, Jeremy Gutsche and Malcolm Gladwell discuss the influential moments and experiences that shaped Malcolm’s insatiable curiosity and his desire to ask questions and to constantly learn and unlearn.

Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche recently sat down to interview Malcolm Gladwell on the topic of curiosity, the study of ideas and the future of
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February 2018 Interactive - These February 2018 interactive trends range from branded breakfast emojis to fast food dining events. While Thomas’ Bagels decision to use e...
DISRUPT or be DISRUPTED - by Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Safari Series: Surfset Fitness
Safari Series: MetaVRse
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February 2018 pet - February 2018 pet trends reveal pet owners’ increased willingness to offer their animals the benefits of cannabis, as well as unique adoption...
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february 2018 world - The top February 2018 world ideas range from sculptural furniture pieces that celebrate Hispanic culture to restorative getaway spas that inspire t...
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February 2018 health - The February 2018 health ideas examine a number of ways in which existing or challenging aspects of maintaining good health may be revisited with i...
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February 2018 food - Gin-flavored popcorn and chef-quality food deliveries are just some of the unique innovations highlighted in this list of February 2018 food trends...
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February 2018 home - These 100 February 2018 home innovations range from AI home robots to connected appliances and demonstrate the consumer’s growing appreciatio...
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february 2018 luxury - These February 2018 luxury ideas take the notion of self-care one step further, through encouraging consumers to overindulge in the finer things li...
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Breathe with b - Harnessing the power of breathing techniques can work effectively to manage stress and anxiety, so the ‘Breathe with b’ device looks to...
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InYard Indoor Swing - The InYard Indoor Swing has been created as a piece of equipment that will enable kids to relax and play when they’re feeling stressed or anx...
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February 2018 game - These February 2018 game ideas range from virtual reality experiences to old school gaming console revivals, proving that the power of nostalgia ca...
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WHILL Model Ci - The need for more streamlined and future-forward mobility devices is being acknowledged by new solutions like the WHILL Model Ci, which will offer ...
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micro hydropower plants - Based in Belgium, this startup creates micro hydropower plants that generate affordable, clean and reliable energy without hurting local ecosystems...
Belstaff - The latest Belstaff collection draws inspiration from the label’s own archive in exuding a vintage vibe for fall 2018. The creative director ...
February 2018 cosmetic - February 2018 cosmetic trends reveal the continuation of the “natural beauty” push that forgoes Photoshop for more authentic campaigns,...
new Balenciaga sneakers - In time for the spring, a selection of new Balenciaga sneakers were unveiled, which boast retro designs that can easily be integrated into a number...