The Splurge: Il San Pietro - Positano, Italy

Check out the newest addition to my travel dopp kit: Mug & Mane Lotion from BRÖÖ Craft Beer Hair (it's made from real craft beer!) #sponsored

Why carry 3 products when just 1 will do the trick? Check out the newest addition to my travel dopp kit -- Bröö's Mug & Maine Lotion (compliant with FAA...

Yeti (the company best known for its top-of-the-line coolers) just launched a waterproof duffle bag -- the Panga. I got to test it out last week, ahead of the public launch, while whitewater rafting in Idaho. Check out my latest blog post for my thoughts and more info.

The Yeti Panga a new, fully submersible, tough-as-hell duffle bag ready to help you take on the elements. I personally tested the Panga while whitewater...

Check out my new article for Men's Health. It's time for a surf trip!

​Come for the laid-back beach vibes, stay for the world-class surf lessons

With scenes like this, driving around Olympic National Park is an activity all its own (if you want to learn about more can't-miss things to do in and around Olympic National Park, check out the link to my blog post on the subject, currently in my story and profile).

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My inclusion to the Uproxx article on the coolest and most forward-thinking hotels in the world: The Brando

"With its LEED Platinum certification, The Brando is one of the foremost eco resorts in the world and a global leader in environmentally responsible hospitality." ~ UPROXX


Now on Refinery29, see how I answered the question "Where would you go if your next trip was your last?"

We asked travel bloggers where they would go if they knew that their next trip was their last.

I recently teamed up with Tempe Arizona Tourism Office to spend a action-packed weekend in Tempe. Here are my findings (including where to eat, drink and stay)!

Tempe, Arizons is full of breweries, restaurants, bars, hotels and outdoor activities. Here, I lay out the best things to do in Tempe and some insider tips

My additions to Uproxx's list of places you should visit in 2017: Faroe Islands and Los Cabos, Mexico. Check it out!

Our "Travel NEXT List" lets you in on all of 2017's travel trends and shares the 11 most hype-worthy destinations of the year.

I love Cabo! Here are 6 awesome things I did on my last trip there that should be on your Cabo to-do list. Los Cabos Tourism

6 unexpected and can't-miss things to do in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos and the surrounding area.

From hikes to hotel rooms, this is how I spent my New Year's Eve weekend at home in Los Angeles (and I did it all while wearing boots from Rockport).

From hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains to celebrating on the Sunset Strip, this is how I spent my New Year's Eve weekend in LA (all while wearing Rockport boots)

This was one of the best weekend trips I've take in California. Can't wait to go back to Lake Arrowhead (which is located just two hours from LA in San Bernardino County -- California's Outdoor Playground).

There are plenty of things to do in Lake Arrowhead, but hitting these 6 stops will insure a perfect 24 hours in the mountains. A great escape from LA...

Check out my latest article -- a look inside the magical world of Absolut vodka! This trip was truly amazing and I left with a newfound respect (and love) for vodka.

Get an insider's look into the world of Absolut Vodka. Plus, learn how vodka is made, how to conduct an at-home vodka tasting and more.

The duffle I've owned for 2 weeks & already taken on 2 weekend trips: the Voyager Waxed Weekender by Owen & Fred.

Meet Owen & Fred's Voyager Waxed Weekender: the weekend bag for every occasion.

My photos, tips and need-to-know info on the best adventure money can buy in the Galapagos. Best start saving now!

Spend you nights sleeping comfortably on land and your days exploring on a yacht

There are some excellent travel lessons to be learned from this article. Like...always get an exit stamp, never keep important documents in your checked luggage, and more...

I didn't flout the law. I did nothing wrong. In the end, it was just me vs. the Turkish government; the U.S. Embassy would not help. There I sat in detention. Would I ever get to come home?